Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ahmadinejad's PhD Supervisor (Minister of Transportation, Dr!!! Behbahani) a plagiarist too!

See the full report here; with "copied" parts of article clearly highlighted and etc!
"It should be noted that Behbahani became a professor at the Iran University of Science and Technology in Tehran and interestingly the promoter of Ahmadinejad for his final PhD thesis. An Iranian MP had previously stated that Ahmadinejad’s PhD dissertation defence took place without even having his work scrutinised by anyone, and this made possible with the backing of his loyal professor Behbahani.

Bahbahani also has a history of lying about the official figures related to the Ministry under his supervision and also getting into confrontations with journalists over his falsification of data. He has also been accused of lying by many of his former colleagues, such as the former head of Iran’s air travel organisation who said that “Behbahani lies very easily!”"

Also please recall that Ahmadinejad obtained his PhD degree while serving as the "exemplary!" governor of Azerbaijan!! Some may remember that during presidential debates, Ahmadinejad lashed out at Mousavi's wife for having obtained her PhD while employed by the government--because according to Ahmadinejad it is not permitted and that a PhD requires a lot of hard work that cannot be done concurrently with holding a job!!


Pedestrian said...

This is just getting out of hand. I think it's happened so many times that we're all getting used to it - which we shouldn't, since it's so preposterous. I don't think I believe that one single person in that administration has a REAL degree. And I don't care anymore.

That's what's so dangerous about Ahmadinejad: he lies so much that I've almost gotten used to it.

Naj said...


This particular problem is not Ahmadinejad's; it is an illness called "madrak-zadegi" This is a cultural problem; this is also a bureaucratic problem. This is the old hierachy of "class" giving room to "credential" instead.

But, that we have all these half-ass "doctors" at the helm of our educational institutions is also part of the Cultural Revolution that Mr Ahmadinejad's engineering!

It's sickening! It reminds me of the last scene of Fellini's film Satyricon: a monster's farting all these creatures out!

Parvati said...

Lol! lol! lol! that farting-monster vision made me laugh so hard it hurt. But if so, I'd say it's been blasting off over here a lot as well... emitting from its prolific nether orifice not only the unspeakable Berlusconi himself but his entire circus-court of fawning clowns prancing panderers conniving pimps dancing drugpushers sanctimonious conmen underage harlots and plasticated hags!! And take a look at our Northern League thugs - surely such gargoyles as Calderoli and Bossi cannot be of purely-natural origin?