Sunday, October 4, 2009

While we were busy with the Nuclear Fiasco of Ahmadinejad the converted Jew ...

The following happened:

IRI's boot on the victims of Kahrizak
Iran's Abu Gharib


Anonymous said...

Iran's Abu Gharib?

I don't think this be appropriate facts is insulting the victims of Abu Gharib

Naj said...



oh my god!

"Oh I am offended that you are comparing someone whose head is smashed and his ass torn and his dead body returned to his family in a frozen bruised state to me who have been subject to savage American Sadism!"

Go get a life!

Pedestrian said...

What's up with all this outrage at analogies?

I've seen people get angry like Monsieur/Madame anonymous at hearing Abu Gharaib/Kahrizak in the same sentence or Palestine/Iran in the same sentence or ...

It's not about EQUATING things point by point, but CONDEMNING a common human SICKNESS no matter who does it or where it's done or HOW MANY people suffer from it.


Naj said...



The person who was offended reminded me of how some get offended if the massacre of the Armenians is compared to Holocaust!

But he/she/it also made me think that if one is to think about the nature of crime committed in these two prisons:

In Abugharib, prisoners were subjected to sadistic humiliation by a foreign "infidel"!! invading force; and as far as I have heard no one has ended up with a smashed skull in a morgue, only to be handed to his parent a month after in a frozen state. In Iran, these things have happened to "students" who have done nothing but exercising their constitutional right in their OWN country ...

I dunno ... irrationality runs in the Middle Easterners--no wonder they have such crappy lives!

Pedestrian said...

Good point(s).

I always thought Chanel & Prada were supposed to be "exclusive" but I guess prisons and death camps have become exclusive too!

autores said...

Non credo che sara'possibile quello che tu hai scritto al blog Ahmadinejad non e'Moussavi.

Tori said...

How dare you compare Chanel and Prada...that just shows how little you know about fashion.

Excellent post. It's like watching a magic act: the trick is completed during the distraction.