Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Environment Protection sues Gas Corp: 10,000 trees cut in less than 48 hours in Dena's protected forests

Here's the news in Persian.

Here's information about Dena Wildlife Protected Zone. (During Khatami's presidency, efforts were undertaken to protect this area from development)

Here are pictures:

Conservation of Biodiversity in the Central Zagros Landscape Conservation Zone Project
Wednesday, 17 September 2008
Over an area of 2,500,000 hectares, Conservation of Biodiversity in the Central Zagros Project will work with the agriculture, forestry, rangelands, water and tourism sectors in order to mainstream biodiversity conservation and sustainable use into the sectors. It covers almost all of Chaharmahal & Bakhtiari province, large parts of Kohkiluyeh & Boyerahmad province, and most of Eghlid and Marvdasht districts in Fars province and Semirom district in Isfahan Province. The project will strengthen the ability of the protected area system and will also demonstrate biodiversity mainstreaming at the local level in eight pilot villages across the Zone, and establish mechanisms to facilitate the dissemination and replication of the successful village approaches. Finally, the project will develop the necessary capacity, at individual, institutional and systemic level, in national agencies to support ongoing efforts to improve livelihoods and stimulate economic development across the Zone. Also in this project, the overall mountain ecosystem will remain intact and the range of habitat for large species will be extended to at least the entire Conservation Zone. Hence the health and population of these individual species will stabilise or grow. Through this Project, the habitat for small mammals, invertebrates and flora will be sustainably utilized.


Demeur said...

I can empathize with this. Several of our national parks were started the same way in the 1800s. Bush wanted to open the land to logging and gas. When Obama took office he put a stop to it. Now he needs to fix the damage to our EPA all done by executive order. It will take years to undo what Bush did.

Naj said...


Ahmadinejad has the SAME environmental (and military) policies as Bush!

A couple of weeks ago, there were also suspicious fires in this province, engulfing important (and protected) areas of wildlife and ecosystem in Gandoman's wetland

And this is what they are doing to environment.
What they are doing to the old texture of the cities is another sad tale--there are historic and even archeological sites taht are being torn apart and replaced with Sepah-bid construction projects ... it's HEART BREAKING.

Naj said...

Living with Ahmadinejad is like living with cancer!

Pedestrian said...

But most cancer victims don't survive :(

Naj said...

Yes Ped; we won't survive unless we get rid of him, before he reaches our brains ...