Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Harrassing Hashemi's daughter

I am posting this link from my phone
it is important becase
1) it illustrates the charlatanism that characterizes ahmadinejadism. A bunch of empty and annoying pests harrassing a woman, abusing her, surrounding her like a pack of wolves and pressuring her to get out of the car to have a dialogue with them: denounce the green movement.
2) demystifies the notion of " luxurious" Hashemis. This woman is his daughter. She was once the most popular member of parliament representing Tehran. She was advocating women rights, and helping several infrastructures to empower them. She has been detained in recent protests on 'crime' of joining the street protests. As you see, she is driving a little cheap car, no body guards, no drivers.
3) it also demystifies the notion of ahmadinejadists as 'alien fanatics who are violent'. People who are harrasing her are just abusive and cynical, not dangerous. Iran is NOT on the verge of civil war, although this will be very disappointing to the 'imperialists' who have just recently decided to
a) stir public sentiments by broadcasting the. video of student brutalization cocurrently with talk of war and sanctions.
b) increase sectarian tension and violence in the eastern border of Iran by helping the iri with arresting Abdul malek rigi.

I am SURE this Ahmadinejad and Netanyahu feast from the same garbage bin.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Eye Witness: My best friend is back and she reports from Iran!

She is one of my most "militant" fellow greenbeans. She was one of the smartest kids in school, our math-wiz. She is one of the strongest persons I have even known and yet one of the most sensitive and delicate ones. She is a medical doctor now. I am taking this letter VERY seriously; and I wish to share it with you. I am taking the city names out; but she is writing from a central province of Iran. ### is where she grew up; XXX and YYY are little cities in that province, and $$$ is where she lives now. She permitted me to publish this.

Hi dear Naj

How are you khanomi [lady]? I am glad to be back, missed my friends and my relaxing life here. I love Iran but I can see that it will get harder to live there as times goes by. I spend most of my short trip in ###. I heard little about 22 bahman news there . I wasn’t able to upset my elderly father by having a trip to Tehran on 22 bahman. ### was extremely controlled and people were isolated. At least a week prior to 22 bahman, internet were disconnected or too slow to be used, BBC and other sources were blocked. Some people had access to VOA. Most ###'s went to [the sea] for shopping; as a result, there was heavy traffic on the way to and from [the port]. Some public sectors forced their employee to attend the government demonstration . I did not see any green sign in ###. streets were quite and parandeh par nemizad [even birds didn't fly]. I took photos. Every state had to send 10 thousand people to Tehran to attend the government demonstration. High speed internet in some public sectors was very well controlled. People were caught and given warning just a day or 2 after visiting a website like balatarion or VOA. They also received a warning SMS the night before 22 bahman to not attend the rally other wise they would face jail and ....some young people went to Tehran for green demonstration but my cousin said the roads were blocked in Kashan to stop them from reaching Tehran. Sadly I talked to a few simple minded people who did really believe Ahmadinejad was trying to save Iran from USA and Israel... people were preoccupied with their routines . One of my cousins said they have underground meetings and they attend Tehran for green demonstrations without telling their family. I found myself more curious/nervous about 22 bahman news than almost most ###'s that I met. I nervously was trying to find a channel on satellite to give me all news but it was not very successful and eventually I gave up following news. My in-laws had access to VOA. Sadly superstition and religious beliefs among ###s were grosser than ever. Even in a national newspaper there was a warning about the intensity of superstition (by 2 mullaas ...) As you may also know ### has been the most unsafe city of Iran, lately. And I truly believe this statement about superstition is right ...
From a medical point of view, foresee a medical disaster soon in ### with possibly treatment resistance bugs that will kill people. Everyone acts doctor and the amount of self medications is GROSSSSSSSSSSSS....medical ethics do not exist there as well...
In XXX, Niroye entezami was defeated in the court as they gave wrong information to XXX people that resulted in the chaos that we all heard about. They are to pay compensation to people who were injured/died in the clashe. In YYY emamzadeha [the saint graves] are getting robbed, lol their graves are dug, likely in order to get access to antiques! This has resulted in gor be gor shodane ememha lol [goor be goor shodan = changing grave, a form of damnation]

Tehran, overall I spend about 3 to 4 days in Tehran. Superficially, people have more freedom. They are not picked on because of the type of cloths they have on. I saw several Iranian females not wearing their scarf in the international airport just prior to the checking point when I arrived there.

The air pollution was ++++++ , people seems to have they normal activities, you don’t see much different but you hear things like: gathering in front of Evin everyday which I am regretting to miss seeing that. I attended an NGO conference and was surprised by the level of their activities. Unfortunately greedy obstetrician who did the speech annoyed me so much with her stupid ideas , she showed slides of plastic surgeries that she had done on her patients and got attention of several females who desperately were waiting to take her business card.....

The centre for defending human right and lawyers without boarders were extremely active, some of the lawyers are exhausted trying to help political prisoners including adolescents. Generally there was an optimistic view that situation will improve gradually. It can’t be worse as they had already experienced a long standing coup d'etat that was unsuccessful. Economically, the government is collapsing.

I went to Tochal on my last day and it was amazing. There were singing saromad zemston [a popular green song, adapted from an older one: winter's over] and dancing in station 2. Apparently in station 7 there is a free life ... I am so proud of the Tehranies. They are smart and I am sure they can’t be defeated.

By the way 22 bahman in Tehran was very controlled and hokomat nezami started a week prior to that. Checking at nights create intense fear ....Probably the most restricted demonstration since election but the government can’t continue doing that due to high costs.

As soon as I arrived back in $$$ I read all detailed news a.... I think we should take it easy and relax. Green movement will continue and changes will happen gradually. Iranians overseas are much more tense and eager about news than Iranian who live in Iran. Practically in Tehran you can read the Keyhan and get all news by guessing lol

You know I am not good in reporting, that was my observation in my short trip. I feel very relaxed after visiting Iran. I do recommend it to you. I think if you don’t visit it soon, it may get harder or may be impossible to do it later...sorry for the sporadic writing and not proof reading ;)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Changing dynasty: Transmogrification of the Iranian Flag

The Iranian flag has undegone many transformations through out the history, coincidental with changes in the ruling dynasties.

Recently, Ahmadinejad's propaganda dummies have been toying with stylization of the flag; slowly fading its green to blue! I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt; so I pulled the google image to task. Looking at hundreds of pictures, it seems he really is setting his grandiosity complex against a discolouring flag, recently! Is he so afraid of the greens that he is "wiping the green off the map of history"? Is he changing the flag?

Here's a picture of his press conference BEFORE the election (in fact part of the campaign, in June)

And this a picture of his recent press conference (after the lection)

In the top (pre-election image) there is certainly a blue hue but not strong enough to overwhelm the green of the flag! In the bottom image, the green and teh people have all faded in shapeless mishmash, with a "celestial" light (or halo!) washing over Mr. The cheating president!


Iran's military rulers!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

22 Bahman: Not a rally for Ahmadinejad but against war mongers.

To those Ahmadinejadists who seem eager to appropriate all crowd who attended the 22 Bahman Rally: perhaps you can give yourselves a little shot of information and listen to Hashemi (whom you think is pro-American in chielf) and listen WHY HE ATTENDED 22 Bahman:

This year 22 Bahman is more sensitive than previous years. First because of the internal differences that we see, which has lifted the hopes of our enemies. Second because of our nuclear and defense and space achievements, which they don't want us to have, that we see they have pulled out their swords. Now, we are still assuming this is a psychological war, that they are trying to frighten us; therefore this is a very important event where the presence of people is important; anyone who is interested in Iran, Islam, people, revolution should pay a little share here, and be present, and the presence be in such a way to not create new divisions. The Philosophy of 22 Bahman rally has been to gather to express that with the same love that we brought the revolution to victory, we are after continuing it."

And here is a video of Hashemi on the street; on his Official Website.

Now, I told you before that I didn't give a damn about 22 Bahman. HOWEVER, if I were in Iran, if the war-buzz had started ringing as loudly and shamelessly as this; and McCain and Liberman had opened their filthy mouth to defend OUR human rights with their bomb bomb bomb Iran, then I WILL HAVE ATTENDED THE RALLY!

To all weapon-dealers and warmongers: back off and fuck off; although we know you are happy that while we're fighting your puppet fascists in our country, you are getting a bit of slack!

5-Million strong 22 Bahman victory for Ahmadinejad!

Today, a friend sent me this video! I laughed it off as propaganda. She asked me to blog about it. I have little time, but sure! It is not actually too difficult to operate on this tumor:

First the video that some so called anti-imperialist pro-IRI dudes are cheering as proof of Ahmadinejad's popularity. As you are watching, ask yourselves the following questions:

  • Why is the helicopter moving so fast?
  • Why is it not zooming on the crowds? it is hard to tell whether they are humans or trees or shadows or ribbons?
  • Pay attention to absence of signs and placards (and keep in mind that the greens had pledged to Trojan the event--a decision that hey are regretting now because they admit they could not tell if the guy next to them was a camouflaged green or a hand-cuff carrying Basiji.) The only visible sign is a long flag of Iran, but that is about it.
  • Also, wonder where is an aerial still shot over the Azadi square?
  • There is one picture towards the end of the video where a frontal shot of the crowds is presented. This picture is taken with a long lens. Long lenses compress the depth of field and make the population look more dense than it really is.
  • Also, pay attention to the lonely green balloon that smiles behind Ahmadinejad.

Well, for the sake of argument, let's say that there were a LOT of people attending in favor of Ahmadinejad on 22 Bahman. They claim 5 million were only rallying in Tehran. Very good! Now let's take a look at some of the videos from 25 Khordad; the first time Iranians flooded streets and exercised their right to peaceful protest (a few hours before Neda was shot to death in front of the eyes of the world):

The greens estimated that one million attended this rally. The Iranian government called them (a few thousand) "dust and debris". I am sure you can do the math yourself; and ask the following questions:

Why weren't the foreign journalists allowed to take as spectacular shots as their cameras were capable, of this wonderful crowd who cheered Ahmadinejad? Afterall, the "enemey" media was allowed in Iran, but incarcerated! Wouldn't it have been SUCH A SLAP IN THE FACE OF IMPERIALISM if the journalists could see for themselves what the actual size of the crowd was from their journalistically selected point of view?

But, let's get back to the 5 million victory.

This is a video of people attending Ahmadinejad's 5-million strong speech:

But to put things in perspective, let's look at a picture of Obama's inauguration, that was attended by an estimated two million (and not five million) (taken with a 75 mm lens); and Ahmadinejad's 5-million crowd from his personal false news agency:

And here's a comparison of the dimentions of Azadi square versus the Washington mall (images of same scale/size). Irrespective of the population density, and lens size, look at the width of the avenues below.

And in this Fars News picture you see where the fan fair is (point B on the Azadi square map above). Click on the picture below for full size and judge the population density for yourself.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ahmadinejad's 22 Bahman Speech

The most newsworthy item of Friday's 22 Bahman celebrations was Ahmadinejad's speech (that is before evidence of torturing Karoubi's 37 year old son were broadcast by his brave mother; who in a public letter to the supreme leader exposed the bruises of his naked son to the world; declaring with all dignity a mother can muster, that her son was threatened to rape! To utter this in Iran requires a LOT of courage; for IRan is a society where the victims of rape or rape threat are more stigmatized than the rapists--yes this is ALSO a metaphore for our post-election times.)

So what was the big deal about Ahmadinejad's speech?

1) It was not attended by 5 million people! Those who have seen Azadi square they know that as large as it is, it doesn't hold 5 million! And as this video shows, it seems the usual weekend picnic crowds are taking a peaceful stroll around.
2) He lied (e.g. claimed he has enriched uranium to 20%!)
3) He didn't mention Khamenei (soupream leaderr)
4) He claimed salvaging the universe!
5) He said: we have told the West to come take our 3.5% uranium, we will pay for their trouble too!!
6) His accent and intonations are DESPICABLE: he speaks as if to toddlers; with a googoolimagooli tone!

Actually; let's listen to their "own" spin on "Dr" Ahmadinejad's speech, via Shia TV:

Yes they are spinning, spinning, spinning ... and they appear dizzy :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

As MrZine celebrates the victory of the Iranian criminal regime

wrongly assuming that the regime change is the objective of the green movement, I wish to add a new video to his plethora of his "observations":

In this video; one soldier beats a young half naked man; women in the background of camera scream; another soldier points his gun at the behind-camera screaming women; the soldier starts punching the naked guy; and a by passing woman stops to protest to the brutality of the police!

I suspect the man was undressed to check for his green signs; as people wishing to enter the 50 million rally were inspected for carrying any such symbolism!

What are Fars (Farce/False) News Lies on 22 Bahman?

The pictures are missing from the site! They have not doctored them yet! (Update: two hours later; still NO pictures; but they insist on the 50 million; I guess 50 million makes for a very LARGE file so their servers cannot handle!!!! keep in mind, Fars News fame is in photo-jouornalism (or propagandism) what's takin' them so long?)

I have translated the headlines!
This is just hilarious!

Yes they are shooting at people; with tear gas, paint balls and actual bullets ... doing ALL they can to prevent 5-million strong a rally!

50 Million strong referendum?!?! I thought Agmadinejad had only 24 million votes!! And Iran's population is about 70 millions!

So, a simple math: 70-24 = 46 million + 5 million Tehranis = 51 million = referendum
=> people say NO to the IRI! I don't know who is crunching numbers for these idiots!
Below, watch the 5 million strong crowds: more riot chimps than normal pedestrians!

Take a look at Mehr News pictures; something in them is cleverly "telling" something other than they pretend to tell! The last picture; where the man is hiding behind Khamenei's picture implies SHAME ... don't you think?

22 Bahman proves again: They are pathetic losers (The IRGC, IRIB, and Ahmadinejad)

Already have started beating and dispersing people; doing all in their power to dissuade people from getting out of their houses; the newest technique: paint spraying; and the rumor that paint-sprayed people will be arrested!

Their fear is spectacular!

The heavier a hand they show, the more ridiculous and fragile they look!

Their "Made-in-China" anti-protest gear is on display ... and their batons have already smashed the vehicles of Karoubi (whose younger son was arrested) and Khatami (whose brother and sister in law-who is Khomeini's grand daugher were arrested but reportedly freed), preventing them to become the crowd magnet.

Ahmadinejad has just ended his speech; without referring to any protests; he has however raved about the live creatures (apparently a cockroach) he has launched to space, while measuring the roach's vital signs! Reportedly, chants of "dorooghgoo dorooghgoo" have been heard during his speech.

The IRIB is busy in the editing room: montaging 22 Bahman events of last year into clips of this year--whose sound is not mounted; of course! I heard yesterday that the Jaam-e Jam (where Iran national TV is broadcast from) was heavily armored last night; several anti riot units occupying it--while also heavily controlling the staff!

This is early still; but it seems they LOST again--else, why would they be beating people (ORIGINAL revolutionaries like Karoubi (Khomeini's pupil, and parliament speaker for two terms) and Khatami (two term president of reforms)) up on the Anniversary of the Islamic Revolution?!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Parents of expat Iranian blogger arrested ahead of 22 Bahman?

This is very bizarre: the parents of one of the best news providing Iranian blogger were summoned to intelligence office and have gone missing; presumably arrested!
Internet has gone south in Iran!
Armed forces have occupied Tehran!
Intimidation tactics are intensifying either in the form of threatening phone calls in televise interviews that some thug declares the university 'liberals' are a cancerous entity that must be removed no matter the cost!
When they cannot access the freelance reporters who blog from outside Iran, they put the screw on their families!
Many people are indeed intimidated; and have made travel plans to be "away" for the upcoming protest day!
This is "hokoomat-e adl-e Ali" ...
I had planned to keep my mouth shut about 22 Bahman; I was hoping they will come to their senses and let people protest peacefully; but it seems they have started provocation already; have started rubbing salt on the wounds of a nation who is s till mourning the "deaths on the streets and prisons", while the perpetrators of crime are promoted to higher judiciary positions ...
I had planned to keep my mouth shut; but now they have forced me to stand in solidarity with a fellow blogger ...

Provocation they can do; distraction they can attempt; intimidation they can play; but they cannot take our eyes off of the ball ... "WE" are not after toppling one regime and replacing it with another; WE are after making it known to us before all else that "We are humans, the representatives of god on earth; every single one of us" ... We are the peace; we are the dignity; we are the true muslims who will not bow to the tyranny of men who declare themselves god ...

And yes; we are willing to pay for all their foolishness to bail our country and dignity out. These maniacs need to be stopped, before their madness disgrace us in history ... they need to be stopped and be given a time-out or therapy to recover from their daemons ...
Talibanization of Iran must stop now ...

As I am finishing this post; I hope the story of parental arrest and fear mongering stories are just a misunderstanding; in which case I will make a corrective comment and apologize to the IRI for jumping to conclusions!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thinking of all Iranian activists who are kidnapped

Thinking of lawyers, doctors; thinking of journalists, students; thinking of poets, of thinkers. thinking of all those whose unforgivable sin is to be intelligent; to learn, to question, to challenge; thinking of the human right activists; women activists, labor activists ... thinking of the horror the regime of Iran has promised to the greens over the upcoming days that Iran holds Iran accountable to the slogans of the revolution. I cannot feel excited about this 22 Bahman; because my sentiments about it have not changed from last year.

I hate revolutions; no matter how romanticized they are. I hate blood; I hate violence; I hate idealism; I hate fascism; I distrust their sustainability. I believe in evolution; in growth; in small steps; and I believe in compromise as long as it is possible, but then break up: divergence of paths and not collision, not pulling nor pushing.

A few days back; there was a very sad letter circulating on internet, by the father of Sorena Hashemi that touched me through this protective foam I am wearing around my heart these days. Sorena is an activist who was arrested in 2008 for exposing a case of sexual harassment committed by someone close to Ahmadinejad! In Iran, the rapists don't get tried; unless they are poor and belong to the disenfranchised, society, in which case they are hanged! In Iran, those who are the victims of rape by big shots are the ones who are imprisoned, intimidated, and suffer retribution! A few weeks ago, Sorena and his co-activist friend Alireze Firouzi went missing! To go "missing" in Iran is rather common! Even the judiciary system, with all its criminality, admits that there are units that operate outside the sphere of the judiciary control. In other words, all three levels of government: the executive; legislative and judiciary branches ADMIT that their abilities to do their job is limited by shadowy supra-legal (i mean above the law here) organizations!

In any case, the letter of Sorena's father, himself a war veteran (a prisoner of war, actually) hints at the militaristic background of these supra-legal shadows: "they are not my comrades; let me assume all my comrades were killed in the war ... let me assume these are aliens ..."

Sorena, my son, there was a time that your little photograph was the companion of my longing eyes, in the back of the trenches. We scraped off the earth from our bodies and went on to protect the country.

You were the most of my country and I had shielded your life with mine; not alone, with thousands. I was not alone …

One day, as bitter as these ones, the barrage of bullets and shells made earth the cradle of hundreds of bravehearts … they passed away, calmly, smiling with the memory their mother, wife, child … and content of receiving the bullet and sparing the blood of another …

I too got my share: a boot drenched in the blood of my face, electric wires in my flesh … I was content to be a war prisoner in exchange for your freedom, for your laughter. I was not alone.

Our identification was anonymity. We were the lost ones; we died one by one of disease, of torture, or under gunfire. There were no signs of our imprisonment.

I pledged my heart to the prison bars to see you free; my uniform bailing the wounds of my comrades and friends … to protect you.

But today is more bitter than those days … you are chained. You are not laughing. More than a month has passed and I know nothing but that you are chained.

Damn me; could you have inherited the prison from me?

Why am I alone? Where are my comrades? What if they slap you? What if they don’t know that you have fought Iraqi invaders since age of 20; pulling shells out of my skin.

I am alone.

Sorena; I have not forgotten the Zanjan university scandal: [In 2008, Sorena provided evidence that a dean of the university was attempting to rape a female student]

Those who violated the boundaries of the body of the children of this soil were not my comrades.

Those who tried to cover it up were not my comrades.

Those who imprisoned you and denied you the right to education, were not my comrades.

I know my comrades well!

Let me assume those who do this are not of us; they are aliens who wreak injustice.

Let me assume that all my comrades were killed and I remained alive to suffer … until perhaps one day, if there is a living martyr will hear me call out.

Once, I gave all I had for you to be free. Today that you are not free, I give all I have to see you alive … and to see you again.

Signature: Asghar Hashemi

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

(in exchange for giving up the pesky uranium), bastards of Iran's judiciary get to execute 9 more of the protesters ...

The ruthlessness with which they brag about the upcoming executions, and call for even more executions (as did Dinosaur Ahmad Jannati) is SICKENING!

And Ahmadinejad's Great Nuclear news seems to be bending over and giving up Iran's enriched (3.5%) Uranium.

I guess this is the backdoor handshake?

Ahmadinejadist logic: "We give you Uranium, you shut up about human right violations and let us violate them some more! After all, China likes executions too; and America's the record holder of the free world in sending mortals to their makers! So that's that! Beat it!"