Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How did Ahmadinejad's New York banquet with Israeli-American students go?

This video was prepared by an Israeli reporter, impostoring as Dutch! Pay attention to Ahmadinejad's zeal to take picture with little gals! Imagine what his conservative supporters would do seeing these pictures.

You may all know that Ahmadinejad has a "lover" by the name of Esfandiyar Rahim Mashayee, who got Ahmadinejad in trouble when he said he was a friend of Israeli people. Of course there are theorists who trace Ahmadinejad and Mashai to Zionism!

Well, wine leaves tell me that Ahmadinejad has in fact gone out of his way to extend invitations to some Israeli students in New York! How else would I stumble across a video of which I understand nothing?

Anyone with Hebrew knowledge? What's going on?!

Ahmadinejad's fanatic islamist friends, can you ask him why he is standing so close to "naked" women?! :)


RickB said...

Just how short is he?

Parvati said...

Dunno whether the students were really "israeli american" - but no question the Israeli media delighted in the occasion to broadcast him spouting his usual idiocies yet again! Anyway, here's what I could find about the meet-up:
This from the blog "For a democratic secular Iran" dated Sept. 28 2009
Says this:
"I felt sick in the stomach when I watched a group of clueless American students who seem to have no conscience at all, meet and dine and take souvenir photographs with Ahamdienjad. Look at these morons in the footage below:
If anyone knows them please let me have their names, so we can name and shame them."

Plus I found this article:

"(...)30 students and faculty from Westminster, Southern Utah University and Utah Valley University who traveled to New York City last week as part of an intercultural studies trip timed with a meeting of the United Nations' General Assembly.

Officials with the Foundation for Interreligious Diplomacy organized the meeting, giving students an unprecedented opportunity to meet a head of state at a time when his country's relations with the U.S. are at an historic crossroads.

The students' surnames mentioned don't "sound" Jewish to me - one's English one's Spanish..?

Anyway, I think you'll appreciate this excerpt:


"Here is an exchange between Westminster student Blanca Ramirez and Ahmadinejad during the Sept. 23 meeting:

Ramirez » Would you recognize a point that your position as president would hurt your people more than help them, and would you step down?

Ahmadinejad » Yes, yes of course, immediately.

Ramirez » Where would that point be?

Ahmadinejad » I will know [gesturing to his heart].

Translator » It will never happen. The people in Iran love him."

Yeah right.

Naj said...


shooort, very short!


Well I personally know of an Israeli student in attendance.

I don't care if he meets with Israelis. I think his "supporters" would care :)

And yes that translator woman is not very accurate. She seems to repat things the way she has learned--and thus when AN's asked new questions, she stumbles on translation. I have noticed in in LK interview.

Naj said...

Parvati: name & shame! Let's do that :))

--Academically, however, I think people should be given freedom to meet with these creatures, but look at them critically, ask them tough questions and etc. And without the "infiltrators" we will never have learned what happened in there ;)