Monday, October 5, 2009

Is Iran's Threat to Israel Real?!

click on the image for details and read Juan Cole's elaborate post, which ends with this:
When Andrew Sullivan first linked to my post, he asked what the comparison would be to Israel. First of all, Iran ranks much higher on the Global Peace Index than does Israel. Then, here are some comparative statistics as between Iran and Israel, in answer to the question. But note that the comparisons are misleading. Israel has 1220 aircraft and Iran has 84. But Iran's include a lot of things like old F-4 Phantoms from Nixon in the 1970s whereas Israel's are state of the art. And, while Israel's military budget is now estimated at a little over $13 bn. annually, it should be noted that over $2 bn. of that is extracted from us Americans and handed over directly with no oversight to Tel Aviv every year, so it isn't exactly all Israel's money (and of course these are only the official figures, ignoring a lot of informal tariff and other tax breaks and transfers of resources). Israel'smassive nuclear weapons industry is not counted in the $13 bn. Again, the figures for what they are worth are


Letters Of Complaint said...

That's why the Israel is real threat on Iran, not Iran on Israel, this diagram shows it, I hope war will not reach Iran and everything will be ok, cause war in Afghanistan and Iraq caused huge destructions and suffering for example for children, I heard that extraterrestials can help, are by the Iran's side, can be flippant but I heard that your president contacts with extraterrestials, greetings from Poland

Naj said...

lol, yeah he claims he is in contact with extraterresterials who are under ground: See this!