Monday, February 28, 2011

Wishful Thinking

Mousavi and Karoubi are under arrent and are transfered to Heshmatiyeh prison (A prison in Shargh of Tehran, in a miltary complex tat was established during Shah, and wish is in the same "complex" as teh Revolution Court is). That's what the heavy artillery in Tehran streets meant. That's what the appearance of the minister of intelligence on TV meant. He really had no evidence against the 'crimes' of these men. They have been digging and digging to find 'dirt' on them and have not. So they abducted them. And then said: It's the orders of the supreme leader!

Last week, when the rumors of their arrest was taking a more serious tone, Ayatollah Montazeri's son wrote a public letter to Khamenei and asked him to hold a 'friendly' meeting with Mousavi, Karoubi, Khatami, and Hashemi to discuss matters in the spirit of old days when they were all colleagues. After all, these five men were the pillars on which the Islamic republic of Iran stood for over 25 years; before the virus, Ahmadinejad took over.

Also, Ali Motahari made a public suggestion that the state television should invite Mousavi and Karoubi and give them a chance to explain themselves and express their concerns to the people.

Since two days ago, more and more religious leaders have come out to condemn the house arrest of these men; and a total black out in their homes: not only the lights of their houses have been off, but also their children are in absolute dark about the fate of their parents. Ayatollahs Dastgheyb, Bayat Zanjani, and Sane'i, all "grand Ayatollahs" with their own followers have condemned the illegal detention of the these men and their spouses.

Iranians have pledged to pour out in the streets and protest the illegal and unexplained abduction of their leaders.

On the other hand, pressures on Hashemi have been increasing.

Last week his daughter came under attack by thugs who shouted at her, called her a whore, a bastard and pledged to rape her! (Yes, these are the men of the Islamic Republic we are talking about--and no, they are not the ones hired from Lebanon Hezbollah. Those just beat and take pictures. If this happens to a private citizen like me, the IRI security forces have the right to arrest the man shouting such obscenities. In fact,. they have a lot of patrols to make sure such men do not harass women. However, when this happens to teh daughter of Hashemi, the attorney general states that "persecution of the individuals needs Ms Hashemi to file an official complaint!".

Hashemi's candidacy to run for the head of The Assembly of Experts (a body that is in charge of watching over the supreme leader's "justice to rule') has also come under attack. Reportedly, 60 members of the Assembly have signed a petition for Mahdavi Kani to run for the position. Despite pressure, Hashemi has not back tracked and has maintained that it is his duty and obligation to the country and the Revolution to run and serve in the assembly.

However, poor Hashemi is getting it from both sides!

While under pressure ( I mean belligerent threats that either condemn before next week or await a similar fate) from hardliners (who had already detained Mousavi and Karoubi), Hashemi condemned the Feb 14 unrest. It was a mild condemnation but it didn't take the Greens to come out in mass and express dismay and hatred for him. Someone wrote: The extremists on both sides give Hashemi Shit while inviting him to join their camp!. However he has so far maintained his independence from both camps, a strategy, that in my opinion is right.

Already, a large number of Greens hate Hashemi; and Hashemi is well aware of that the hatred of the populist bases of Ahmadinejad is fueled by his personal wealth, and by never proven allegations of the corruption of his sons. So, if he sided with the Greens, in my view he will have damaged them more than keeping a distance with them. However, Hashemi has never back-tracked from the position he announced upon the start of the mayhem.

With that overview, what is my wishful thinking?

Well, only that they are not going to kill them or slit their throats as the thugs had promised. Ironically, the conservatives admitted that Mousavi, Karoubi and their wives (a doctor and a university professor) have been "moved to a safe house outside Tehran", implying that their staying out of prison was "unsafe" for them!!! Of course, it is not because the state is worried about these "mohareb"s (combatants against the regime) getting killed. One of their idiots in charge had admitted that they were taken in a safe house because the green movement was looking for their martyrdom to find extra excuse for rebellion!!!

Have they killed them already? Are the reports of their bloody bodies dragged into the prison and moving Karoubi in a body bag in the trunck of a car true?I hope not.

Would Khamenei meet with these men in private? Will he make deals and concessions with them? Everytime the regime takes a "carrot" posture after a sticky one, they bring up the prosecution of Ghazi Mortazavi, the corrupt judge responsible for the rapes and killings in Kahrizak. Would Khamenei STOP this madness ... will he stop this madness ... this madness ...

I guess I am thinking wishfully ...

Update: Tehran is on rooftops with Allah o Akbar; and Fars News is denying the arrests, although it was the attorney General, Mohseni Ejehi (the man who bit a journalist, Eesa Saharkhiz, in the parliament, literally with his teeth!!)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Islamic Japan or Islamic North Korea?

In a recent article, Seyed Mostafa Tajzadeh, argues that despite the election promises by the totalitarian wing of the regime, expressed by the right-winger Haddad Adel, the mismanagement of Ahmadinejad's extremist administration, corruption, meddling of the armed forces in the election and the atmosphere of detention and oppression after the election, has diminished Iran's international credibility in foreign policy and public perception. He warns that if the current pace of events continues, Iran will be increasingly approaching a North Korean model.

In the introduction of this article, Tajzadeh draws attention to a passionate letter he wrote last year, apologizing to Iranians for having been part of the power structure that had swept under the rug the dangers of extremism and intolerance lurking in layers of post revolution structures. (here's that letter in Persian and here's a synopsis in English).

That letter got him in trouble and he writes that his interrogators took the letter as a sign of mental illness of Tajzadeh and his reformist friends, advising them to seek treatment: "You and your ilk have taken the American threat all these years so serious that you need an Urologist." [!]

Tajzadeh, of course, takes pride in his party's approach to taking the American threats serious, and the initiation of the "Dialogue of civilizations" that would simultaneously promote Iran's development and keep the American threat at bay.

Instead, the Ahmadinejad's camp have on the one hand undermined the seriousness of the American threat, have undertaken adventurist approaches, have militarized every detail of the nation's affairs and thus have rendered the government inefficient, and have given priority to violation of the civil rights of the Iranians. This, for the reformists is an irresponsible act that has jeopardized the independence, integrity, national interest, national security and national growth.

Tajzadeh argues that the conservatives in Iran have proven in action that they do not consider the American government to be their enemy, rather the democracy in Iran (he will later explain the rationale behind this democracy-phobia in parallel to North Korea's). He draws attention to the failure of calculations of the conservatives: they had bet that American sanctions would not happen; they did. They had bet that the nuclear dossier would not be sent to the security council, it was. That the sanctions will not have any effect, but the lower income Iranians have been carrying the burden. Further, they (conservatives) had to bribe Turkey and Brazil with an indefensible contract to prevent the passage of the recent resolution (something that even the interrogators could not defend).

Tajzadeh then draw attention to how it is the recent violation of the human rights in Iran that is making the American threats particularly dangerous. He cites a poll by PEW, showing the 'growth' of unpopularity of Iran in public opinions (see picture below, I am not sure if this is the poll he is referring to, though); and draw attention to how General Petraeus had once told Fareed Zakaria that Ahmadinejad was the best recruiter of forces in their [neoconservative/pro-Israeli, pro-Saudi] camp. (see the video below, the phrase is at minute 6:58.)

To support his argument that Iran is turning into a North Korea, he reminds that the North Korean model is one that emphasizes absolute political independence, economic self-sufficiency and military self-reliance; a system which enforces itself by its rulers repeatedly warning of external threats, and thus tolerates the rule of only one party, as diversity will make the country vulnerable. Although the goal of 'liberating the Southern half" from American occupation is the ultimate dream, North Koreans blame their failure to match South Korea in economic growth on the conspiracy and espionage of the Imperialists, on the internal opposition to socialism and on imperialist infiltrators who want to break up the system. In North Korea, freedom does not apply to individuals, but to a country in terms of its independence and it can only be achieved under a one-party rule.

Tajzadeh notes that despite the religious slogans, the rest of the state propaganda considers nuclear technology the "only" achievement of the Islamic republic, and any criticism is responded to as an act of treason, animosity , conspiracy and Zionism! Tajzadeh reminds that North Korea has made significantly more 'advances' in the nuclear and space technology than Iran has, but it has also been proportionally more oppressive in categorizing its populate to 'friend', 'enemy' and 'infiltrator'!!!

So why am I bothering with summarizing this article?

First, because it opens a little window into what this whole brutality in Iran is really about; why the reformists and the conservatives are in this bloody dog fight. I believe this makes the outsiders better appreciate the difference between the current rulers of Iran and the previous ones who are now all in prison; or kidnapped!!!

Secondly, I think it is important to recognize that the Iranian regime is deadly serious about its paranoia about the surrounding enemies. Listening to Petraeus video makes it clear why they should worry. But it also makes you realize why many Iranians are worried that Ahmadinejad is in fact the one who is endangering Iran.

And third, keep in mind that the notion of Islamic Japan is a promise that despite all sanctions and economic stagnations make Iranians work towards becoming a developing country. In the mind of the current leaders of Iran, nuclear technology is what will keep international pressure away, give Iran bargaining power, and help it become India or China, if not Japan!

Even as we watch nervously the dangerous direction our country is heading at, we are investing, we are building, we are buying. Truth is, Iranians by and large do not respect any of their governments. The country in some ways is an anarchist state! Look at what just happened: two statesmen have gone missing, and no one bothers to do anything about it. I do have some 'optimist' suspicions and some theories about what may be happening behind the scenes; but because I have been so WRONG in everything I have hoped this regime may do resembling 'right', I keep my thoughts to myself until a clearer picture emerges.

It's amazing the tendency human has fro inventing hope.

State Terrorism

Well, Iran is a country that has a constitution; according to which: All people of Iran, whatever the ethnic group or tribe to which they belong, enjoy equal rights; color, race, language, and the like, do not bestow any privilege.[art 19]; All citizens of the country, both men and women, equally enjoy the protection of the law and enjoy all human, political, economic, social, and cultural rights, in conformity with Islamic criteria [art. 20] The dignity, life, property, rights, residence, and occupation of the individual are inviolate, except in cases sanctioned by law.[art. 22]
and most importantly:
No one may be arrested except by the order and in accordance with the procedure laid down by law. In case of arrest, charges with the reasons for accusation must, without delay, be communicated and explained to the accused in writing, and a provisional dossier must be forwarded to the competent judicial authorities within a maximum of twenty-four hours so that the preliminaries to the trial can be completed as swiftly as possible. The violation of this article will be liable to punishment in accordance with the law.

However, after almost three weeks of vandalism and goonism, the leaders of the opposition in Iran have gone missing! No more security forced patroling their neighborhood and imprisoning them at home; the glasses of Karoubi's complex broken, the daughters of Mousavi are dead worried about their missing parentS; and the sons of Karoubi are warning that should anything happen to their parentS, they will hold the state responsible. No one is accountable, no one from the government or the judiciary is speaking about what has happened to them, no charges have been laid, no endictment issued. As my friend Pedestrian puts it, they are just earased!

For years, I have argued against the charges of the IRI being a terrorist state; but if this is not state terrorism, what is?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Bad and the Ugly

By the way, the thugs have broken into Karoubi's house, have locked him and his wife up in separate rooms, have changed the locks on their house doors; and have read a statement that they are "soldiers of Seyed Ali" (i.e. Khamenei) and that they are waiting for his signal to behead Karoubi and his wife.

"وب سایت سحام نیوز حمله کنندگان به منزل مسکونی آقای کروبی را "اوباش حکومتی" خوانده و خبر داده است که اوباش حکومتی در پایان متنی قرائت کردند که بر اساس آن، این عملیات را بخش کوچکی از حکم جهاد آقای خامنه ای اعلام کردند. در این قطعنامه با صراحت گفته شد منتظر فرمان نهایی ایشان برای بریدن سر کروبی و همسرش از سوی رهبری هستند و آویزان کردن آنها در میادین شهر هستند."

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Have you seen anything uglier than this creature?

He is suggesting that the security forces should strongly stand up to "the hypocrites who are planning to assassinate innocent Iranians today"!!!!


So the scenario is written?

Someone is going to shoot down a few Basijis and this will give the security forces under this shit-face the justification to open fire on the rest?

Well, this scenario has been circulating around for a few days; so this is making the rumors appear a bit more real.

How can someone this UGLY and convoluted in the face be anything decent inside?!

Gotta love Karoubi's sense of humor (New Letter to the Judiciary)

Today, Feb 20, a new letter from Karoubi is published on his news site (translated below, and all exclamation marks are his.) This coincides with another effort by people to take the streets, while the officials are issuing repeated threats of blood-shed and spamming mobile phones that the protests are cancelled.

In this letter, Karoubi warns of fascism and asks the judiciary to enforce the law and keep the appearance of lawfulness by trying him in a public court.

Your honorable Ayatollah Amoly Larijani,
[short Greetings]

Unfortunately, the atrocities of previous nights, albeit with increased intensity are underway. Repeatedly, about hundred bikers and some dressed as clergy, have done all in their might to insult, harass, and disturb peace and tranquility of the neighborhood.

These individuals start their ceremony by profanities directed at the so called heads of the conspiracy (fetneh), and also at some of the ruling elite and their family member [refers to Hashemi], and end it with prayer for the long living of the supreme leader! In brief, they start with whistling and clapping and then chest beating and prayer; assuming they are serving Islam and Muslims! Interestingly, these individuals cannot wait to bring to conclusion their cultural endeavor, by breaking into the homes and murdering the inhabitants!

Head of the Judiciary,

Peace and tranquility is taken away from the neighbors and they are terribly worried and stressed. I am telling you, for the face of the government, that such behavior has surpassed Islam, Islamic republic and clergy, and I have been worried and continue to worry about this wave.

I request from you to soon and through legal channels act on the promises that The Masters [refer to the conservatives who have come out asking for Mousavi/Karoubi's persecution] have given in their speeches, and hold public trials to deliver the charges and the defense. May people learn about the truth in just and open courts.

At the end, I announce to the provocateurs of these vicious actions, that with the help of God, there is no compromise in the resolve of Mehdi Karoubi for defending the rights of the Iranian people, and I will stand by them to the last minute.

That's it. [Maybe clergy use va'l-salam to its literal meaning in Arabic, Peace; but in Iran, when we say that, it means: end of discussion; that's it; finitto ... ]

[no sign off greetings]
Mehdi Karoubi
1 Esfand 1389 [Feb 20, 2011]

Nader & Simin's Separation, winning Berlinale's Golden Bear!

Asghar Farhadi's film "The Separation of Nader and Simin" wins the top award of the International Berlin Film Festival.

Of his work, I have seen About Elly; and I found it to be great, a breath of fresh air in the Iranian Cinema genre. (see an interview with the director, in English.) His About Elly won the silver bear of Berlin festival and was the best narrative films in 2009 Tribeca.He is an up and coming director with 3 wins for The Separation of Nader and Simin in this year's Fajr film festival.

An Iranian film has won the top prize at the Berlin International Film Festival for the first time. The Golden Bear went to Asghar Farhadi's family drama "Nader and Simin: A Separation."

One of the notable things about the 2011 Berlin International Film Festival was that one of the jury members was not there. Iranian director Jafar Panahi, who is facing six years in prison and a 20-year ban on making films after falling foul of Iran's regime, was appointed as a member of this year's jury as a gesture of solidarity, even though he was unable to attend.

But one of his compatriots, Asghar Farhadi, was able to come to Berlin to present his film "Nader and Simin: A Separation," and he will be returning to Tehran satisfied -- his film reaped the festival's top prize, the Golden Bear, on Saturday evening.

It is the first time the Berlinale's Golden Bear has gone to an Iranian film. Farhadi's movie, a family drama about a couple on the verge of divorce, also won two Silver Bear for best actress and best actor, which went to the film's collective female and male ensembles, respectively. Farhadi, 38, also won a Silver Bear in 2009 for his drama "About Elly."

"I want to remind you of Jafar Panahi," Farhadi said during his acceptance speech. "I really think his problem will be solved, and I hope he will be the one standing here next year."

Given the focus on the plight of Iranian filmmakers at this year's Berlinale, the prize is likely to be interpreted as a political signal by the festival jury. Jury president Isabella Rossellini said the choice of Farhadi's film was "pretty unanimous."
Farhadi's film production had come to a halt, because of his vocal criticism of politics interfereing in the affairs of The House of Cinema. In fact all he had said was that he hoped the situation in the country would become such that Bahram Baizai (this too) would return, Amir Naderi would be able to make his films in Iran, the star of About Elly, Golshifteh Farahani [i just posted a song by her] would be able to return to Iran, and Jafar Panahi would be able to make films again.

However, he backtracked about the interpretation of his statements in order to get permit to continue his film.
It is in the eye of the world, that he stood by Panahi, again.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Conservative MP, Ali Motahari to Jannati: put both Greens and Ahmadinejadists on trial!

Ali Motahari is a conservative (else he would not be in the guardian-council-vetted parliament).

In response to the "death" orgy invitation extended by dinosaur Jannati, the head of the guardian council in the Friday prayer after Feb 14 protest, he has written a letter to Jannati; which is acknowledging how 'angry' people are and how they 'rightful'!! want to prosecute the leaders of the green movement, BUT this demand has to be carried out in courts of law and not on Jannati's decree. and at the end, he sticks it to the Ahmadinejead camp, [trying to catch his own fish from the murky waters? This is just to show you how COMPLEX the factions in Iran are.]

[Greetings, rather cold and not too ceremonial]

In the Friday prayer sermon in Tehran, you have expressed: "What the judiciary can do to the heads of the 'fetneh' [revolt] is to cut their communication with the public off; close the door of their homes, limit their outing, such that they cannot get messages; and their phone and internet must be disconnected and they be put under house arrest."

It appears, that the demands of the people for prosecution of the most effective cause of fetneh, is more logical and legal than your honor's demand, because all your orders are consequences of the prosecution of these individuals, and without processing their charges in a just court, issuing and executing such orders is not possible. The reason why people insist on prosecution of them is that until charges have not been proven as guilt, and a sentence is not issued, one cannot be harassed, imprisoned, and striped of citizen rights; otherwise punishing them for people is easy; and it is our Islamic progressiveness that has held people back.

Of course, justice requires that all who played a role in fetneh be tried, both those who claimed election fraud had taken place, and instead of following legal channels called to street protests, and those who fanned the flames by throwing accusations in presidential debates [i.e. Ahmadinejad] and broke the barrier of respect between the people and the nezam [regime], need to be tried simultaneously, even though their charges do not carry the same weight. [sucker!] In this way, the public's conscience will smell the scent of justice and fairness and gets calmed down and the source of fetneh dries up. If all this happened in the first days and months of fetneh the fiasco of Feb 14 (25 Bahman) that resulted from naivete and instrumentalization by Israel and America will not have occurred [!!!!].

It is not late yet. It is never late to carry justice.

Karoubi's neighbors complain to the State minister about harassment.

In the Name of God,

Dear Mr Najjar,
the honorable minister of State of the IRI,
with greetings

We inform that honorable official that in the past four days, between hours 1:00-3:00 am, approximately 100 men and women have been gathering in front of the residential complex in North-Dibaji, Azarmina district in front of Mr Karoubi's residence; and by shouting profanities and the absurdest and ugliest of slogans against Mr's Mousavi, Karoubi, Khatami and Hashemi, who have once been important figures in the state, have not only offended the respectable Muslim neighbors of the quartier, but have also disturbed the peace and safety of the neighborhood.

The residents of this neighborhood have filed a complainet with the police station #110; but the officers in this branch have told us that confronting these people is beyond their authority.

We, the residents of this neighborhood, have invested a fortune to register our children in private and sophisticated schools in order for them to be raised in the highest of ethical and educational environments. However, in the past few nights, unfortunately, our children have been exposed to the ugliest sexual profanities uttered by people who call themselves the soldiers of "valayat" [supreme leader]. In hours that we get ready to go to work, these night-watchers leave the area to rest.

Worse of all, the presence of a few women, with inappropriate presence, who act as chargers and provocateurs of the plainclothes persons in presence, has tarnished the image of the neighborhood. The passage of people, who after the end of the 'ceremonies' come to hook up with these women is an added problem.

Therefore, hereby, we insistingly demand from that honorable official to order that these illegal gatherings be confronted. If some officials believe such ceremonies are necessary [!], at least order these gatherings to be held during the day, or early in the evening; and to refrain from uttering sexual harassments, and prevent appearance of prostitutes in the residential area.

Wishing your health and success,
A few of the residents of the Azarmina in Farmaniyeh district
30 Bahman (19 feb) 1389(2011).

P.S. the regime is so frightened that they are erecting iron walls (literally) around Mousavi's house. His residence is in the neighborhood of the presidential office, a hospital and also the Soupreme Leader's house; and these news have just leaked out apparently by workers of the presidential office and the hospital that they are busy fortifying the neighborhood with actual walls. I think they fear people breaking in and trying to release them.

What kind of rallies the Iranian regime doesn't crack down?

Some fascist, who often tries to 'edify' blog posts that bring to attention the hypocritical facts of the IRI, has commented that the men and women in this 19 minutes video of Feb 14 protests in Iran are "bache-soosool", or "sissy & prissy, gigolos, spineless, spoiled ", and that the regime will never fall with such actions! [in other words, he belittled the bravery of the protesters in this video]

Well, after you watch this video, I show you some of the 'supporters of Mr Khamenei and Mr Ahmadinejad'

You judge yourself, what sissy-boy in the fascist mind means.

The woman is holding a sign: "Seyed Ali Khamenei, I have not seen a name more beautiful."

This is a "soosool" woman during the election campaign, sucking up to Ahmadinejad.

However, if a "soosool" woman is not holding Ahmadinejad's picture, she will be arrested by the ninja turtlette because of her 'hijab'.

Or even worse, get beaten like this into Islamic modesty! [this woman was beaten for resisting to the police who were trying to arrest her because of her incomplete Hijab, during one of Ahmadinejad's trademark initiatives: "tarh-e effat-e ejtema'i" (social piety!).]

But if someone wants to dress outside of Islamic Modesty code, they should hold Ahmadinejad's picture:

So to summarize;

If the 'rallying women' look like this:

or this: (wearing the Iranian-KKK uniform on which it's written: I give my life for the leader! Yah! Sure! Behind her, the cad reads: death to anti-velayate faghih)

Then they are safe and "respectable".

But, if they look like in the video I posted above,

or like this:

or this:

then they are "soo-sool"; they should be ashamed of themselves, and the heavily armed, and masked men are there to beat sense and shame to them so they would either grab a picture of the dictator, or home, so Mr Ahmadinejad and others can devour the country; before engulfing it in fire; while spitting nonesensical statistics that fools like the fascist who leaves comments here feel justified about holding a baton to their compatriots.

Friday, February 18, 2011

And with fear comes courage ...

This is the most amazing piece of video I have seen.

And I think when we are this scared; then this is the only option remaining for hope.

Quick explanations:
--firing garbage bins is to alleviate the burning due to tear gas.
--people are chanting:
we are children of war, fight we fight back.
down with dictator
their ammunition is over

We are Scared

The buzzword among my friends today has been "we are 'scared'! "

Mousavi and his wife have gone completely missing. Their guards are dismissed. Anyone who approaches their street is immediately surrounded by the masked-men who are residing in a van that is blocking the entrance of their home. Apparently, even the city-cleaners are from the intelligence ministry. Anyone who accesses the Pastor neighborhood is photographed and 'tagged'. Pastor is a protected zone. that is where a lot of the ruling elite of Iran live. It is not in the Trendy North; it is indeed in the heart of Tehran. It is a kind of neighborhood where there are more ominous warnings about "no photography" than there are cameras! Pastor is where Khamenei lives; where Ahmadinejad's presidential office is. Even my cool brother yelled at me once, when I took out my newly bought digital camera to snap a shot. He had been arrested there often as an art student. He could not risk a Western-dwelling sister in the hands of the huge scary men who had frightened him in the basement of some obscure building, making him promise that he will never make a mistake. (He joked about the letter he was forced to sign, and called himself a saint after having given that guarantee.)

Yes, Mousavi and his wife are missing. Their daughters are worried. They are worried about the food their parents are fed. The IRI torturers are infamous for 'drugging' their prisoners: psychoactive drugs, or blood thinners that lead to little microinfarcts, or maybe even heart attacks. It is somewhat concerning how almost every political prisoner in their jail has had a cardiovascular or psychotic attack.

Men of politics, men who have fought in wars and who have been in the trenches of the IRI battles, men who have led unions and human right groups, and women who have started the 1 million signature campaign are not, as we Persians say, willows that tremble with such winds like prison and persecution. We are all baffled why so many of them are chained to hospital beds after infarcts. Is is extreme psychological stress that is messing up their system, or is it intoxication KGB style?

Mousavi and his wife are missing, totally missing, and no one is accountable: neither the judiciary, nor the security forces, not even the intelligence ministry.

The worry over their detention or death grows, and so does the anger and passion that boils in the hearts of many a young Iranian who no longer have much to lose, who no longer have a leader to taper their anger and advise them to calm. So the critical question is:

Does the anger of these young men and women who are pushed to a corner frighten the IRI?

The answer is yes. And no.

Yesterday, Mehdi Khazali, a conservative son of a conservative cleric, wrote his observation of the savagery of the IRI thugs among the protesters and bystanders. He wrote how people chanted "down with dictator" at him (because he wears a beard); and how Basiji teenagers mistook him for one of their commanders (because of his beard) and ran to him for crack down orders. He also wrote about how people tried to help each other, how the thugs were covering their faces as if frightened by what was to befall them.

What kind of a security force covers their face? Is Iran run by the likes of KKK? The answer is yes.

But then if the anger of the Iranians frightens these masked goons, then would they back off to prevent it?

My answer is no; because they NEED radicalization to crack down harder.

In the past 24 hours, I have been hearing many a rumor about "bombings" in the Friday prayer. thank god the prayer is over without any bombing.

Yesterday, a silly boy that I know was posting messages about "courageous Kurds who have pledged to avenge the death of Jaleh Sane' and are going to bomb the Friday prayer." (You can be sure that I gave him a not so uncertain piece of my mind. The stupid kid is spreading stupid falsehoods from the comfort of his Milan home! But who was behind such rumors? Certainly, the Kurdish militants are not going to announce their battle tactics beforehand.

But today, another interesting piece started circulating the social networks. A warning! That a conspiracy was drafted in the IRGC 'think' rooms; that assassinate several 'mild' Basijis across the country, to make it look like there was an organized terrorist endeavor by the two official armed oppositions: MKO, and Komoleh. The warning, perhaps another rumor, rang of an ominous truth. This will not have been the first time the IRI would have attempted to trigger 'terrorism' in Iran.

Yesterday, they stole Sane' Jaleh's body, announced he was a Basiji martyr, showed 'proof' that he was a spy FOR the IRI, and then arrested his brother who refute the accusations, and then occupied their house in the small Kurdish city of Paveh, holding a mock funeral attended by strange men and women unknown to the locals, men and women carrying "death to Mousavi" signs!!

Today, they confirmed the death penalty of yet another Kurdish activist. I have lost count of how many Kurds they have killed in the past few months. I have asked my Kurdish friends to compile a list for me and when they do I will publish it. But kurd-killing is the cheapest scare-crow they can erect! It is easy to kill people who are charged with "armed secessionism", especially people who do not speak Persian fluently and eloquently, who are tucked away in the Western borders where most Iranians never travel partly because it is 'poor and non-touristic' and partly because it is an unsafe region; and are hardly given any chance to defend themselves.

Sadly for us, Kurds and Baluchis and Bahais were not the central point of attention of the democracy-seekers; sadly for us we neglected their case for too long; sadly for us it may be already too late. This time, just as it has happened in all fascist states, they are coming for the rest of us.

The message that warned of the IRGC conspiracy predicted another 1988-like mass murder, when many innocent kids on bogus charges of "opposition to the regime" (and thus the governance of God!) met their tragic end.

How can you call Iran anything but a fascist state when the ex-prime minister of a country just goes missing when masked people block his house WITHOUT the slightest accountability?

And, what is next?

A world-war like the one that recruited Italy? Or a civil war like the one that engulfed Spain?

I fear the civil war is what we will get. Our civil war is cheaper, considering the state of the global economy and all those other little fires that are burning in the middle east. The world cannot afford a world-war right now.

When a state employs 'civilians', who are not wearing any official badge, to use them against another set of civilians; when a state promotes and supports thugery; when a state steals bodies of oppositions and appropriates them to its own cause; when a state lies without any shame, accountability or fear of repercussion, when the parliament holds "protest' to shout DEATH (not prosecution, not trying for treason, but death, god given, mullah sanctioned DEATH) to the founders of the regime, then that is when the rules of the game have all been thrown out of the window. That is when the Gorilla has smashed the chess board. (We knew it is coming.)

These people, who have prided themselves for asymmetric war against Saddam and who trained their proxies to win wars like this against Israel, are now convinced that the rest of us are "enemies" and as such, they are determined to kill us with the same asymmetric tactics. This is why they imposture in our rallies, dress like us, wear green bracelets, and then strike out touting their guns and batons, shouting profanities, full of fear themselves but acting in scary ways to frighten us.

And the rest of us are left with the option of saving our lives, migrating if we have money or running to hiding and become accomplices; or becoming like them and fighting back asymmetrically. A lose-lose situation.

When we saw the light at the end of the tunnel, when Khatami won ~80% of the votes, and when we saw that he couldn't bring justice to the families of the victims of the chain murders despite undeniable evidence that his intelligence ministry was involved in execution of those hideous acts, we should have know that a train that was coming in our direction.

Some of us, naively thought that the 'ceremonial' position of the 'king' or 'faghih' will bring sense to this madness; that the train will stop at a station and the 'king' will get off to speak sense. But he was heading at our direction. And today, we are 'scared' because we no longer know where to run to. Those of us who are not hit by this train, will have to get on it. We are heading to concentration camps.

Today, my Bahai friend's wet eyes remind me of the day when I was 14, and some IRGC man had warned my family that if I want to go to university, I should have stopped walking with her to school. Shortly after, she, the brightest of us all, was kicked out of school. And I didn't have to suffer the shame of telling her I was afraid to walk with her.

Father, mother, we are culpable.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Karoubi demands from the IRI to prosecute him publicly

A new message from Karoubi has just been published.

In his message, he first apologizes to his neighbors for the harassment the IRI thugs have created; for having them and their families to hear profanities that are not even expected from the governmental thugs (I suspect sexual profanities and insults shouted towards him and his family members.)

Next, he addresses some of the conservatives, like Mohsen Rezayee, Mahdavi Kani (he is promised Hashemi's job), Hasan Rohani and Ghalibaf, who had been silent to date about all these events, but who joined the camp of death-seekers for Mousavi, Karoubi, Hashemi and Khatami. Karoubi states that he understands that their statements are based on pressure from above; he draws attention to similar statements made by Abtahi, one of his consultants who was arrested, tortured and forced to make a televised condemnation of Karoubi.

He states that he understand that there is a concerted effort to bring them to trial and is asking only one favor from the conservatives who have just now joined the camp of anti-Greeners:

To push the judiciary to try them in public. Just like Shah did when they prosecuted Golsorkhi, Bokharayee and Taleghani and others ...

Karoubi expresses cynicism, based on the conduct of the national broadcasters to be objective and fair, but he asks the press be allowed to witness and publish his defense, where he wishes to establish "who" exactly is attempting an over-throw of the regime.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kidnapping the second martyr!

This one didn't have the "Basiji Looks", so they just decided to do the photographic honor while posing beneath the coffin.

Kidnapping the dead!

Among those, who were killed, on the day that our Supreme leader did not permit a peaceful protest in support of the Egyptians, who had just toppled their dictator amidst out leader clapping for the cause, was a theater student by the name of Sane' Jaleh; a Kurdish student of Arts.

Upon news of his death circulating, the fascist regime of Iran pulled yet another rat out of the hat: they issued a basiji (paramilitia) membership card for him; and sent out their 'infiltrators' to give the suddenly-turned-Basiji-theater-student an anti-zionistic funeral!!

Sadly for the propagandist fanatics of Ahmadinejad 'think tank'; Sane' Jaleh has a brother, Ghane' Jaleh, who had defied threats and gone public, sobbing, calling from Paveh, announcing that not only his slain brother was not a Basiji, but he was an anti-Basiji!

He is talking with a sweet Kurdish accent, he sobs, and he says they are not even giving back his body. He sobs. He says we are under pressure by the intelligence ministry. He sobs. His cousin has stolen the picture to hand over to those who made the Basiji ID card. He sobs. His brother just wanted to be an artist, like Bahman Ghobadi, to be source of pride for his people and country.

They have stolen the body.
Have coerced a picture from a family member.
Have hijacked the funeral his classmates were trying to set up.
Have beaten and arrested the Art-students of Tehran's Art University.

Yes they are ugly ...
Yes they are shameless ...

Our leader, the so-called supreme leader, depending on the dose of narcotics he suffers, calls himself God or the representative of god; and all who object his godly self-appointment are called Doshman (enemy)!

The position of this supreme leader, is called "Vali'e Faghih". Most people call him "Vali-e Vaghih".

Faghih means sage, wise, even omniscient!
Vagih mean ugly, ugly, ugly.
He is Vaghih.

Everything that has come out of Iran in the past two days is ugly! I am ashamed of my country; but I am absolutely in awe of those brave ones, who risked all, to take on the Basiji-infested streets of our major cities, to make us hear once more, that beauty doesn't die without a fight.

This is the Iranian KKK, and these are what the state has unleashed on the rest of us!

This is just out:

Accordint to Ayandeh_news, the superfascist, Shariatmadari (here's an old post of his record) is so intent on appropriating Sane'e Jaleh into his camp that he is boasting that he was his spy, and attended Ayatollah Montazeri's lectures to report back on them. He then adds: "of course we will not harm our own informants, so his assassination was pre-meditated!"

To me, this read as the regime's "reporter in cheif" says: "you don't believe he was one of us feces? Come, I have record of his stench!"

Here's the video!!! (especially for Pen Name, enjoy watching your ilk!)

Update: I just heard Ghane'e Jaleh, the man who was crying on the first video refuting the claims of his brother having been a Basiji is arrested, and is under pressure to take back his interview.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Ahmadinejad's mouthpiece, Falsenews, confirms shooting and Basiji savagery!

FarceNews confirms that gunshots have been fired, people are injured and some are in clritical condition. But they blame it on Zionists and Mujahedin (whose members they have been recently executing.) One really doubts the 'might' of this regime, how can they stand to the "wolrd Imperialism" if they are so vulnerable to Zionists and Mujahedin who are constantly testing their legitimacy?!?!?!

FalseNews also confirms that:

A crowd, albeit smaller than previous protests, has been out.

That the non-uniformed people have broken into the ranks of people and attacked them and have made them flee.

That a few people who have been protesting have been arrested by the "Alert people" (i.e Basijis).

That some Mujahedin and Monarchists have been arrested by the "Alert people" and handed over to the security forces.

And that the "Alert people" have started chanting slogans to arrest Mousavi & Karroubi!

Who needs Aljazeera when Farsenews can paint the ugly picture of what has been going on today? After reading this, I now understand why there are no pictures out. Because they are arresting everyone; and because they are beating people. But I can also say with certainty, that THERE HAS BEEN A MAJOR outpour of people to the streets and that the Basijis have been kept on their toes.

It is interesting that in none of these, there is a mention of the security forcer or the guards having taken action. the report makes it appear it was the plan-clothes and ordinary people who have been arresting and beating and scaring away! Congratulations Ahmadinejad, you have just declared the state as a fascist one!

Of course, the 'kind' and gentle leader has pardoned 661 convicts! Of course, it is unlikely that any single one of them are the journalists, lawyers, unionists, women activists, human right activists or reformist members of the previous governments. Most likely (and usually) they are petty thieves, or drug offenders, who are paid by Ahmadnejad to "re-integrate" in the society!

Oh Bravo Bravo Bravo ... Iran ...
By the way, other official news outlets are totally silent about what has happened today. But who cares, when we have False-News, that acts like a negative film. Once developed, the picture becomes crystal clear!


Yo, supreme leader ... PULL THE STRINGS OF YOUR DOGS ... you are failing yourself and us before the eyes of the world ...

beating women?
breaking into women's houses because they chant against dictatorship?



The bikers that were not matched by the Egyptian Camel riders

The video above shows some of the non-corrupt fascist bikers that Commander Naghdi has sent out for the SUCCESSFUL beating and killing of the Iranians who are trying to gather in support of the Egyptians who were over-run by the Camel-rider "basijis"! The reason why these bikers will succeed in killing and beating Iranians into home is that they are supported by God!!!!

Golshifteh Farahani's song Towards Destiny

This is a charming adaptation of an old song "mara beboos" (Kiss me), that is adapted by the Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani, who lives in exile in the US. I translate the lyrics, but it's not their poetic value, but the melody and the video synchronization with soft performance of the singer, and the time of its release, at a time that the Iranians are holding the regime accountable to the 'bluff' of Khamenei's support of the Egyptians freedom movement, that makes this beautiful).

Our nights
on the rooftops
I say Allah o Akbar
I have a dream in my head
and the galaxy will accompany us
for the newborn
it's time to sacrifice
may he become free of the ancient injustice

The dark night shall pass
the sadness will leave home
We shall laugh again
We shall laugh again
and shall be together again
we shall laugh again
we shall laugh again
we are all one

Beautiful girl
justice called you
freed you out of this limbo
remain eternal in the century's pure hearts [not sure if I hear this line right]

Beautiful girl
from the spark of your eyes,
your innocent looks,
the path of justice seekers remains lit.

Baba aab dad [Daddy gave water (this is the first reading we learn when we go to school)]
Baba naan dad [Daddy gave bread]
That man came on a horse
to the oil well
and I go towards the destiny

That man has weapons
he is against the people
I am searching the destiny

Courage on the path
its time of sacrifice

Kiss me
kiss me
for the last time
god be with you

IRI's security forces march in support of Egyptians who toppled their dictator!!!

Photo copyright: Neoresistance

Really, Mr Khamenei! Isn't it ironic? The greens have made a call to come to streets in solidarity with the Egyptians, whose cause you were cheerleading; and you have filled the city with your guards?!? And locked up Mousavi and Karoubi? And cut the internet, although not so long ago your rookie, Larijani, was advising Mubarak that cutting internet is not going to save his ass?


Sunday, February 13, 2011

To the Fallen Tulip

I was 7 when revolution happened. And this was my favorite revolution song by Mojtaba Mirzadeh (مجتبی میرزاده). A few years later; when music was banned, I taught myself to play this song on a little melodica. This was the only kind of music we were allowed to perform in school; although I remember clearly when the "guidance!" teacher interrupted us, in grade 6, when we performed بهاران خجسته باد (listen here), a "communist" composition!!

To the fallen tulip,
to the martyr who washed hands off of his life,
to the last cry,
to the trembling tears of mother ,
we swear,
that our path
shall be your path,
you, martyr.

All forward,
all ahead
united voices:
Viva our dear Iran.

[To the last breath, we shall follow your path, you, Martyr].

To the notion of freedom,
to the moment you died
to the torn apart heart
to the martyr who fell in blood
we swear,
that our path
shall be your path,
you, martyr.

All forward,
all ahead
united voices:
Viva our dear Iran.

[To the last breath, we shall follow your path, you, Martyr].

To the comrades who have resolved,
to the oppressed who are faithful,
to the fatigued who are courageous,
to the courageous who are committed,
we swear,
that our path
shall be your path,
you, martyr.

All forward,
all ahead
united voices:
Viva our dear Iran.

به لاله در خون خفته
شهيد دست از جان شسته
قسم به فرياد آخر
به اشك لرزان مادر
(كه راه ما ، راه تو اي شهيد )

همه به پيش ، همه به پيش ، به يك صدا
جاويدان ايران عزيز ما

قسم به اسم آزادي
به لحظه اي كه جان دادي
به قلب از هم پاشيده
شهيد در خون غلطيده

.... كه تا آخرين نفس ، راهت را ادامه خواهيم داد، اي شهيد ...

قسم به عزم هم رزمان
ستمكشان با ايمان
به خستگان جان بركف
دلاوران با ايمان
(كه راه مآ، راه تو اي شهيد )
همه به پيش ، همه به پيش ، به يك صدا
جاويدان ايران عزيز ما

Saturday, February 12, 2011

From the CV of the halo-carrying global-manager: fabricate numbers & torture mothers.

The size of the 22-Bahman anniversary rally was announced, by no one other than the head fascist, Keyhan newspaper, to be 50,000,000 (yes 50 million is more than 2/3rd of Iran's population!). They also put some picture of this 50 million strong event on the world display (the top picture is an undoctored one of them!)

This population count reminds me of their vote count, to which people reacted in protests suce as the one you see in the lower picture. The IRI regime characterized the size of the Green protesters in June 88 (the bottom picture) as a few hundred.

At first, they called the green protesters dust and dirt. Then, the IRI set farcical trials, executed people in a rate to break china's record, and then boasted that the "conspiracy movement" is dead and that the green movement is that of the zombies. Of course, like all hallucinating madmen, in the past 48 hours, they have arrested at least 32 zombies, charging them with "conspiracy" to ruin the IRI's slumber with a plan to rally in support of the Middle Eastern uprisings.

A little excerpt for the letter of one of such 'zombies', the human rights activist Narges Mohammadi, addressed to the General prosecutor, sheds light on the hollow of the halo Ahmadinejad carries around his ugly head; and also teh hollowness of his "bluff" that he belong on the global-management team.

[She (who is hospitalized with a nervous breakdown) writes about non-uniformed men, breaking into her house silently, observing her half naked and paralyzed with shock to be confronted by them, who had come to arrest her husband, Taghi Rahmani. She writes heart wrenchingly about how when she was first arrested, her 4-year old child had just come back from an operation and had witnessed her mother be dragged away before her eyes. Now the darkmen have come again ...]
This scene repeated before the innocent eyes of Ali & Kiana, my 4 year old children. They talked in sleep till morning. The men had addressed my husband with foul language that is not expected from any government official. Ali and Kiana watched, bewildered. Ali walked around and said: "get out of our house; don't bother my daddy."

Because of the shock, and repeated seizures, I could not stand. I seizured twice till morning. I wish I had died and not seen the last night's scene.

Let me be frank that last night, when stranger men stood before me, and looked at me without proper attire, I felt I am not in Iran. I felt my country's counquered and I am in a foreign land, without a refuge. And now, I have this question for you and demand answer:

Are the women of this land given to the men of the government? Is there no respect left for the women and mothers in this country? For strange men, to look on me, a mother, a 37 year old woman, in the state that I was in the privacy of my home, in the middle of the night, is no longer a sin before God?

The terror of my helpless children, the wreaking of my livelihood before their eyes, not once but once every six months, is not harassment? How can I clean their innocent mind from the bitter memory of their parents taken away? God, their little world is tainted with such a cruel anger. Ali and Kiana, with their little hands, talked to those unknown men, pointed at our belongings and said:

"maman, they are taking our stuff away; are they thieves?"
"sir, don't take our daddy!"
"Daddy, don't go"
"Maman, I want daddy"

After they took Taghi, Kiana lied on the floor, crying and screaming for her father. And I, fell on the floor, half dead, only able to look at her, my 4 year old daughter.

I want to say, that I am a human, I am a wife, I am a mother, and I cannot believe this perpetual pain and suffering.

Taghi Rahmani has spent 15 years of his life in the IRI prisons, on the crime of "freedom of speech", and this is another share. And I, will be tried in court in February on the charges of "defending human rights", and I will leave Ali and Kiana to God.

The men who came to arrest introduced themselves from the security forces first, and from the intelligence ministry next, but my interrogators (from teh intelligence ministry) called to say they do not have Taghi. I am terrified because I don't know who has taken Taghi, and why. What was his charge and why did they treat us like that? I am afraid of my house doors broken; of the illegal entry of the strangers; of feeling unsafe even in my home.
... [continues]"

Also, they have put the 'Zombie-Daddy', Mehdi Karoubi under house arrest, cutting all their communication means, and even disallowing his children to visit with him. They have allowed one picture out, to show that he is alive and well, however.

EgyptFacts, for 10 minutes

This video was shared by an Egyptian friend of mine. It is remarkable!
It debunks the notion of "lunatic" muslims.
It also debunks the notion that Egypt's was an Islamic revolution.
Beyond the voice of the Imam who leads these silent prayers, a larger crowd roars and whistles joyously.
It is nice when something beautiful like this happens before our eyes ... may Egypt disambiguate all of us of the notion that the Arab world and the Islamic nations are backward, violent, grudging juveniles that need Mu-Barak, Barack Obama, or Ehud Barak to 'contain' them into 'civilization'.
P.S. I don't know Arabic well; but I listened carefully for words of "down" or "death" or "hatred", like I hear in this video, where Khamenei's fascists are chastising another fascist, Ahmadinejad's lover, and I could not pick any.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Mr Ahmadinejad: say goodbye to being the leader of the Muslim World!

After 18 days, the Egyptian dictator heard the voice of a leader-less revolt. He killed 300; He pledged that he will die on Egyptian soil, and he stepped down.

The Christians protected the muslims who stood to prayer; the same muslims who formed a human shield to protect the Christians from fanatic bombers.

The army, did not fire on them.

The dictator apologized for the killings.

80 million Christians and Muslims, demanded change, and received it.

Egypt deserves the leadership of the Islamic world.

You, Mr Khamenei lost your chance at super-manhood.

You, and your "doshman" rhetoric, you and your non-uniformed secret bullies, you and the clown whose fraudulent presidency you supported at the expense of many an asset of the Islamic republic.

And what are you doing today? On the eve of 22 Bahman, on the eve of the victory of the Islamic Revolution? You intercept the news and filter web sites, not allowing the Egyptian news reach Iran. Filtering it through your propaganda filter. What is all this fear for, supreme leader? Why are you so scared?

As Yousry Nasrallah, an Egyptian movie director, put it to Roger Cohen: “There is nothing inspiring to Egyptians about an Iranian revolution that puts filmmakers in jail, crushes the opposition and tortures people — not even for the Muslim Brotherhood.

I am envious of Egyptians; I am even envious of the dictator they had. For he, although ran secret prisons, LISTENED and HEARD the voice of the people.

P.S. Mr Khamenei, the "so propagated by you" Islamic revolution of Egypt succeeded WITHOUT one American flag burning, and without even one "down with Israel" chanted! Take note!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I lost an uncle today.

I don't call my parents often. It is either the time difference or the mood difference. I have never been a talky kid. In the 18 years that I lived with my parents, I spent more time reading and listening (despite the fact that mother wanted and challenged us to be opinionated and expressive kids). I don't like talking about life trivia, and I prefer to write about other things. With my parents we rarely talk about anything serious. I am more of a hug and joke and play backgammon kind of a kid. If we talk, it is in the form of a fight over existentialist matters and politics. And then, we fight like cats and dogs. By "we" I mean mother and I. She is the cat, I am the dog. We talk affectionately though, when someone dies.

He was not my uncle, in a sense that he was not my father's brother in flesh. But he was my uncle in every other sense. I cannot say much about him, out of respect for his children. But his death triggered this memory of growing up during the war, during the sanctions. I am being the dog these days, biting people over Iranium, and over the misplaced activism of some Iranians who think if America bombs Iran (while they are tweeting or facebooking from Los Angeles), then Iran will turn into a heaven!

I refer to him as He.

I was 13. It was the forth year of the war. My parents were both ill, and we didn't know. Seeking better medical care in Tehran, Mother was (falsely) diagnosed with cancer and her body organs were being removed. Father had fallen ill out of that stress, with a correctly and rapidly diagnosed heart attack (thanks to my aunt who had detected his unusual pulse and had rushed him to hospital before it happened). My two young siblings had chicken pox. I was suffering teenagehood and a sibling who was 3 years younger than me but acted 10 years older, controlling me and my promiscuous nature.

It was winter. It was cold, there was not enough oil in our oil-rich country to heat our homes. Fuel was rationed, food was rationed. Food and fuel rations were measures put in place by no one other than Mir Hossein Mousavi, the man who despite all political perils suffered in prisons, kept us fed and schooled when the bombs fell; when the American sanctions aimed to starve and break Iran's military knee; and when food money was used to buy American weapons from the Israeli middlemen!

We lived in a large house. The house was built 30 years before we moved to it. It was built to be an affluent home. My parents had invested all of the earning of their short successful careers to buy it. Their careers were cut short by the revolution. It is only when I was a grownup independent woman that I realized that that affluent home was the only wealth we possessed. It misled us (who kept nagging at mother asking for expensive 'western things'--not barbies of course, but just sneakers or jeans to make us look like Madonna) and others who kept asking father for financial aid and if refused, mistook us for stingy rich. But that's how my mother wanted it: "if people know you are a have-not, they won't help you out; they will just respect you less."

This house had high ceilings and more glass than brick walls! It was a bit of a non-functional architecture. It would have been an ideal summer home, but in fuel-rationed winters, keeping the dry sting of the desert winter from the soft skin of kids aged 13-3, two of which burning in fever and itching in pox, was not an easy feat for the littlest of grandmothers, who in addition to keeping them warm, had to feed and dress and take care of the education of kids, who were likely to be orphaned.

Both grandmother and the kids were shielded from the turmoil that mother and uncles suffered in Tehran. It was only "He" who was suffering agony, because He knew that my father was in critical condition.

Father needed to be operated immediately abroad. Doing a simple angiogram carried an 80% risk of death; it was not only the sanctions but also the fact that many specialists were either in the service of the war or had left the country to their Western homes, running away from the fascists who were making the lives of the rest of us hard. Certainly, my 45 year old parents, whose career was cut by the the revolution, had no money to afford such expensive medical trip. And even if they did, (as mother had considered selling the home and all to take father for treatment), getting visas in those days of American-flag-burning was not easy.

Through all that turmoil, He was keeping an eye on us, and on my father's business, while shielding us and even grandmother from the tragedy that was likely to befall on us. Because of him, things did not look as horrible as they do, as I am writing them 27 years later.

In those days, you had to stand in lineups to buy bread, rice, meat, butter or fuel. Of course, in all sanctions and wars, those who "have", or seem to have, do not suffer the perils of the average people. He was not an average member of the war-struck country. He was well respected, well connected and in food business. He had people to stand in line and get our food ration on coupons; and of course some of those items were not good-enough for us. Which middle-class Iranian would eat Taiwanese rice or drink Iranian tea? No one! he got us the best of Iranian rice and provided us the best of the Indian teas. He came to our house everyday, bringing us a stack of fresh bread, and providing for us all other essentials of life: soap, fuel, cookies, sugar, salt, fruit, meat, beans--all rationed too. Because of He our pseudo-orphanhood was not as horrible as it may have been for people who did not have such connections. But that is something I will never know; because as far as I recall, with the exception of "Taiwanese rice that didn't turn fluffy", I never heard major complaints about food shortage from others. Sanctions did not halt life, nor did fascism of the zealots. Iranians still managed to live and managed to have a little fun here and there.

Today, I learned that He is gone.

Mother said my father was at first inconsolable, but then he couldn't speak to me because he was out helping His family with funeral.

I cannot help my tears. He is walking through the green gate of our house, calls out to my grand mother: "khanom bozorg", he would say, "baratoon noon-e tazeh avordam" (I brought you fresh bread.) What touches me is that he did this mundane chore himself; that he never sent his minions. Respect for "khanom bozorg"s obliges noble men to humbleness. And he was noble.

Today, some British asshole has asked for tougher sanctions on Iran. Saudi Arabian pimps are surely lobbying "the powers" for war with Iran.

I am not worried.

I know my family is not hungry. I know my family will never be hungry. My father has had the operation for which he was urged to rush to the West, in Iran.

27 years later, I still shiver at the thought of what my life would have become if my parents had died then. 27 years later I do all in my power to make sure no 13 year old Iranian girl will have to shiver in cold because war is keeping the oil in the trenches.

But I know, that in Iran, it is not the government, not the king or Imam, and not the Western powers and the Eastern conspirators, but uncles like He that keep the fabric of the society together, when they take care of the sick, cold and hungry kids of their friends.

To "He" ... peace, love, and respect.

His memory eternal.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Iranians fighting to appropriate the Middle Eastern uprisings.

When I saw this [Karoubi and Mousavi asking permit to rally in support of Egyptians and Tunesians], I laughed, loudly; and gave a mental hug to their timely call!

You have certainly heard how Khamenei is trying to hijack the intention of uprisings in Egypt and Tunesia, as a continuation of Iran's Islamic and anti-imperialist revolution, appropriating it into the camp of Islamist reawakening and etc.

And they have signed it together!


By the way, in the past week, I have had a chance to read and familiarize myself with what is happening in Egypt, and I have paid particular attention to similarities drawn between Egypt and Iran in 1979, and I have concluded that there is a fundamental difference between the two cases:

Egypt became a republic after a military coup in 1952 when the King was toppled; Iran's king was reinstalled in 1953 after a military coup, which was supported by the Iranian clergy.

The Iranian revolution had adopted a king before toppling the old one (Khomeini), because there is this genetic tendency in Iranians to seek or make a guru whose charisma can overshadow the strength of the multitude of Iranian egos--which often contradict each other in some abstract philosophical, ideological way, but need to work towards one goal.

Unlike Iranians, the Egyptians are not so hung over some 'greater-than-life' ideology, their revolution is a pragmatic one, they wear buckets, plastic bottles and bricks to protect themselves from the police, and laugh at the cameras that capture them in this brilliant self defense. They dance, instead of burning American flags. That their victims have not become iconographic saints, and that they are not so certain about the leadership of their movement, illustrates how fundamentally different from the Imam-making Iranians they are. Moreover, the process of making concessions to choose a leader, El Baradei's cautious, non-romantic presence, and absence of Brothrehood-poetics, [addeing a few hours after I made the post] and the brilliant initiative to sit at negotiation table with the government, while opening their shops and businesses on the one hand, and protecting the few who have remained to hold the lines in Al-Tahrir on the other hand, makes this a hopeful situation.

I wish them success; and may they set an example for the rest of us.