Saturday, April 30, 2011

For all writers of my country, who have died for our future.

تو بالای کوهی
از آن عرش سنگین
صدایم کن آوای آزاد
(صدای مرا قرنها دره ها در ربودند و من از سکوت سخن شرم دارم)
تو نزدیک هوری
از آن نور زرین مرا آفتابی کن ای خفته بیدار
مرا دیر بازیست
در چادر شب
به دوری ز خورشید محکوم کردند
بدون ستاره
پر از خواب خرگوش
تو بر بال ابری
از آن اوج آبی مرا قطره ای بخش
که خود را بشویم
و گلبرگهای من از تب نمیرند

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Checking in!

Haven't got anything to say. My country is not very interesting these days. And I have more important things to do; that will bring me international fame and fortune without any relevance to Iran. To be honest, I have stopped even following the Iranian news, but if you want a synopsis:

It's a HILARiOUS macabre! I'm not gonna bother with why the child-birthing organs of our supreme leader are the hottest topic of debate, after an important cleric exposed them anecdotally in a DUMB attempt to sanctify Khamenei. Read and search them elsewhere, with keywords like "ya Ali" probably.

But I am planning to take photography more seriously, for as long as the Iranian-affairs remain uninteresting. Pity I can't go to Iran to take pictures of the flora, fauna, farmers, factories, funs, funerals and fanatics!

Oh, speaking of photography ... did you know Kaveh Golestan?