Monday, October 19, 2009

Where is the Supreme!!! leader??!

Apparently he has announced three days of national mourning for the victims of suicide bombing. But, he has not made a "personal" statement. Rumors have been circulating that khamenei is dead; and that pictures of his recent meeting with Senegal president were "doctored". He has been totally absent in the past two weeks; and that he has not made a public statement about the bombings, combined with the fact that despite all cacophony from Mohseni Ejehi (regarding arresting Karoubi) Both Mousavi and Karoubi have come out with public and states-manly statements today makes one wonder what's going on!

Also, Hashemi is very silent; however the conservative's barking fella Asgar-Owladi-e Mosalman! (literally, this man shouts and barks and moves all his body organs when he speaks) has come out yesterday to say: "khatami, Mousavi and Karoubi are children of this system" ...

something's going on, ESPECIALLY because Ahmadinejad's not used the IRGC killings to blame the internal conflict and has pointed the finger at Pakistani borders.

(Of course as many have commented; had Ahmadinejad's administration and IRGC not been acting AS SAVAGES in Baluchestan in recent years, perhaps this level of fundamentalism and Jundollah brutality would not have occurred!)


Pedestrian said...

Naj, was there actual footage of K. with the Senegalese president on IRIB? I haven't had a chance to watch it for a few days. But did we only see the photos or did they show it on the news, as they usually do?

It's REALLY strange b/c they could have just released a letter for him?!

And I don't know what the heck Rafsanjani is doing behind the scenes, but outside he's busy "looking" busy meeting with ambassadors: Austria, Switzerland and Oman to name but a few!

Naj said...


I don't know about the TV thing, but I read somewhere that this meeting may have indeed taken place before; and the evidence of it happening before were concealed NOW.

But, isn't it also strange that thy would publicize his meeting with Senegal president, amidst all this internal mess --he hasn't said anything on America-Iran negotiations either, has he? And then suddenly his Senegal meeting becomes front-page with caption like" we are neutralizing rumors that KHAR is dead" or something like that?

Pedestrian said...

Yeah, I know. ALWAYS before or after anything important he comes out and talks ...

But Naj, one thing I find really weird, is this:
I know KII is nowhere near as popular as KI ... And I was too young to remember much of KI's death BUT one thing I distinctly remember is the way they used KI's illness. EVERY SINGLE night there'd be footage of him on that deatbed. The country literally came to a grinding halt for months.
If KII is sick, they can use this sickness process to shut everyone up. I mean, I can find a dozen ways which they can "use" it. Why don't they?

Sure, announcing his death all of a sudden may create bigger shock - and they love those. But still, I think they could have used the illness process too.

Naj said...

The BEST think KI did for me was to DIE in the middle of my exams. Had he died one month later; I will have failed all my highschool and will have never gotten to university. Because he died and because the country was depleted any form of fun or normal life, I took refuge to studying to entertain myself :) So all my academic success is owed to K1s death!

K2, well ped during K1 no one had dared to come out and shout death to K1. Also, this second K, despite all his assholeness, has not yet issued an order to mass-execute 5000 in two days! So, both his evil and his popularity are far less than K1--hence his utility for fundamentalists is less as well.

They have really milk this cow as much as they could ... and, nothing's coming out, really! :)

Pedestrian said...

That's IT. I'm NEVER going to PULSE again. Dastam beshkaneh agar yek bareh digheh I type the word "puls" in mozilla.


"The IRI is guilty of torturing its citizens, executing them without fair judicial processes, and implementing strict censorship measures on freedom of speech and other democratic institutions within the country, but it has every reason to be paranoid. Lest we forget that in July 2009 the US Senate adopted the Victims of Iranian Censorship (VOICE) Act (now incorporated into the Annual Defense Appropriations Bill) which allocates more than 50 million US dollars to"

What does the VOICE act have to do with killing your own citizens?! How can you use it to justify ANY sort of state violence?!

Pedestrian said...

Sorry about that Naj. You're not PULSE's spokesperson or anything ;-)

I was just really angry about their coverage of yesterday's assassinations.

Naj said...

LOL ped;

Well this post wasn't too bad. I left a comment (3 actually). the problem is that they are paranoid! I am sure they have learned some stuff in poli sci and just keep applying their formula to situations across the globe--disregarding the historical pretexts of each situation.

Also, notice that Pulse has delegated the Iranian-stuff to a (sort-of) Iranian writer; who is a really nice girl.

At some point, these peopel have to realize that EVEN if Iranians want to go to full coalition with McCain, it is THEIR CHOICE! They need to learn and respect what Iranians want for THEIR country is best for THEIR country. And they need to factor in in every analysis that Iranians have a STRONG national affinity: Everyone is Iranian first, Kurdish. Turk, etc next and muslim or shiite or bahai, last.

They don't get it!

And they don't get it that the MAJOR problem with the IRI is that it has been trying to FORCE "religion" before ethnicity and nationality. It won't work; this is why IRI has become so unstable. Actually ahmadinejad's been trying to change the image, by making the flag his symbol of nationalism. Problem is that he is promoted and surrounded by the interests of FANATICS.

Anyways ... I visit pulse only when you tip me their way :D ... I consider them PhDs-to-be fanatics ... their behavior is "characteristic" of lefty-intellectualism :)

Anonymous said...

Here is very interesting editorial about Jundallah and relations with Iran.

Naj why did K. need the Senegalese president to prove he is well, why did just show up in Friday prayer as usual?

Naj said...

Anonymous; good questoin! Although he doesn't usually come to the friday prayer.

Anonymous said...

After listening to the BBC piece, AH is even more scarier than I thought. God help ALL of us when they get nuclear weapons.

Naj said...


Don't panic! They are not THAT crazy :)

Anonymous said...

God help ALL of us when they get nuclear weapons.


Do you think they can? or just noises by the west as it was with Iraq?

K. himself said Islam forbid to produce nuke? so is he truthful?

Naj said...


they will not; but they will use it as a bargaining chip! Keep in mind that Ahmadienjad's an extortionist; so he uses this nuclear issue to milk Americans and also to deter them!

Anonymous said...

he uses this nuclear issue to milk Americans and also to deter them!

but this dangerous play spatially with US.

As you know tyrant Saddam did similar thing but the disastrous end made Iraqis sill suffering.

I am not sure but Iran may play smarter

Naj said...

yes it is a dangerous play; but I think these fellas are a bit smarter than Saddam!

After all, you don't see them come on TV, smoke cigarette, and fire their arms in sky! Nor have they launched a huge military assault, invading their neighbors on some expansionist ultra nationalistic agenda. Also, they have not fired missiles to Israel, like Saddam did!

There was also the issue of religious divide in Iraq, a secularish sunni party, in power for life, brutalizing a majority shiite. Although fraudulent, STILL Ahmadinejad's operating on the claim that he was elected with people's vote!

The other difference between Iran and Iraq is that Iranians are forming strong pro-Iran lobbies in the US; which are not sitting silent and if they must, they prefer dealing with Ahmadinejad than with a military assault on Iran. Compare the number of times Iranians appear on TV shows to talk about the political issues and notice their unanimous position on 'no war no sanction". I don't remember such notable Iraqi media campaign when Bush was campaigning for invading Iraq.

Also, look at how many times Ahmadinejad has been interviewed in the past four years; in NONE of his interviews is he claiming or indicating that he has any intention of making a bomb. What he campaigns for is that take Israel and Pakistan's and America's and Russia's bombs away! This is a position that the world at large supports.

So, I don't see any risk of military attack--and I don't think Israel's run by fools; IRan/Israel are run by barking dogs! But look, if they shut up and start acting reasonable, who's going to pay them attention?!!! :)

Last but not least, and perhaps more importantly, Iran's geography is much more unwelcoming for an attack or military invasion than is Iraq's. If nothing else, Iran is a mountain fortress. So, just as they are in trouble in Afghanistan; imagine their troubles in Iran; where they will have to not only deal with mountains, but with an 20-million self-made large army (I don't know the size of Iran's army actually; I am just saying this because Khomeini used to call Basij the 20-million army).