Friday, October 23, 2009

Karoubi, the courageous cleric and Ahmadnejad's shameful and shameless media

Today, Karoubi made an unannounced appearance in the Media Exhibit. He was instantly greeted by green chants of support. He was attacked and was injured in the head. Below is the coverage of Farce News (in red): People kicked Karoubi out of the Exhibit. In the picture the instant a show is hitting his head can be seen. [update: the shoe in the picture was photoshopped; Karoubi has denied that anyone has thrown a shoe at him. This is Fars News' "retaliation" for students throwing a shoe at Safar-Harandi; Ahmadinejad's previous minister of culture.] Clicking on the report brings you to error. At least there seem to be some will to put a cap on the shameless behavior of Ahamdinejad's barbaric media! (By the way IRNA is not reporting this.) Click here to see the Fars News snapshot before it was removed. (Intrnet and web sites reporting this are flooded with messages of gratitude and love for Karoubi. With all my hatred of clergy, I bow to Karoubi's resolve.)

He is laughing, as he is escorted out by his bodyguards (source)


Anonymous said...

The FARS news story link appears to work again.

I'm a little surprised by the fact that Karoubi is allowed the use of street-dressed armed bodyguards. Also noteworthy is that he's accorded additional uniformed police services.

Between the students and and pro-establishment activists, these days there appears to be a lot of shoe throwing going on in Tehran!


Naj said...


Please pay attention to my post. Click on the headline that is red, At this hour 0.07 TEhran time, that report (related to shoe throwing) IS NOT WORKING.

Naj said...

Pirouz, I suspect the plain-cloths armed man (i saw him in one picture is a security, and not KAroubi's bodyguard. Please notice that the police and herasat (in blue uniform) is also trying to surround and protect him.

The last thing IRI wants is someone harming Karoubi!

Naj said...


عصرايران - يك فرد مسلح به سلاح سرد در جريان حمله به مهدي كروبي بازداشت شد.
يك منبع آگاه با اعلام اين خبر به خبرنگار عصرايران گفت:‌ در جريان بازديد كروبي از نمايشگاه مطبوعات و خبرگزاري ها كه منجر به وقوع ناآرامي هايي در اين نمايشگاه شد ،‌نيروهاي امنيتي كه با لباس شخصي در مصلي حضور داشتند ،‌نقش مؤثري در حفاظت از كروبي و جلوگيري از دامنه دارتر شدن تنش ها داشتند.

وي گفت: نيروهاي امنيتي در گيرودار تجمع بعد از ظهر جمعه در نمايشگاه كه دو گروه مخالف عليه همديگر شعار مي دادند ، فردي را مشاهده كردند كه با يك چاقو به سمت كروبي مي رفته است كه بلافاصله او را دستگير مي كنند و در همان محل نمايشگاه از وي بازجويي مي كنند.
وي تصريح كرد كه فرد چاقو به دست ،‌از اعضاي يكي از رسانه هاي حاضر در نمايشگاه بوده كه در طول نمايشگاه در غرفه اين رسانه حضور داشته است و احتمال مي رود آزاد شود.

وي همچنين از اقدامات عجيب برخي افراد در اين جريان خبر داد و گفت: پس از آن كه بر اثر ازدحام جمعيت ،‌برخي غرفه ها آسيب ديد ،‌يكي از مهاجمان را ديدم كه ميله جداشده از غرفه را محكم بر روي زمين مي زد و مي كشيد و وقتي از او پرسيدم چكار مي كني؟‌گفت:"‌دارم تيزش مي كنم كه بزنم به كروبي!" كه البته با ممانعت من مواجه شد.

وي در پايان با اشاره به اشراف امنيتي بر حوادث اين چنيني گفت:‌براي نيروهاي امنيتي ، آنچه مهم است ،‌حفظ امنيت و برقراري نظم است و در اين ميان فرقي بين جريان هاي سياسي وجود ندارد كما اينكه در جريان وقايع امروز ،‌اين نيرو نقش مؤثري در جلوگيري از حملات فيزيكي عليه كروبي داشتند.

As I said the "Armed" guards you saw were most likely from official security.

American man said...

First let me say that I follow both your and Ped's sites daily and am impressed with the fantastic intellect of you both. Your comments on the frustration with your media and a situation that occurred today with our media, made me think of your situation. I know you and your fellow Iranians still harbor many hard feelings about our government's interference
in your country and indeed many country's internal affairs and you certainly have a right as our various administrations have tended to interfere in so many situations, sometimes rightly (such as WW II), and others, but also in many situations where the leaders got a bit arrogant and thought we had all the answers and tried to impose our views. I drift here. The point I wanted to make is today a fantastic media situation occurred which made me very proud of our country. The mainstream media here (basically left liberal an mostly pro Obama, came to the defense of a far right news organization (Fox News), I know ya'll hate them, but please let me continue. The fact that ALL our media came to the defense of a conservative outlet, for the first time I must say, against an administration which was trying to silence and demonize (sound familiar?) a media outlet which disagreed with their perspective makes me proud of the American people who insist that we get to speak out regardless of how much we may disagree with our government. Someday I know that with voices like your's and Ped's,
ya'll will finally insist and GET the same freedom and I hope and pray that this will come soon.

In solidarity with all of you,

P.S. Ya'll is a Texas term meaning all of you. :-)

as German would say, I apologize for my loquaciousness (being long winded) :-)

Naj said...

America man, are you German's brother or something? :))

German said...

correct - LOL

[I've already got 4 (physical) brothers:
- my poor, poor, mother]

Mark Pyruz said...

I've been studying the latest FARS news pics of this Karoubi incident, and they've been deliberately photoshopped to demean him. One even has an obviously photoshopped hand over his turban-less head.

You know, AP hasn't been above this kind of thing either. Did you see the upside down Iranian flag controversy in the pic of Najjar in Pakistan?

Naj said...

Yup mark; I had updated the the post in green brackets :))

"media war" is what this is; and better media war than gun and shoe war; if you ask me :)

Anonymous said...