Thursday, October 22, 2009



All Ahmadinejad-lovers and Israeli-Lovers, hahhhahahah!


German said...

Dear Naj,

in case, it is of ANY use to you
[otherwise, please delete this comment without ANY fuss!]:

not knowing where to put the following link(s) - just discovered by pure chance when scanning today's French daily "Le Figaro" - about a meeting with an Ahmadinejad-Ex-Minister (Mohammad Hossein Saffar Harandi) at Tehran University on Monday, 19th October, on the topic "A great misunderstanding",
I am just leaving the two links here:
a) the article in "Le Figaro" (+ video/youtube):
b) the original Youtube-video:

Best wishes

Ludger Gesigora

Naj said...

German, i guess shoe-throwing is now the new form of barbarism in the middle east! ... better shoe than stones though.

Naj said...

Actually, German, I had heard about this Harandi business but hadn't seen the videos ... I'm amazed HOW MANY of students are actually protesting!

At the same time, I am amazed that the IRI's behaving with restraint ...

German said...

I am taken aback, to say the least - I am still thinking of your questions put to your readers recently.
The meeting was - as "Figaro" suspects - organized by the Basiji-office.

From my naive, as non-Iranian, perspective I feel tempted to guess that things are definitely going to change - BUT HOWEVER OVER THE LONG TERM. I don'z know how long a nation will be able to put up with this dichotomy. But, on the other hand, Iran is a (geographically/demographically) large country with a grand (and that is: long-term) history. So this "wind of change" might take a long time to show its effects.

Wishing you and Iran all possible luck


German said...

Post Scriptum - DICHOTOMY

a dichotomy - imaginable and somehow practicable on the level of family life ? - somehow, yes ! - because necessary (BTW perhaps in each country, everywhere and often any time) when/while/restricted to the time of/ working in a job/occupation/profession/any job-position:
"the IRONY: we are taught, systematically, at the FAMILY level, to obey! But we also grow up watching our parents disobey what they consider an unruly and unjust system! :) see, everything in Iran is a paradox! :)"
[source: Naj's comment recently]

this dichotomy on the level of each and every (tiny) social and political aspect, atom and expression of life,
in other words i.e. an individual has to live a parallel life in every respect, anytime and everywhere,just to keep some people happy

i.e. a society or the life of a whole nation,
where the main characteristic and definition of society or life - in nearly each respect, any time, everywhere, being the/an irony between what is verbally expressed and what is factually (to be) done, just to keep some people happy

where each - even the tiniest, atomic - manifestation of life (to be) lived,
has a parallel, dual, ironical structure, just to keep some people happy

- is that practicable , is that imaginable, possible ? over a (very) long period of time ?
- hmmh - question mark.

The members of such a dual universe must be somehow equipped with nerves like steel indeed, to (have to and be able) to follow such a course of life on the long run - just to keep some people happy.

Are they following this course of life - to keep some people happy - voluntarily: obviously not, as everybody knows now after the election.

[Who is able to pretend to believe in witches riding over the roof on a broomstick and credibly pretend to live and behave accordingly,
to pretend to accept that as an essential part of his outward existence, at the same time, for all his life ? - just to keep life for some people happy]