Saturday, October 24, 2009

What Happened to Mehrjui's Santuri?

Dariush Mehrjui speaks of how Ahmadinejad's revolutionizing the Iranian cinema ...

Santuri is a film about countering drug addiction ... During Ahmadinejad, addition rates have been exponentially increasing (according to Iran;s official rates) ... Interestingly, the IRGC "martyrs" of the Jundollah's recent suicide attack seem to have been in cahoot with Balouch drug lords [persian link].


Pedestrian said...

I love this man!
I'd never heard him speak English before. He's quite fluent, ... I guess that's a given, since he spent a lot of time studying in the U.S.

I don't mean this as a criticism, but I didn't like Santuri as much as his other films. I don't think the story was as concrete and coherent as many of his other works.

I read that he was starting a project on Seyed Jamaleddin Asad Abadi.

Naj said...

Ped have you seen Dayere Mina and Bemani?

Pedestrian said...

These are the Mehrjui films I haven't seen:

Almas 33, Aghayeh Haloo, Postchi, Dayereyeh Mina, Madreseyi keh Miraftim, Shirak and Bemani :(

Is Bemani available online?

Naj said...

I have no idea. I saw it at a Festival.

I guess if you see those films, then you will discover the other side of Mehrjui; the social activist who gets censored because he deals with things that show the UGLY reality of a system/nezam that imagines or pretends itself to be sophisticated.

Bemani is painful.