Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ahmadinajd's messianic (Hojjatiyeh) ideology: Americans invaded Iraq not to rob but with deep analyses of armageddon! Imam Mahdi Manages the world!

h/t Nikahang Kowsar
Here's a transcript of what he is saying. Basically he is approving of Bush's armageddonist supporters and scorns some Iranians for not believing in the important matter that "hidden Imam" is managing the world now, and is going to emerge from a chaos in the region.

Some see the appearance of the enemy [USA] and not their conscience, or don't pay attention. These who have come invaded Iraq, in appearance it seems that they have come for oil, robbing the region. That is right, but when you go one layer deeper you see that they have analyses, they come with the awareness that there is going to be an event in this region, that a sacred godly hand will come out to uproot tyranny from the world. They say these things amongst themselves, they have so much attention to these matters. But here, some think that during "absence" Imam (The hidden, Imam Mahdi) has gone to a corner busy with his own life, and doesn't care about world affairs. If Imam didn't care, the world would have turned upside down, universe will have ended. Imam manages the world!

Those who don't know about this Imam, he is the 12th Shiite Imam, a descendant of Prophet Mohamad, who has gone to "hiding" some 12 hundred years ago, but is supposed to come back one day together with Jesus and others and rescue the world! No wonder Iran's plagued with a management crisis after this moron took over!

Ahmadinejad speaks Persian with the ugliest accent of a lowest cultural class (in Iran we call them laat) ... his pronunciation of K and J make me quiver!)


Anonymous said...

Naj, This might sound funny, but please don't laugh.

I think I like the way Ahmadinejad speak Persian or maybe the style of his speech. I don't speak the language myself, so I have no idea what he talks about, but I think he speak with some kind of mellowness and even measured pattern that makes it "nice".

Naj said...

:) Anonymous;

Persian is a soft and mellow language. He speaks it with Tehrani accent, which is a nice accent. But Tehrani accent itself has several sub-accents; and Ahmadinejad's is the lower-class accent! (now I don't mean the poor class, rather the culturally rough class--intonation of thugs!

I don;t know how to describe an accent, but if you listen to Iranians, you would know who speaks which intonation, no matter what the accent!

The way he says certain words is really DISGUSTING!

Naj said...

Okey let me be more specific:

there is a certain intonation that is used by people who exaggerate and confabulate! It is the "accent" of egaggerationa d falsification! We call it in persian "khali-bandi". Ahmadinejad speaks like a :khali-band".

I really wish to hear input from Iranians on my sense!

Anonymous said...


Like I wrote, since I don't speak the language, it will be very difficult for me to distinguish between the different accents.

Moussavi sounds educated and cultured (and serious) when he talks, he project this aura of someone who knows what he is talking about.

Ahmadinejad (like Yale and Harvard educated Bush) sounds a bit different. It is difficult for me to explain it. He sounds brash when he wants to, at times he sounds like a religious scholar engaging in a deep philosophical thought.

To make my point again, if you don't speak any english and you listen to Obama and Bush (both Ivy league educated politicians) they will sound different. Obama sounds like a scholar, Bush sounds like an educated everyday man.

I also hope to here from others who speak the language if they understand what I am writing about.

Anonymous said...

I think I agree with your last point about intonation. It is hard for me to see the difference since I don't speak the language!

kellie said...

No, no, no, the real reason for the invasion was to get a hold of alien technology.

German said...

Dear Naj,

I am quite taken aback by your quote (very good post that!), to say the least.

It's somewhat funny:

I somehow remember - though very remotely ! - similar words and a - though very remotely - similar view of somebody's political mission as expressed by himself and his entourage, long time ago,
which of course isn't of any relevance, and nothing to comment about.
I'am just reminiscing.

Hasn't the world had enough political visionaries (a) centur(y)ies past ?

Mightn't there be some modest demand on the part of "the average citizen on the street" for down-to-earth politicians, doing their work - i.e. limiting themselves on being of some service to the people - without any much hullabaloo and messianic clairvoyancy or last-day-mission ?

Not commenting on Iran, but only expressing a general view (of mine) - of course, I concede, that I might be totally wrong with my personal, subjective view of the duties of a governing politician.


Anonymous said...

Naj, I hate to say it but he's right. The Bush White House was full of bible quotes in its briefs to the president concerning the war in Iraq.

Amazing isn't it? Christian righteousness on the one hand, and Shia determinism on the other. What a mix.


PS: I must confess, I'm not used to the east Tehrani sub-accent/intonation. I just haven't heard much of it.

Naj said...

Anonymous: Bush/Obama analogy's great!

Kelly: :D

Pirouz: I didn't know if it is from east or where, but I know I HATE it!

Naj said...


This man is crazy! His comments are really frightening!