Friday, March 18, 2011

Wishing a Happier New Year

Another new year, stuck in loneliness. Half of the family is in Iran, the country that has now become forbidden for me. Another half in America, the country that is too far to travel to when on a time-budget. Well, who says being busy is bad? It keeps the mind off of a lot of things; off of Iran; off of loneliness; off of the fact that I did not do spring-cleaning; that I decided against having a party. Last year, I kicked myself and did all that I had to do. I even cooked my famous soup (here's a picture of what that soup is, from 4 years ago).

This year, I am not going to anything but set a table, with cookies mother brought for me from Iran last year, with a tiny plate of wheat sprouts I bought for 2 Euros; the narcissus flowers I cut from a friend's house; and a pudding called Samanu, made of germinating wheat. It is apparently imported from Iran; and is reportedly a delicious brand. But, I have always hated Samanu, so I am not going to try.

I will also wear a new piece of clothing; I have an Indian silk shawl that I bought last year and never wore. If the weather is nice, I am going to wear this magenta/ruby/black piece of art and take my camera on a stroll on Thames, wishing for a streak of sun and little rain.

My only resolutions for the new year is to be a better friend and see as many old ones and make as many new friends as I can.

Prayers are for the believers, and I am not one. I am not a particularly wishful person either. In general, my faith in order and structure is more than in entropy. Entropies can cause miraculous growth but I think the disastrous probabilities dominate. Therefore, I cannot "wish" that Iran will become a heaven of respect and humanity next year.

There is a long way to go and a lot of infrastructure to set before building a different order in Iran. The old order, until it becomes entirely dysfunctional shall go on; just as it has been going on for at least 3000 years that our history is Occident-documented.

But I do wish for more dialogue, more understanding and more foresight to develop out of the order of things.

The order of things commands that leaders in Iran take a look at what is happening in the region, all those anti-state revolutions, and will see themselves in the mirror of the dictators who are affronted by their people.

The order of things commands that all of us pause on a moment of reflection and learn lessons that nature has just recently taught: that man, even the uberJapanese one, is helpless before the nature; and that our interventions in nature should perhaps not touch the nuclear cores of the maters of which life is made.

What makes our Persian New Year, Nowrooz, sacred to me is that it begins with spring; that it is tied to nature, to the sun and to the earth, and depends on the mercy of the galactic forces that keep the earth and the sun in an order that makes our humanly being possible. May this metaphore inspire all of us to keep a balanced order of things, as our lives spin and revolve.

Happy 1390!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

How is the Nukie Ahmadinejad's media covering Japan?

I have been browsing the nuclear-energy seeking media of IRI to see if/how they are covering Japan's earlthquake-Tsunami-Nuclear leak axis of catastrophy. It seems that they are fully covering the Tsunami and Earthquake news, even exaggerate the number of fatalities, but are COMPLETELY omitting any news about the nuclear leak and the likely melt-down that is unnerving the world. Ironically, the top news on many sites is that Iran is ready to export nuclear fuels!

Here's a summary:

Has a special report, on the left side; and rounds up the Richter scale from 8.8 to "9.0"!! (such is the accuracy of all state-reported numbers in that god forsaken country) and reports 3000 are killed (the more killed the better they can downplay the significance of tens of thousands of people who have died in Iranian earth quakes in the past few years.) THERE IS NO MENTION OF THE NUCLEAR LEAK. Interestingly, the top news is that "Iran is now ready to export nuclear fuel"!!

2000 killed in earthquake and tsunami, no mention of nuclear leak.

No mention of the nuclear leak in Tabnak either, although they take the chance to remind Tehran is a ticking earth quake bomb.

The most disgusting one, as expected is FalseNews:

Their headline reads: "The Japan Earthquake, in the long run, is economically advantageous"!!!!!!! And no, this is not their idea, they are citing Bloomberg whose parent Foundation would be called a zionist and imperialist organ by these hypocrites in other occasions.

ISNA (the student reporting agency) is the only one that is very timidly mentions the nuclear leak.
"آخرين اخبار از ژاپن حاكي از ميزان 10 هزار نفري آمار گمشده‌ها در مينامي‌سانريكو، افزايش ميزان تلفات تا 574 تن، انفجار در نزديكي هسته مركزي نيروگاه انرژي اتمي، برآورد آلوده‌شدگان به مواد راديواكتيوي تا 160 تن،‌ آغاز سخت عمليات نجات بدليل از بين رفتن راه‌هاي ارتباطي و سيل، و جابجايي 2.4 متري جزيره ژاپن در اثر زلزله است." [latest news indicate, up to 10 thousand are missing, death toll up to 574 and an explosion near the core of the nuclear energy plant, and an estimate of up to 160 people contaminated, difficulties of rescue operation due to road destruction ...]

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The little kids who beat protesters.

Poor kids.

This boy is hardly 12. He is holding a baton. On the green ribbon he is wearing, a large logo or IRGC is printed or embroidered. This picture is taken by a Fars-News (i.e. Ahmadinejad mercenary) photographer.

These "poor" people, who are apparently the 'popular base of Ahmadinejad', have little ideological faith in him. But, the pimp, the whore pimp, the drug crook, the IRGC is the one who recruits and pays these kids.

In a country with insufferable unemployment rates, with epidemic addiction problem, it is easy to find recruits who are paid from the 11 billion dollars missing from the country's budget.

And yet, the journalists who are beaten out of the country, worry about the fate of these little kids, these Basijis.

Ahmadinejad is promoting "procreation"; the more poor people at the mercy of his handouts, the more robots to beat and oppress voices of reason.

I am beginning to wonder the validity of claims that liken him to Hitler. But, the saving grace of Iran, unlike Weimar Germany, is that Iranians are political-minded from the cradle, and government-cynic from grade-one in school. We shall reign them in.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

When the despots' media dig their grave for them ...

At this moment, I wish to do something other than this. If you have come here, you are perhaps looking for updates about how the protests in response to the kidnapping of Mousavi and Karoubi went. You are perhaps looking over the Internet for 'exiting' images of people confronting the Basiji thugs or the riot controllers. You are perhaps hoping to hear big crowds shout "Down with Khamenei". You are perhaps holding your breath for drama to unfold, a revolution to break, so you can get glued to CNN for a few days, wear solidarity flags, circulate the images and the songs of Iranian youth demanding democracy.

But, don't hold your breath. It is not going to happen. The reason is not because the opposition is not out there. The reason is because the Iranian regime has SUCH A TIGHT control on communication, that no one dares uploading pictures via IP addresses. Those who are caught doing such acts are given death sentences with charges of corruption or espionage. Fair enough, if you ask me what is the basis of this claim I am making.

Well, the proof is in what Raja-News, the Presidential news outlet has put out today. Because these sites have become very mercurial, and remove the source reports depending on who catches their bobo, I always take a snapshot of their screen. For posterity.

Voila, here it is. I translated it below the picture.

For those of you who have the slightest of doubts about the "seriousness" and the "size" of the green movement, just ask yourselves, WHY is such a 'mighty' government so scared of a few insignificant "bacteria" (as Khamenei called us) and "Dust" (as ahmadinejad called us).

No, you won't see any pictures coming out of Iran, because this open and global-managing government is SCARED of images, is scared of journalists and independent reporters. Read the translation below to become familiar with their journalist ethics and practices. And stop being willfully ignorant, if you think every thing in Iran is hunky dory and all this is just "zionist" propaganda! For all this to be propaganda, Mousavi and Karoubi have to send out videos in their homes, surrounded with their friends and families.

In this recent blunder of the Gobbelites, Raja news is publishing "details of the communication tricks of the anti-revolutionary leaders" in order to explain "why they are put under house arrest". (Today, there were quite a few contradicting stories coming from various sources in the government, trying to deny that Mousavi and Karoubi are transfered to a military prison.)

So this is their justification: (it is SO HARD to translate this text that is written by obvious illiteracy, so if it is hard to read, blame it on the original! I have already improved it much with my translations, they should thank me!)

"The communication restriction for Mousavi and Karoubi, whose description after February 14, has changed from "heads of conspiracy" to "internal anti-revolution leaders"--due to their role in executing the American/Israeli plans[!!!!]--has been due to the depth of their anti-security communications, and for preventing the further thickening of their crime file over the past 21 months.[!!!!!, how kind of them, they are just preventing Mousavi and Karoubi from further crimes!!!]

According to RajaNews, after calling to street protest on Feb 14, Mousavi and Karoubi who had no intention but creating tension in order to simulate in Iran an uprising like in countries where people had revolted against their dictator leaders, the atmosphere has become more clear, and it has become apparent that these street postures have no relation to matters such as last year's election. Rather, America and Israel have schemed it in order to find an exit from the unprecedented threat that their allies in north Africa are facing, and break the developments by pretending that Iran's situation is similar, in order to prevent Iran from becoming a model for the outcome of popular revolutions. [I have no clue what the idiot was thinking when writing this, defies logic!]

What is interesting in the contra-security communications of Mousavi is that some of his contacts with external elements has been via video chat; and he, in order to circumvent being wiretapped, he wrote his statements on paper and held in front of the webcam. [so here, they are admitting that Mousavi was wiretapped and was spied on. Nah don't expect a Watergate in Iran!!!!]

While the demands of people are much further than restricting their communication channels, and in a rally (9 Dey) January of 2010 until now they have demanded execution of these conspiracy leaders, the media and the counterrevolutionary sources are trying to pretend that even this minor restriction, which is in fact the mercy of nezaam (regime) bestowed upon these people to prevent them from being confronted by the people [i.e. those who want to slit Karoubi's throat--see previous posts on that], and from increasing their crimes [did I thank this thoughtful, kind and gentle Nezaam before??!?!?!], is a major calamity.

In the meantime, with restriction of the communications of Mousavi and Karoubi, the external counterrevolutionaries have directly entered the field to manage the plot that from inception to date has remained without results. This proves that even before, the counterrevolutionaries have been the designers of this unrest, and people who were called the heads of conspiracy were just mercenaries of anti-revolutionary projects and Western services. [Wow, genius!]

This trend is also present in the Kalemeh web site that until now was claimed to be run by Mousavi's confidants; such that since the communications of the heads of conspiracy are limited, this site has completely turned into an anti-revolutionary medium. It is said that Hamzeh Ghalebi, who was the head of the youth wing of Mousavi's campaign, has fled to France and manages this site. [Fled? Why? scared of you goons?]

The scenario of "continued tension" in Iran, is written by American, British and Zionist agencies and Mousavi and Karoubi have been the executives of this plan [this is when I think Lacan will have a field day, psychoanalysing Ahmadinejad's self-reflexive camp]. However their negligence in feasibility assessment for executing such plan amongst the people and the elite, and under vision of the revolution leader [I thought the revolution leader was Khomeini who died, after 32 years these people are still in a state of revolution?] in the past few months, this scenario is neutralized such that the designers of this plot believe that with the polarization of people to "revolutionary" and "counterrevolutionary" [again what we warn these goons what, you are with us or against us] after Feb 14, absolute neglect of the people [of the Feb 14 event], and major collapse amongst the supporters of conspiracy [refers to Hashemi, Rowhani, Motahari and other pseudo-greens who came out and condemned Feb 14 protest, because Ahmad Khatami and others threatened and gave them less that one week to be with them or against them], even condemnation of them by people who had been silent over the past two years [i.e conservatives such as Mohsen Rezayee and Ghalibaf], they have lost important cards and the conditions for continued tension has become difficult. [!!!!]

End of report.

[No this is not an opinion piece, this is a "news" item. and since it is not expressed with neutrality that a news journalist is bound to, I have annotated it!]