Friday, October 16, 2009

Firouzabadi, Iran's head of the Army: Death sentence should have been given to the leaders of the Green Movement!

In this picture, you see the redhead trunk Firouzabadi in Khaki, and Jafari (the murderer head of IRGC in green) in embrace!

And in this picture, the news that was published on FARSENEWS and immediately eliminated! Click on picture for source. On top, "Russia says No to Clinton's call for Sanctions ..."


Mark Pyruz said...

This is interesting on a number of different levels.

For one, is the General accusing the Green leaders of treason?

Two, exactly what was the context and seeting of the General's remarks?

Three, and this is the big one, who decided that these published comments should be quickly withdrawn from public view? And for what exact reason?

Unlike 1980 and 1988, it appears there may actually be a moderating force at work, this time around, which could possibly be interpreted as a positive development of sorts.

Naj said...


I feel I am turning into a broken tape; but I won't be surprised if this all is "designed" by the IRI-coup regime to:

1) illustrate that despite popular belief, the Army is together in this with IRGC.

2) intimidate by revealing the extent to which the coup-d'etat forces are willing to go--and thus test the waters

3) give the *illusion* that someone is "monitoring" the state-sponsored media!

This statement; together with implicit threats made at Karoubi are all posturing ... aimed at intimidation ... that if you don't back off we'll screw you further!

German said...

Dear Naj,

The questions put by Mark Pyruz and your answers are shedding light on events in Iran.

Thank you so much for your highly relevant blog, Mark’s highly relevant questions plus – of course – your illuminating answers !

Not being familiar with Iran, but with Germany, I am not entitled to express a well-founded opinion on things Iranian – that’s obviouslyof course the [main] reason why I am turning to your and Pedestrian’s blog.

Having said that, I think to understand the present, it – perhaps sometimes or rarely - helps to look into the past for similar mechanisms.

Under the Hitler regime (apologies, the parallel is not appropriate (!!!) – I don’t want to enlarge upon that here now- , but some few circumstances are) a parallel military force was established, extremely ideologized and quasi indentured not to the army command, but to the “Führer” – as later the whole army was - , the “Waffen-SS”, a force which saw itself as THE élite.

On the one hand, this led to limited contradictions between the regular Army (Heer, Wehrmacht) and this parallel ideological Army SS, in particular in the lower ranks; in the higher ranks these contradictions seemed to have led on the one hand to a – unfortunately failed – rebellion of a group of officers 20. June 1944, endowed with reason and an upright character (Stauffenberg and his circle) in conjunction with civilians and religiously minded persons.

On the other hand, the mainstream upper echelons of the army/navy-leadership, the leading generals, “licked Adolf Hitler’s arse/ass” [excuse me, but rank and file of the regular Army seemed to think so sometimes, as I know from my late father’s narratives], thus contributing enormously to the destruction of the whole of Europe in general, and – in just retaliation – to the destruction and annihilation of Germany

[Thus in 1945 there were only the three or four Allied sectors instead of Germany, giving rise to that Carnival song in the then thre-/four-fold “entity”, the former Germany: “We are the inhabitants of Trizonesia”, still sung today sometimes during Carnival season].

Apologies for my long text


Naj said...


I don't think this parallel will hold in Iran for a very simple reason:

Hitler's army and many of the SS were rather sophisticated people who rode on the fears or apathy of the German masses who were submissive. Hitler was a mad man, but he really believed in his madness!

However, in Iran things are reversed: it is the peasants who are trying to rein a highly sophisticated population in.

If they were to SUCCEED, they will have 30 years ago!

Let's not forget that after the WWII ended the German populace became even MORE apolitical; withdrawing into consumerism or travelling!! (wit hthe exception of a short period in the 70s--when even then their movement was in the fringes.

So, I reject the comparison between Iran and Germany! Let's not forget that GErmany was an aggressive nation even during the WWI. Iran has never been an aggressive nation :)

Pedestrian said...

I agree with naj. This doesn't sound like something they are saying we should have done, but what we will do if you don't shut up!

that's why I think it was important that they speak up about the death sentence given to four (five?) others.

But on that same topic: naj, I was speaking to a lawyer friend visiting here, and he was telling me the Mousavi/Karoubi camps shouldn't comment. he said that these sentences were going to be appealed, and it was better that they go in quietly, and not be "supported" by the greens. he said it would be safer for them that way and they would have a better chance of being pardoned.

I don't know ... but that was his take.

German said...

Dear Naj,

of course, you are right - I was just/only interested in this mechanism of the (-intended,cconsciously decided-) motives and reasons for and
the (intended and unintended possible) results of
a(ny) country/state (if) having established/establishing parallel armed units / a paralle armed structure.

Thanks so much


Naj said...


I read somewhere that death penalty's sought for HODER (Hossein Darakhshan), known as the father of Iranian blogsphere.

I think I agree with that lawyer that the IRI has a pathological pattern of "not responding to pressure" ... this regime seriously has a "personality disorder".

But I really think this is our BEST chance as a nation to DO WITHOUT TAGHIYEH ... otherwise, we shall have another thousand years of the same shit we are suffering now!

What I thought was interesting with the Behnoud case, was that many Iranians, independently of each other, came out and expressed the SAME kind of concern: that we want to abolish these inhumane laws ... so KAroubi and Mousavi and the greens can stay silent, but every single one of us can should react ... a flag, a color, a leader should mean NOTHING!

"khod rah begooyadat ke choon bayad raft"

Naj said...


You are correct in observing a similarity between AHmadinejad's coup-d'etat regime and Hitler's. I am sure he thinks of himself as Goebbels ... running a "media war" and making flag-marches ...

BUT ... Iran is not the Weimar Germany; and there is one thing Iranians are hardly capable of "discipline and following" ;)

German said...

My last word on this topic:

"Obedience" - true, a word obviously unknown or untranslatable in Persian language (??) - as the whole world could/can observe in the last months!

[This observation has, my SUBJECTIVE impression, led influential countries to only very restrained reactions as to the Iranian "nuclear question" - chapeau to the democratic movement!]


Naj said...

:) Well Iran's constructed it's entire constitution based on OBEDIENCE of the supreme leader!

In fact, it is constitutionally illegal to not obey the supreme leader or to insult him!!

So, that the go so far to LEGISLATE obedience tells you something about the untenability of the concept!

the IRONY: we are taught, systematically, at the FAMILY level, to obey! But we also grow up watching our parents disobey what they consider an unruly and unjust system! :) see, everything in Iran is a paradox! :)

German said...

Dear Naj,

you fundamentally have just explained to a(ny) foreigner, why what has been happening in Iran since May/June/July 2009 -as simple as that!

Thanks - and

all the best from everything good -

for now and for the futeúre

whishes you