Monday, October 5, 2009

FINALLY, someone asked it: If Holocaust deserves re-investigation, why the election doesn't?!

This is on Parleman News! (the news site of the parliament's reformist minority)


German said...

Dear Naj,

your attitude and the attitude of the Iranian (youth) movement for democracy is incomparably admirable: doing what’s possible, “[crying], waiting, hoping”.

Thus, here’s the appropriate song for you, [the attitude of] which turned out to be for the people expressing and acting it - [Buddy Holly/The Beatles]- finally the overwhelming success, which you and the democratic (youth) movement certainly deserves and will achieve:

All the best


Pedestrian said...

Thank YOU Mr. Ansari. About TIME someone asked this question!

Naj said...


Only if those half witted Couric and King had the brains to ask this question when they had a chance!