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What are Neo-Cons up to these days, vis a vis Iran?

They think they are "cheering on Iranians to topple the regime!" They come up with little pep talk of "fight on the good courageous people of Iran" and they perhaps think that beyond our little polite smiles we do not read their intentions. Perhaps they cannot even recognize that our silence is in the spirit of unity and in the interest of our country. At the same time they seem to be trying to silence, or make non-credible, voices for Iran who preach peace and engagement. This is how ....

Also, see:

At the same time, the Iranian authority should know that their little nuclear bluffs are NOT going to rally us behind them; that putting Iran in antagonistic situations, which will only underline and highlight the Western hypocrisies, WILL NOT make us align with them!

We will handle hypocrisies of Iran and Israel and the 5+1 SEPARATELY; each in its own context! The "imperialist" project is no longer an excuse for IRI's atrocities. And IRI's atrocities are no longer an excuse for the military industry complexes of USrael, and their colonial vendetta of anti-terrorism.

Ahmadinejad VS. Academia

Approaching 16-Azar (Rooz-e Daneshjoo; day of university students), the coup d'etat regime has intensified arresting students with the slightest inclination for reforms. Increasing reports suggest Ahmadinejad's regime is gearing for massive lay-off of university professors that do not fit the regime's bill of fundamentalism!! Of course, students are also gearing for massive protest, should their professors be forced to retirement or be banned from academic practice.

The "cleansing" of universities began 3 years ago; when in a controversial speech amongst university students, Ahmadinejad stated: "Today, students must shout scorns at a president who allows liberal and secular professors be present in universities." After this radical statement, conditions for firing and retiring prominent university professors was set. After this speech the following professors were banned from teaching in Tarbiyat-Modaress university (a post-graduate university in Tehran, with particularly strong philosophy and humanity programs).

I have not been able to find links to academic activities of all, but notice the fields of research from which these individuals are purged. It seems that Ahmadinejad is intent on getting rid of anyone who will hold him accountable to political history of the middle east, challenge his revolutionary claims, or raise issues with his illegal practices on the international and domestic fronts (labour, human rights, trade ... and criminal justice)

(This list is by no means complete, there are many more ...)

  • Saeed Hajarian; Philosophy
  • Mohsen Kadivar; Philosophy
  • Mohamad-Taghi Ahmadi; fired because he protested to the firing of other colleagues
  • Abolfazl Shakoori; Political Sciences
  • Hashem Aghajari; head of History department
  • Masood Ghaffari
  • Hatam Ghaderi

The following were forced to retirement with the excuse of "low performance", or accused of spreading "velvet-revolution theories":
  • Mohammad Mojtahed Shabestari
  • Mohammad Ashoori, professor of criminal justice
  • Hasan-Ali Doroodian, professor of civil rights
  • Iraj Goldozian, professor of criminal justice
  • Amir-Naser Katoozian, professor of civil rights
  • Mahmoud Erfani, professor of contract laws
  • Abulghasem Gorji, professor of Islamic laws
  • Hosein Bashiriyeh, Political science
  • Hadi Semati, international relations (see his views on nuclear issue [Persian], his positions seems very similar to what was proposed and agreed to by Iran in the recent Geneva meetings.)
  • Homayoon Elahi, professor of Middle East and Persian Gulf
  • Ahmad Sayee Safayee, Third-World politics
  • Mir Jalal-Kazzazi, Classical literature (!!)
  • Reza Reis-toosi, political science, specializing in history of petroleum economics
  • Ezatullah Araghi, professor of labor law

Now the second wave of forced retirements has begun. In the first months of the illegitimate government, the following prominent professors of law are let go and BANNED from academic jobs:
  • Mohammad-Reza Ziyayee Beygdeli, emeritus professor of international law, head of the department of law and political science in Alameh University
  • Ai Azmayesh, Professor of international penal law, and criminologist
  • Hossein Sharifi Taraz-Kouhi: professor of human rights
  • Mohammad Mohammadi Gorgani: head of the department of human rights in Alameh Tabatabayee University was let go last year!
  • Morteza Mardiha: professor of law and political sciences of that university was let go last year too.
(See a related article in English)
(See Dr Soroush's report on militarization of Tarbiyat Modarres, after Ahmadinejad's first election and and older report from Sarmayeh, before it was banned)[Persian]

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Behzad Nabavi: 10 day off from prison on 800K bail

Before being given a mini-vacation (on over 800,000 dollars bail, the 68 year old Behzad Nabavi--one of the first revolutionaries and companions of Khomeini--was given 6 years of jail for his role in "instigating unrest". It is funny that he was arrested a few days after the coup d'etat. Even if he wanted, he didn't get the opportunity to provoke unrest!

You might want to consider that the bail for one of the most notorious drug-traffickers of Iran was set to 200K.

Nabavi is scheduled to undergo a coronary artery surgery upon return to prison. (He also underwent another operation while in prison.)

Cut 1: He is saying that his only concern was for his wife; because she is not political. He says that when he was young and in prison, he was single, so he had little care, he was in prison for 20 months and no worries, but now ...

Cut 2: Then he says when they were moving her in the car (after court session) he sees his wife yell from afar behind the gates: Behhzaaaaaaaad; he sends her an air kiss and gets in the car.

Cut 3: Then when the car passes by, he sees her (who was not political) run in front of the car and show him the V and yell, don't worry, we will win! This surprises him tremendously, but also that she starts pointing finger at guards that "If one strain of hair is lost from his head", he then laughs that he has got no more hair to loose, "she will interview with every single media channel" ...

This is a GREAT video; in this joking family session, Nabavi's making it abundantly clear that he is not planning to give up--that his only concern, his family is now in this with him and fearlessly behind him. He is poking fun at the dictators whose chain of 6-year jail term sentences to these leaders of reform is aimed at deterring people from activism. Nabavi is giving a personal example of how the least political housewives are now radicalized into action, and have learned their ways of modern-resistance: neo-resistance ... Media is the Message!

Kurd student ranks first in Iran's university entrance exam

Entering the Iranian public universities is a prestigious event, especially if you rank #1 amongst over a million participants in a 6 hour (that's how long it was in my days) race to give correct answers to a multiple-choice questionnaire, testing you for every minute detail of what you have had to learn during 4 years of high-school.

In my days, 1989, we would start preparing for this at the beginning of the last year of highschool. Preparation meant taking "concours" classes, private tutors, and practicing a gzillion multiple-choice tests. (I was never a very disciplined and studious kid, so I hardly did any of that; but this is what my rich friends did. I was lucky to not be studious or else I would have envied their financial means; because there was no way in hell my parents would hire me a teacher to practice Modern Math or Literature! I was allowed to 10 sessions of tutoring (for my whole last year); and that was only to ask them questions that I could not solve myself. (I learned many years later that the tutors respected me for this and thought I would succeed academically, despite my poor performance in school!)

The year of my concours, 1989, is what makes this story particularly and personally significant for me. The story is of a boy (Rastegar Rahmani-Tanha), in a rural city (Javanroud) in one of the kurdish provinces of Iran (Kermanshah). It seems he was born in the same year that I graduated from highschool. Technically, he could be my son; since I have friends, classmates, whose children were participating in this year's concours. But it is none of the children of my wealthy fussy friends who have been developing ulcer over how their kids will rank, but this rural boy who has ranked #1. He has his highschool diploma in Math & Physics and has now ranked #1 in the Life Science competition. He has also ranked #1 in the foreign languages. He wants to become a doctor and serve his people. He attributes his success to hard work: 12-hour long study days and incessantly practicing test books.

I wish to put cynicism aside for a minute, and ignore the fact that IRNA has run this story, and ignore the possibility that this is another one of Ahmadinejadist's propaganda games. I wish to ignore the story on Tabnak, that is very different from IRNA's version as well.

According to Tabnak, Rastegar graduated from highschool 6 years ago (in this case, he cannot have been born in 1989); did not participate in concours for 3 years (Rahmani refuses to talk about his reasons); participated and ranked #30 in the Math and Engineering competition (still a very high honour) but could not go to university as he had to do his military service; and that his record-breaking performance in this years concours made the Organization of Evaluation of Education (the organization that holds concours) suspicious--because he had a low highschool GPA--and made him repeat the exam. He performed well in the second exam as well, thus granted full honors.

The Kurdish bloggers are jubilant. I too want to be happy for the triumph of this boy and share the joy this news is spreading in Iran's Kurdestan--where the ghost of Ehsan Fattahian is still hovering; where Zeynab Jalalian, a 27 years old woman, is scheduled to be killed one of these days.

Truth is, Iran's rural and poor regions often produce some of the most resilient and best talented citizens of the country--this is why despite the brain-drain which has been happening for at least a thousand years--Iran never depletes of creativity and intelligence.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Hilarious: Ahmadinejad's greeted with the Shah's anthem!

This is the official report from IRI's TV.
shaahanshaahe ma zende bada ... I don't remember the rest of it; I hardly had time to learn it in school, then revolution happened!:))

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Shirin Ebadi's Nobel Peace Prize: CONFISCATED by Ahmadinejad's government.

"Iran’s hardline regime has confiscated the Nobel peace medal and diploma of Shirin Ebadi, the human rights lawyer who is one of its most potent and outspoken critics. Her bank account has also been frozen on the pretext that she owes $410,000 in tax.
The seizure of the award, unprecedented in its108-year-old history, caused outrage in Olso where the Nobel peace committee is based. The Norwegian Government summoned the Iranian envoy to protest, and the committee said it too would be registering a formal complaint.

“Such an act leaves us feeling shock and disbelief,” said Jonas Gahr Stoere, Norway’s Foreign Minister.

Iran’s action was unacceptable, said Geir Lundestad, the committee’s secretary. “A laureate has never been treated like that. Even political dissidents such as [Andrei] Sakharov and [Lech] Walesa were better treated in their countries,” he added, referring to the Russian dissident and Polish trade union leader who won the prize while living in the Soviet bloc." (read the rest)
Here's an interview of Ebadi with the Persian Deutsche-Welle. The news has outraged not only the Norwegians but also the Iranian community. Ebadi's life has bean threatened for a long time, but the Iranian regime has been tightening the screws by making those threats more explicitely and also putting Ebadi's family (her husband and sister who are in Iran) under tremendous pressure. What makes this case even more disturbing is that the coup d'etat regime has confiscated her property out of her safe box in the bank! This mounts to bank robbery. Once again, Iran is witnessing a violation of property rights, on top of all violations of privacy. Thieves, Crooks and Liars ... sums up Iran's rulers!

Who is Iran's envoy to IAEA Ali Asghar Soltaniyeh (PhD)?

Reportedly, Soltanieh is a former nuclear scientist (I don't know how one can become a former scientist) from Utah State University (none of whose faculty is doing Nuclear physics). A mini resume of his past and present responsibilities is available from United Nations Industrial Development Organization.

Soltaniyeh was appointed as a senior member of the nuclear negotiation team in December 2005, and introduced as Iran's representative to to IAEA at that time. About a year ago, he was interviewed by LA Times. In this interview he did not ooz out any deviation from the official line presumably dictated by the supreme leader's estate. As far as I can recall, he has only recently emerged as the front-man for Iran's nuclear negotiations.

I cannot find ANY other information on this gentleman, neither by English nor by Persian key words. I am specifically interested in knowing that as a "nuclear scientist" who has apparently supervised a few theses, what field of research he has specialized in. As a US-educated "scientist", former or current, one would expect to see a clear CV of this gentleman or some form of electronic foot print. At least you would want to know when he graduated, who was his PhD supervisor, what his credentials are. Could he be one of those many fake PhD cronies of Ahmadinejad? After all, if someone survives Ahmadinejad's administration for almost 5 years, then he must have exemplary obedient character.

If you have any information about this gentleman (other than his "secretly talking to Israel"--which was reported by Haa'retz), please share.

I have to make it clear that I AGREE with Iran's government's stance, to NOT TRUST Russia and France about their commitment to providing Iran with nuclear fuel. I think the compromise of keeping the fuel on an Iranian Island, in possession and under surveillance of the IAEA, was a great one. Iran has also agreed to send away some of its uranium, but not all of it; and that exchange be done on Iranian soil--to be sure the replacement (20% enriched uranium) IS delivered to Iran before they export theirs (5% enriched uranium). Considering that El Baradei HAS pulled the rug from under Iranian negotiations BEFORE, leaving Khatami's administration (the reformists that Ahmadinejadists have been trying to get rid of) in cold, I cannot trust him--despite all his apparent "defense" of Iran's right to nuclear energy. The 5+1 is treating Iran in the same way that the Iranian regime is treating its citizens; assume guilty unless proven otherwise! And this is why I am finding it so hard to blog these days ... as an Iranian, I feel caught between TWO enemies: my government, and the 5+1+Israel!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mohammad Mokhtari: Martyr of Words

This is the resume of Mohammad Mokhtari, the Iranian poet and writer, and one of the 80 victims of the rouge messianic employees of the IRI's intelligence ministry who claimed their murders justified under the "necessity" of defending the Islamic regime! His resume is rich of literary contributions; and rather free of politics. This is why his death highlights the nature of the beast that is running Iran today.

Translated from his official website.

1942 Birth in Mashhad
1969 Honor graduate of Persian Literature
1969-71 Military service
1971 Joined the Foundation of Ferdowsi's Epic of Kings
1972 Married thw painter, Maryam Hosseinzadeh (two sons, Sohrab & Siyavash)
1976 Published three poetry books (Dar Vahm-e Sandbad-in Sinbad's illusion; Ghasidehaye Haviyeh--Ballad of Haviye; and Bar Shaneh Falat--on the shoulder of the plateau.)
1967-79 Publishing poems in magazines Negin and Ferdowsi
1979-80 Published poetry collection She're 57--Poetry of 1979; Taught in Dramatic Arts of Tehran University; collaborated in publication of Literature collection Bidaaran.
1980-81 Editor of Kanoon-e Nevisandegan-e Iran; collaborated with Shamloo on Ketab-e Jom'eh; Edited poetry collection Bahar & Vaghe'eh--Spring and Event--which was destroyed at the time of his imprisonment in this year. In this year, he was prohibited from holding any governmental jobs--that includes academia.
1981-84 Composed poetry collection She're Zendan--Prison Poetry, which he had to memorize because he was denied pen and paper. These poems are still unpublished, except for a handful published in Karnameh magazine. During his imprisonment, his name was removed from the publications of research on Ferdowsi's Story of Siyavash.
1985-87 Composed Manzooneh Irani--Iranian Rhymes.
1986-89 Joined the editorial of the magazine Donyaye Sokhan; Composed and edited poetry collection of Khiyaban-e Bozorg--The big Street; Published Hemaseh Dar Ramz O Raze Meli--Epic of the mystery and secret of nation; and Ostooreh Zaal--Paradox and Unity in National Epic.
1992 Joined the editorial staff of magazine Takapoo; Edited the anthology of 70 years of Iranian contemporary love poems; published Zadeh Ezteraabe Jahan--Born in Global Anxiety (translation of 150 poems from 12 European poets)
1993 Published literature criticism Ensan dar She're ma'aaser--Man in Modern Poetry
1994 Published translation of Tsvetaeva's biography.
1992-95 Composed Majmooeh Vazne Donya
1995 Spent 9 months in Canada and the US and gave lecture series on Persian literature. Published Barge Goft O Shenid--a page of conversation in Canada.
1996 Published the biography of Akhmatova
1997 Published the biography of Mayakovsky; and the biography of Mandelstam; started preparing several anthologies of Iranian contemporary poets.
1998 December 2nd; kidnapped and brutally killed by operators of the political faction from whom Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was appointed to power.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

One Case, Two Murders: Niloofar Beizaie remembers Dariush and Parvaneh Forouhar

Tomorrow is the 11th anniversary of the brutal slaying of Dariush and Parvaneg Forouhar. Dariush Forouhar, a Mosaddeghist, Minister of Labour in the provisional government after 1979 revolution, and the leader of The Nation Party at the time of his assassination (22 Nov 1998), was confronted at his house by 18 fundamentalist renegades of the Intelligence Ministry (During the reformist government of Khatami). They entered the house to investigate the case of a theft involving their car. Then, they separated Dariush and his wife Parvaneh, and stabbed them to death! The killers, who were later interrogated, but never prosecuted, considered themselves the "obedient soldiers of Valiye Faghih (i.e. Khamenei); that carried out orders to eliminate these blasphemous enemies" thus claimed "innocence" ... The religious fatwas for elimination of these political opponents were issued by some of the most stern supporters of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: Mesbah Yazdi; Jannati; Khaz'ali and via Mohseni Ejeh-i to Ali Fallahian (all mullahs!) ... Accounts of interrogations of this murder (as one case from the chain murders of Iranian writers and intellectuals) were made available by Khatami's ministry of intelligence that admitted to the involvement of its employees. However under pressure Khatami could not see the case through to thorough justice. Although those responsible for the killing were known, their sentence was commuted by a judiciary system that kills teenagers for accidental crimes they commited in self defense. A key witness by the name of Sayeed Emami was killed in prison, and his death blamed on suicide!

The play below that was staged in Germany (Frankfurt) on Nov 1, 2009 is an enactment of Foruhar's murder case. It was directed by Niloofar Beyzaie.

Persian Chicks Goin' International: Laleh PourKarim

I was listening to Radio and heard this song (Live Tomorrow), which struck a cord with my mood of the day; and then I realized the singer is Iranian (by birth). Laleh Pour-Karim is my new find. Potentially, she can become my Tori Amos! (as I am slightly bored with Tori)

Here's Laleh's official web site.

See other Iranian-Swede ladies introduced on this blog before.

The lesson of strength Roxana Saberi learned from women in the Iranian prison

Friday, November 20, 2009

Before "Neda"; Iran's female icon of resistance was born 193 years ago

Tahere Ghoratol-Eyn; born Zarin-Taj Ghazvini.

She was born in 1816; to a religious family where the father and grandfather were high-priests, with traditional respect and power bestowed on Iran's priests, for they were the systematically schooled ones; before the Quajars embarked on importing Western modernity to Iran, slowly shifting the Iranian education system from theoretical to practical, from theological to pragmatic.

She was "killed" at the age of 36 (1852); arrested for blasphemy and executed by the torturers of the Iranian court, by suffocation. She was not hanged. The executioners of Mahmud Khan the sheriff stuffed her mouth with cloth, chocking her to death and dumping her body in a well.

Tahereh was a poet--a published woman; a rarity for women in those days, when the Oxford colleges did not even tolerate cleaning women entering through the main enterance of the Gentleman's campus.

Tahere was BEAUTIFUL, and anecdotes suggest the king had an eye for her; but she refused joining Nasereddin's shah's Heram; she was an intellectual to the core.

Tahereh was well versed in texts and theories of Islam. A truly "academic" woman, perhaps the first of her kind, to separate from her husband over academic disagreements, and move to Iraq, at the age of 29, to pursue her research and education in presence of Seyed Kazem Rashti. (Here, I am not interested in, or going to discuss the religious sects to which she was connected; for they are irrelevant to the topic.)

Tahereh's biggest challenge to the religious patriarchy was to be so highly educated in religious matters and YET shock the gentleman's establishment, who had accepted her because of her high intellect, by unveiling herself in their presence (in 1848). The shock was particularly grand BECAUSE of Tahereh's high honors in religious sciences, that had elevated her to a quasi-saint state. On the day she became the first woman to publicly unveil, she called for celebration of the moment of liberation from the chains and restrictions of the past. She wasn't executed for her unveiling, of course. After all, the Quajars were not religious monarchs, but "modernist" ones; they brought to Iran Cinema, Gramaphone, and technical university (dar ol fonoon). They tolerated Tahereh and her followers until Babis, to whose movement she belonged in a leading role, rebelled and planned an assassination of the King (Naser al'ddin Shah) a few years later. It is then that executions of the Babis began, and Tahereh was amongst the "dangerous blasphemous" to go. Of course, religious in Iran is, and has always been, a political tool; excuse if you will, to oppress the other at will. Proof for Tahereh's blasphemy was abundant: she called for equality of men and women!

Listen to one of her poems in Persian:

A Beauty Mark - Sahba Motallebi

Endnote: poem link from this weblog (Persian).
And here, a nice essay by Niloofar Baizai (Persian).

Moving on

This was on the sidebar of Neo-Resistance since the beginning of Ahmadinejad's Coup D'etat.
I am now going to move on from this topic and start, again, looking for gems or stems under rocks or shadows.

Four years ago, I blogged to counter neo-Conservative's propaganda machine and open a window to the full half of Iran's glass. Today, I blog because the actions of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad during and after the election have left little doubt in my mind that he seeks a fascist state. I oppose any military action or economic sanction against Iran. We must press Iran on its human rights record. The nuclear issue is a red herring.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

To all those who feel eternal victims of British plot

Some Anonymous visitor of my blog has left me an interesting link: The Corruption Perception Index. (CLick here to see the interactive map; the larger the number, the lower the perception of corruption-ranked index.)

Interestingly, this person also seems to blame the British for all perils of the world. For example, he started by commenting about how Khomeni's father was a Brit; and hence all the misery that ensued! The likes of him visiting my blog are common; and luckily they get bored after a couple of reject-ions. But this person left me a link to this map to illustrate how UAE's corruption index ranking (30) was lower than Israel (32) and Italy (68) and Iran (168).

Because of this person's I-am-a-victim-of-British-evil mentality; I started looking at the ranking of some British Colonies:
New Zealand 1
Singapore 3
Australia 8
Canada 8
Hong Kong 12
Ireland 14
UK 17
USA 18
Cyprus 27

It's an interesting map! But I hope the Anonymous commenter will take home the message that It is not the Brits who are responsible for all evil in the world. The sooner the Middle Easterners STOP their victim mentality, the sooner peace and prosperity will come to them.

Monday, November 16, 2009

IRNA reports: the out-closeted Ahmadinejad's First Lady is an "engineer"!

So her name is: A'zam OlSadate Farahi; and she is referred to as 'mohandes' Farahi; meaning that she is an engineer. Let's see what IRNA has to brag about:

They start the report by bragging about the "hot" treatment Italian press has given her appearnace in rome. First, they cite the coverage the RIGHT WING paper LaStampa has given Iran's First Lady: that she is a mechanical engineer and mother of two. Apparently she has delivered a letter from Ahmadinejad to the Italian government [Perhaps seeking their advise on ow to become a corrupt and industrially successful religiously crazed post-fascist society :) ]. According to IRNA, citing the Italian report, Farahi has spoken "energetically", but refusing to go to the podium. [From what I saw, she seemed to be reading very timidly and like a school child!] According to IRNA quoting the Italian right wing paper, she has spoken about how Iran can serve as model, that under religious guidance and traditions, has a higher immunity to hunger problems elsewhere. [True, Islamic culture is very food-friendly and has several guidelines for ensuring your neighbors are not hungry. People HAPPILY share food; and in fact to not share food is considered RUDE and repulsive. When I fist came to the West, I was shocked by the idea of pot-lock party; eat your own sandwich, pay for your own food culture.]

IRNA also quotes from Courier della Serra: "surprising appearance of the first veiled First Lady in Rome, where people are used to fashionable world First Ladies."

Then IRNA's report becomes hilarious, talking about how Italians have written that Farahi is a symbol of Iranian women, in a country where Marziye Dastgerdi can become a minister; that she is not just a shadw of her husband but a "political" personality because she has an engineering degree [I keep thinking about all fake PhDs Ahmadinejad's cronies had]; and then the bomb quotation from the Italian paper: "In Iran, 60% of university students are female, and Shirin Ebadi, the winner of Nobel Peace Prize is another symbol of this complex society". [so this citation makes me think: What the hell? IRNA and Iranian government have been harassing and threatening Ebadi for YEARS; and her life's under threat, now they are citing Italian press talking about her as a SYMBOL and equating Ahmadinejad's servant to Ebadi, who stands on podiums of the world to decry IRI's crimes?!!]

So, what has this "independent political figure with an engineering degree" has said? According to IRNA (citing the wife of Rome's mayor, Isabella Rauti) Mrs Farahi spoke 5 minutes which seemed within the framework of the summit's agenda; and in her speech she said that her husband has taken steps to help women claim their rights! Citing the Italian official news agency (ANSA): Farahi has said that Iran is piloting a project that strongly supports breast-feeding and within-family cooperations. She has emphasized women's rights and has stated that the husbands must guarantee food, clothing and housing for their wives.

(news code on IRNA 793603)

======= Thanks to Parvati, here's what the Italian Press has had to say About Ahmadinejad's wife.

LaStampa Headline: FAO - first ladies in Rome. Ahmadinejad's wife.
A short text and a few pictures of different first ladies including Ahmadinejad's wife with the following caption:

"Lady Ahmadinejad.
Mme Ahmadinejad during the summit of the First Ladies of the Non-Aligned Nations at the headquarters of the FAO (Food and Agricultural Organisation of the UN) on 15th November 2009 in Roma.

The wife of the Iranian president, in black chador and fumè glasses, launched an appeal to have food and medicines guaranteed in the Gaza Strip, then proposed Iran's example for food security in families and attacked «the mercantilist attitude to the exploitation of resources and the policy of occupation and arms-racing», declaring it responsible for poverty and hunger in the world.

Italian quasi-official press agency ADN-KRONOS:


Rome, 15 nov. (Adnkronos) - Signora Ahmadinejad, wife of the Iranian president, is in Rome to participate in the second summit of the first ladies of the Non-Aligned Nations movement which opened this afternoon at Fao. Mrs. Ahmadinejad, in dark glasses and black chador, is seated between the representative of Namibia and the empty chair of the Iraqi delegation. Since her husband was first elected president in 2005 Mrs. Ahmadinejad, who has a degree in engineering, three children and a very conservative political stance, had never before appeared on public occasions on her own.

3-line headline from big centre-rightish daily "il Corriere"
  • Iranian political refugees in Italia protest: «the government should send her away»
  • Ahmadinejad's wife to the first ladies «Capitalism is the cause of poverty»
  • First public speech by Azam al-Sadat Farahi at the FAO summit, completely covered by a black chador

Thursday, November 12, 2009

So ... they started it with execution of a Kurdish prisoner


Shame on IRI ... SHAME ...

Ehsan Fatahian becomes the FIRST political prisoner executed after Ahmadinejad's Coup D'etat

Read more on it in

You know my stance on nuclear issue; now here's my take on minority issues:

1) My heartfelt condolences and solidarity with all my Kurdish and Baluchi friends and fellow countrymen. In their plight for equal rights I stand with them.

2) The charges of Kurdish or Baluchi separatism ARE RED HERRING TOO. As far as I know, the kurdish and Balushi activists are not seeking sectarian divide; just a little recognition of their rights; and a little attention from the central government that is WASTING away the wealth of that country, keeping these marginalized, border-dwelling people DEPRIVED of not only right to educate and develop in their own languages; but also of the slightest economic development that can assist them change their own human condition.

3) I CONDEMN any form of violence against ANY minority or faction who chooses to not belong to another country. Frankly, with this latest crime against the Kurds, I don't know why they should care to stay under the Iranian flag.

4) As a member of the Persian/Shiite majority of my country am UTTERLY ASHAMED of the crimes committed against the minorities of my country.


Saturday, November 7, 2009


Clip from Dar Emtedaade Shab, 1978 (Along the night) ... things that led to the Islamic Republic of Iran ... pity! She, Faegheh Atashin, known as Googoosh, was/is a great star. I didn't know pre-revolutionary Iranian film had this much flesh! Here's her official web site with lots of cool pictures.

And this is for Iran, now, ... She still sounds GREAT after 30 years!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

No; Khamenei's savagery is getting worse ...

In this video, people are chanting in support of Karoubi, and then he gets out of the car.

In this video See Khamenei's savage guards:

So my earlier hypothesis is REJECTED! These savages have totally lost it ...

But here is the spirit of hope and courage:

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

On the eve of 13 Aban Rally: Ayatollah Montazeri apologizes for the event of taking the American diplomats hostage.

13 Aban; November 4th, anniversary of the "Hostage Crisis"; Day of "daneshjoo" (student); people are preparing for it on their roofs:

Ayatollah Montazeri has issued a statement in response to inquiries of his followers, in which he regrets the price Iran has had to pay for the hostage taking event, and the dive that Iran has taken in America's public opinion. He states: "A country's embassy is part of its soil. To occupy the embassy of a country that is not at war with us, is a declaration of war. It is wrong. Many of the young students who were involved in the event have also now recognized that it was wrong." (an example is Mohsen Makhmalbaf, who has issued an official apology for raiding the American embassy in November 1980. This statement by Montazeri is the closest to an apology ever issued by any of Iran's "revolutionaries". Here, he explicitly states that at the time he was behind Khomeini on this (as they feared, or were led to believe that the US was planning another 1953-style coup d'etat in its embassy), but that he now regrets that.

In response to other questions about Iran's relation with China and Russia vis a vis the West, Montazeri has also criticized the Iranian government's blind trust in Russia; and its blanket distrust of America. Montazeri has also mentioned the role of Israel and the Israel Lobby in the US representative bodies, to compromise the prospects of resuming diplomatic relations between Iran and the US. (This is TRUE. The carrots and sticks strategy has never and will never work with Iran. And I am afraid, I will have to agree with that Khamenei that Americans have not been smart to pass "sanction-if" resolutions while waiting for Iran's response! That move has jeopardized ALL trust, putting Ahmadinejad in a really IMPOSSIBLE corner to bend to their demands. And today, Angela Merkel has just made it even worse. What kind of logic governs America baffles me! It sometimes mirror the logic of Iran's worst fanatics.

Coinciding with this, one of the reformist parties has issued a warning based on rumors that in tomorrow's rally, some (on the fascists' side) might conspire an attack on some embassies [I presume China and Russia, although it is not specified] and then to blame it on the reformist greens. This organization is stressing the necessity of remaining peaceful and not reacting to the provocations of the fascist forces of Basij and Sepah. Of course, there is plenty of evidence for the government's explicit intention to AGITATE the anti-Ahmadinejad forces. There is not a day that some ex-IRGC commander or Ahmadinejad minister does not give a speech in some Iranian university. (These events are often attended by and spiced up with vocal and creative forms of reformist student's protest. However, the government's efforts to frustrate the protesters into violence has so far failed).

These young kids must be commended for their restraint.

The commander in charge of Tehran security has issued a statement that the only authorized rally will take place in front of America's embassy. Interestingly, the leaders of both sides (i.e reformist leaders like Mousavi & Karoubi) and coup d'etat IRGC government have been all encouraging tomorrow's rally. I suspect, that in line with the recent show of "mathematics gold Olympian criticized Khamenei in his face and was not killed or arrested"; tomorrows rally, and perhaps the Greens' slogans in criticism of Ahmadinejad or Khamenei will be tolerate; perhaps a nod in the direction of national unity and reconciliation, that despite all tough words, the leaders of Iran on BOTH sides need and wish for.

We shall see ...

Tehran will no longer be the capital; and this is a good thing.

The idea to move Iran's capital from Tehran is not new. Teran is the largest city oft the Middle East, with a day-time population of over 12 million, ranks 16th on the list of the most crowded cities of the world. Tehran has an archaeological history that dates back to 6000 BC; but most of its fame and fortune comes as the Qajar monarch, the brutal Agha Mohammad Khan-e Ghajar, declared it capital in 1795. At that time, Tehran was just a village, but on the skirt of beautiful mountains, with one of the most heavenly waters of earth. (On wikipedia, you can get an overview of the city, old and new.) To the epicureans that Quajars were, Tehran served plenty of pleasure.

In one of the latest meetings of the expediency council (headed by Hashemi Rafsanjani), the 20-years long plan to move Iran's capital from Tehran was put on track. The summary of the issues discussed and resolutions passing through the Expediency Council's is as follows (Persian here): (please note that no where on their web site could I find and EXPLICIT news about the Tehran-move. If you see it, please hint to me).

  1. Choosing suitable locations for balanced distribution of residential and business quarters in a manner consistent with economic, social, political, cultural, security and defense considerations.
  2. National and provincial developmental undertakings in border regions, via economic incentives; strengthening the infrastructure, suitable population distribution and strengthening the security and defense forces with regards to threats. [don't say from whom!]
  3. Reorganization of service industries, and population distribution with considerations for management of natural disasters, accidents, water resources and respecting the geological conditions, in order to increase the safety index of vital and essential infrastructure in population centers, cities and villages.
  4. strengthening cooperation, national unity and social bonds by increasing the level of development (towse'eh) across the country by creating poles and centers for development(towse'eh).
  5. Transferring the political centers of the city to suitable locations to improve and correct the population distribution across the country to the end of projection [doesn't say WHICH projection!]
  6. Balanced development of villages and small towns to prevent uncontrolled migration to provincial capitals.
ُThis, translated to "human" language, means:
  • Tehran is built on a disaster time bomb (many new housing developments have taken place on ticking fault lines; against the unequivocal objection of Iranian geologists and urban planners--corruption and violation of expert regulations are so grave that top notch urban planners are quitting their profession in disgust and depression--not to forget Kian Tajbakhsh, the Iranian American urban planner who has received a 12 year prison sentence!!).
  • Tehran is a political time bomb, with its various universities and high concentration of cultural and educational institutes posing a great threat to the adjacently located IRI's administration (Literally! Iran's important ministries are situated side by side Tehran's most vocal and political universities: e.g. Oil ministry shares the neighborhood with Tehran Poly Technique (Amir Kabir) and State ministry with Tehran University).
It is estimated (professionally and since 20 years ago) that moving the political and administrative centers from Tehran will at least help a daily reduction of one million people. It will also put a distance between the financial and political districts, that will hopefully reduce corruption. And on the brightest side, it will help Tehran's notorious pollution and hopefully prevent the environmental disasters following massive housing projects (undertaken by Mr Ahmadinejad) with no regards for the designated green zones (or even the historical sites).

I am all for moving the capital from Tehran; who wants to live near corrupt or boring bureaucrats? However, in Iran the government has its hands in EVERY single detail of private, public, economic, and social life (a dependency to which the Iranian people are well accustomed--thanks to dependency on oil-revenues). Therefore, whatever location the capital is going to be, it will need proper communication and transportation infrastructure that will make the the intricate individual/governmental interactions efficient. Let's hope that this will indeed meet the projections of the experts to generate 600,000 new jobs over the next five years; slow down the wave of migration to Tehran; scale down the magnitude of the disaster in waiting, and improve the suffocating smog and traffic problems.

I will be watching with interest where this leads to.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Sarmayeh Newspaper: BANNED ...

This is the newspaper that I often cited. "Sarmayeh" in Persian means "Capital" or "Assets", therefore it was a newspaper focusing on the economy! In recent months, after speaking about Mousavi and Karoubi was "forbidden", Sarmayeh was again focusing on the economy; often providing detailed reports of irregularities in IRGC's economic practice and participation!

There goes another source ... below a snap shot of their headlines today. With everyone of these newspapers going offline, I feel like loosing a friend. Imagine a world when you wake up knowing your favorite newspaper will never be delivered to your door again ... the IRI is loosing the very last particles of its legitimacy ... COWARD CRIMINALS.