Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tehran Court communication office confirms: 3 death sentences issued for post-election opposition

This news just appeared on Parleman News.

They have chosen the victims from alleged "Monarchists" and "MKO" supporters.

They think by choosing their victims from factions that are disliked by the majority of the Green supporters they put them in a check-mate situation:

If Mousavi and Karoubi supporters oppose this; they will be accused of being Monarchist and MKO "enemy"
If Mousavi and Karoubi supporters remain silent, then they have gotten their hands dirty in IRI's crime against humanity.

Luckily, the Greens are already protesting ... and since the PEOPLE have been the real leaders of this movement; I suspect Mousavi and KAroubi's camps will soon react to condemn these savage verdicts too.

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German said...

An article with the heading „Iran – Three dissidents sentenced to death“, published 10. October 2009 in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, a reputable national daily, reports:

»[…] The [German] Foreign Office in Berlin declared that the judgement against Ali-Zamani was “without any justification” and had to be reversed immediately. “Iran is being requested to fulfill the internationally binding obligations for the protection of the civil and political rights of her citizens”, the Foreign Office pointed out.

Amnesty International demanded not to carry out the sentence on the political opponents.

As ISNA reports, all three death sentences are not legally valid yet; the defence counsels will be able to lodge an appeal against the sentence.[…]«