Thursday, October 22, 2009

How are the Ahmadinejad's media reacting to the Nuclear Closure?!

Update (8:00 PM) They have were not satisfied with the distractors I listed below! They have just raided and arrested tens of the family members of the jailed journalists and politicians. The families of the detainees were gathered for a Komeil Prayer; something they have been doing every Thursday in someone's family home in the past few months ... they were collected up in three vans and taken away!

By the way, IRNA is STILL down!

IRNA's web site is DOWN! (And Pedestrian tells me it's been down since this morning!!!)
Farce News: picture speaks volumes! (the nuclear "DEFEAT" is "masked" in title 5!!!!)

HEADLINE: Koolayee (the woman with glasses) in interview with FARS said Extremism lead to failure of reforms!

Title 2: Larijani: Had Mousavi's Coup D'etat succeeded, the Islamism of the system will have been lost! (WHAT THE F>>>!!!!!!)

Title 3: Clinton, Iran's Nuclear program is peaceful!

Title 4: Minister of culture, the leaders of the chaos were operators of premeditated plots!

Title 5: In interview with Al-Alam Soltaniyeh insists on guarantees from the west!


Pedestrian said...

Why the fuck did Koolayi speak to Fars?! Maybe she wants to keep her job at U of T as they are purging the humanities?


I checked IRNA this morning and laughed my head off that they were down. Wonder how much longer that will continue ...

Naj said...


it's been down since morning?!???!?!


LEt's wait on Koolayi; this is not the first time FALSE is publishing fake interviews. I won't be surprised if she issues a denial soon!

Naj said...

i think they are trying to keep their fundamentalists uninformed! I'm dying to know what IRIB's feeding people!

Anonymous said...

Naj, I've found it's not unusual for those news sites to go down. It's actually pretty frustrating.

I still say it's too early to call these nuclear negotiations a defeat for the political establishment of Iran. The transfer of LEU, in itself, is not a defeat. For some reason, the IRI may seem to be politically insecure over any reported cooperation. Hopefully, this can be overcome. We'll just have to see.

And the "revelation" of Iranian and Israeli participants in a widely-held regional Middle East conference is not extraordinary. What is very unusual is the way it has been publicized in the Israeli press, a day before the MEU nuclear deal deadline. Make no mistake, it is a Zionist manipulation, aimed at torpedoing Iran's cooperation with the P5+1.


هزاردستان چمن said...

Very smart points. Do you think these IRNA dudes are down so that they don't have to cover the nuclear news? hahahaha how pathetic.

Pedestrian said...

lol naj ... I'm watching bist o si ... they started with a story on imported oranges! ;-)

Naj said...


None of this nuclear shit is about victory or defeat; it is the attitude of the FUNDAMENTALISTS of Iran that I am talking about! So, take this as irony!

Also, re IRNA, from my experience their down-time correlates (with r=0.8) with unfavorable news related to IRI!

Pirouz, I agree with your comment about Zionist torpedo; but let these hypocrites on the IRanian side get a kick in the ball! From their tone on farce news and elsewhere, they WILL agree to whatever terms. So don't be nervous :)

Naj said...

Hezar dastan,

I don't know; but I won't put anything past them. The only time that IRNA went down was during the aftermath of the election. Usually, they are very peppy when they have "good news" to share!

Naj said...


are they now going to report the toxicity levels of imported oranges?!! :))

Pedestrian said...

New arrests!!!!!!
Mirdamadi's wife,
Shabeddin's wife,
MJ Jalayipour, again!


Pedestrian said...

just saw that you posted too :'(

Naj said...

:) yah I was at your place telling you about it , we are synched!

Naj said...

Ped we know this is for show and distraction.
Let's keep the fanatics shut up now; get this nuclear crap out of the way ... these assholes WANT their apocalypse!!! ... i'm gonna sleep!