Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How did Ahmadinejad's New York banquet with Israeli-American students go?

This video was prepared by an Israeli reporter, impostoring as Dutch! Pay attention to Ahmadinejad's zeal to take picture with little gals! Imagine what his conservative supporters would do seeing these pictures.

You may all know that Ahmadinejad has a "lover" by the name of Esfandiyar Rahim Mashayee, who got Ahmadinejad in trouble when he said he was a friend of Israeli people. Of course there are theorists who trace Ahmadinejad and Mashai to Zionism!

Well, wine leaves tell me that Ahmadinejad has in fact gone out of his way to extend invitations to some Israeli students in New York! How else would I stumble across a video of which I understand nothing?

Anyone with Hebrew knowledge? What's going on?!

Ahmadinejad's fanatic islamist friends, can you ask him why he is standing so close to "naked" women?! :)

With or Without Ahmadinejad: Nuclear Technology is our RIGHT!

I am not going to repeat myself here!

I am appalled by Obama (one can hardly expect more from Sarkozy or Brown) for acting the way they did.

IRI is RIGHT: the West is better off not loosing this chance, and should negotiate with Iran respectfully.

IRI has not violated IAEA regulations, and the Western fear mongering is
  1. derailing Obama's peace process and taking the heat off of Netanyahu's bottom! (Juan Cole puts it best!)
  2. derailing Iran's green movement and diverting attention from the MAIN problem of IRI, which is Ahmadinejad (and his ilk)
If you don't want a nuclear race in the Middle East, NEGOTIATE with Iran AND disarm Israel! Press Iran on it's democratic problems; not because you give a damn about people's lives and freedom, but because you can entice the IRI to "enjoy" your capitalist investments and economic participation if they behave democratically--because when it comes to nuclear WMD, your buddy Israel strips you of legitimacy!

Use your carrots carefully and keep your stick at home!

IRGC cannot recruit enough soldiers to "go to fight" with any nation--and they have reiterated that "first strike" is NOT on IRI's agenda (as it has NEVER BEEN BEFORE, attested to by history). But should anyone act offensively, we WILL unite to defend Iran! Now, please don't force us to unite behind IRGC, okey?!

As fiercely as I hate Ahmadinejad, I shall hate you if you sanction Iran!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mousavi's 13th Statement itself debunks Larijani's opportunistic comparison he drew between Mousavi and Rajavi!

The reason why I am making this post is because one of the opportunist Larijani brothers has recently come out, accusing Mousavi of having turned into Rajavi (the head of terrorist Mujahedin Organization who has not missed any chance to raise arms against their own people, and who promotes nothing but hatred and blood.) Luckily, Larijani’s opportunism oozes out of his letter. But I was compelled to translate parts of Mousavi’s statement that I think are an indirect answer to Larijani. You judge for yourselves! I highly recommend reading this (Mousavi’s 13th statement) to those who think the Greens are seeking an Iraq-Afghanistan kind of an outcome for Iran; especially those who compare Ahmadinejad to Mosaddegh!!!!!!!!
Violence is not the solution. ادخلوا فی السلم کافه “all, enter with compromise/peace”. Anger is a horse that drops his rider. People are justified to get angry at ugly behavior of the security forces and constant propagandist agitations; but this would not change the outcome of their anger [to violence]. We benefit from out efforts proportionally to our patience and wisdom; and if we slide towards unreasonable extremism, we might waste the efforts of a week and a month in a day. Our people consider themselves deserving of more respect from the rulers, because they consider themselves intelligent and wise. And wise is the one who, not only distinguishes between good and bad; but between good and better, bad and worse.

There are still outcomes better than what we achieved on the Quds day; and there are situations worse than what we are suffering and objecting to currently. In the prospect of our current historical context, there is no clear picture of what the outcomes of foundation-breaking actions would be. As stated in the letter sent to all Jurisprudens, Iraq and Afghanistan are two significant examples which we cannot ignore. These examples do not dissuade us from pursuing our rights because we have the patience and the foresight to improve our destiny without paying such hefty price.

What can bring about our grand objective is to insist on our golden motos. Any word that breaks the bond of friendship and brotherhood amongst our people would not help rebuild our identity and national unity. We consider the merciful Islam the solution to our pains, and consider an inverted cover, what the government promotes as Islam.

We demand unconditional execution of the Constitution and the return of the Ismalic Republic to its original moral principles. We want Islamic Republic, without a word more or less, and consider anarchist and destroyer those who find excuses to stray from the Islamic path, modifying the Constitution according to their selfish preferences.

Today’s political atmosphere is not what we wished for 30 years ago. People ask themselves: “what has impeded us from achieving our dreams?” This is a critical question that begs an answer even in relation to our present and future efforts. What must we do to not be confronted with this question 30 years later?

We will attain stability only when we transfer our political and social gains to our daily lives. In the past 100 years, our people have not had few of these [socio-political] achievements, but they have all leaned on activism. As long as the atmosphere of activism has been alive, these achievements have been safe but as soon as people have got tired and gone back home, all was lost. Activism is sacred but it is not permanent. What is permanent is (daily) life.

This is a lesson we learned from our fighters during 8 years of sacred defense. In those years, two groups were present in the frontlines. The first, fought during the war and after that decided it was time for living and making money over money and building tower over tower [literally, building towers has been trendy in post-war years]. The second group went to frontline for a deeper meaning. They did not go to sacrifice, but to benefit from the spirituality of that environment. This is perhaps hard to grasp for those who have not experienced this, but it is true. Not that they did not sacrifice, they did! They were our most famous heroes. But they didn’t think they were sacrificing in exchange for the gems they gained [this is not a materialistic metaphore, it is a spiritual one]. They lived during the war years and their fight began after the war, a quiet fight for the life, or the memory of the life, they had experienced. Without them, we will not have been able to resist for 8 years with empty hands.

During the election, when some of them honored me and turned the Committee of Isargaran [those who Sacrifice] into one of my most active camps; I was proud. Because they stated that they hoped a return to the spirituality of the days of Imam, I felt my responsibility more heavily. I doubt there is anyone in our country to not be proud of them. They are the core of the green center that links us together.

In honor of their resolve, we too must live on the green path of hope; may the same miracle they created [fighting empty handed for 8 years] arrive us. The significance of the Quds day was that is showed the new life that people have chosen is not transient and temporary.
P.S. This article is fully translated by; but I preferred to translate this segment for my blog.

UPDATE: this is the treatment Mohamad-Javad Larijani received today (Oct 4, 2009) at Sharif University: Booed and greeted with: down with dictator, down with hypocrite ...

Following riotous (un)welcome Tehran and Shiraz U students gave Ahmadinejad, Universities closed down for 7 days. Excuse; Swine Flu!

Pedestrian had a fun post on yesterday's opening ceremonies at Tehran U. In this picture, the celebration of school years held in Tehran U's auditorium were closed to students. Why? You might have already read about Karoubi and Mousavi's latest letters and statements--insisting on their position-- and seen many videos showing students chant in green, wishing the downfall of the dictator. (complete report in parlemannews)

Today, Parlemannews reports that the minister of health (the ugly woman in the picture) has ordered closure of the universities out of fear of Swine Flu!!! (The man holding the red file is Kamran Daneshjoo, who has plagiarized articles and faked his PhD degree!)

Unrelated, but important:

The sale of Iran's Telecomunication to the IRGC companies has become a scandal and rumors are circulating that the transaction is against the article 44 of the constitution and may be cancelled.

By the way, another controversy about shady sale of one of the largest Open Zinc Mines of the Middle East to a Basij consortium has surfaced in Sarmaye Newspaper; but the link is suddenly unavailable!! Here the headline:
"ر جریان خصوصی سازی معدن انگوران، بزرگ ترين معدن سرب و روي خاورميانه، شرکتهای وابسته به موسسه مالی و اعتباری بسیج (موسسه مهر اقتصاد ايرانيان)، با تبانی با یکدیگر این معدن را به مبلغ 186 ميليارد تومان خریدند. در حالی که کارشناسان این قیمت را غیر واقعی می دانند و ارزش این معدن را بیش از 1050 میلیارد تومان برآورد میکنند. در حالی که کل این معدن شامل ذخایر روباز و زمینی، ذخیره سنگ تراورتن، ابنیه و تاسیسات فراوان از جمله سوله ها و جاده های مواصلاتی به قیمت 186 ميليارد تومان فروخته شد، تنها سنگ تراورتن موجود در این معدن بیش از 280 میلیارد تومان ارزش دارد!"

There are also rumors that Shariatmadari (the editor in chief of the slander machine, Keyhan), who had bought himself time to provide evidence backing up the slew of accusations that made several individuals and organizations sue him, has run out of time and is summoned to the court.

Two important interview with children of Shahid Hemat and Shahid Bakeri (these are war heros) are published, that leave little doubt that Ahmadinejad's IRGC and Basij have been trying marginalize the most important figures of these organs and stray from their principles.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Translation of "Important" parts of Karoubi's Letter to Hashemi

I am leaving out the first two-third because it is mullah talk. Usually in Iran, people do a lot of smooth talking before they stick the knife! I leave others to translate the rhetorical beginning--which is nevertheless very critical of ineffectiveness of the Assembly and hints at Hashemi's "cowardice". But, I only translate tangible points that are the core of Green's demands. Here's the knife (the bullet form is mine):

Paragraph 11:

Mr Hashemi,

What is your response to the people who are questioning the accountability of the Assembly under your directorship? Had you and the Assembly of Experts taken a look at the trend in which the country's been suffering in the past 4 years, could you not have found a solution to what has culminated into what you are now calling "conspiracy"? [Karoubi is appalled with Hashemi's 'shift' from calling what he used to refer to as 'crisis' to calling it a 'conspiracy' now].
  • In your speeches before and after the election, you have warned that the economic crises was destroying country's long term prospects; but shouldn't these crises have been given attention by the Assembly of Experts?
  • Is it not your duty to oversee that what is promoted as "privitization" in accordance with the article 44 of the constitution, is sold to a organization taht are under supreme leader like IRGC or "The Committee of Imam's Orders" (which according to Imam's assignment to Ayatollah Sane'i and myself, was supposed to either release the seized assets, or if their illegitimacy established, to confiscate those assets and end its operation in less than two years; a committee whose name has raised several complaints from Imam's grandson who has requested that if the committee is not shut down, at least be renamed to not carry Imam's name) purchase the shares of a government Ministry [Telecommunication] in less than half an hour, adding to their post-election triumphs in the name of privitization! [He is referring to militalization of the ITC, that was purchased by IRGC yesterday].
  • Indeed, how much attention have you [in the Assembly of Experts] given the chaotic and unplanned foreign policy that has caused disrespect for our system in the international community?
  • Don't social problems and the security atmosphere in our universities and different organizations deserve any attention from the members?
  • Indeed, to what extent did you scrutinize the actions of some organizations that are under the supreme leader, which are under your general supervision?
  • Didn't you review what is happening in our national media and the drop in viewer's rate?
  • Did you talk about the three so called election loosers who are canned and whose friends are in solitary confinement; and that it is only through passage from solitary confinement that hey can have access to national media to confess, while the doors of media are wide open to the supporters of the so-called winner and the Prosecutor General who come and state their unilateral accusations against other candidates?
You didn't know about these points? You knew about them and if you have not talked about them, does it not mean that sense of justice and courage has vanished from our hearts? [He really wants to say from "your" heart.. this is Persian, subtle!] And today, what is your answer to those who think this Assembly has forgotten its duties and has become and ineffective and propagandist institution? Shouldn't this assembly have invited the three candidates who object to the election results, who have all been assets and servants of this system, to express their views before the Assembly issued its statement?

Mr Hashemi,
It's my duty to remind you of Imam's interpretation of the position of the Assembly of Experts when he said: "Now, you jurisprudens of the Assembly of Experts, you who are chosen by this people who has suffered the history of monarchist injustice, you have accepted a responsibility above all orders and have embarked on a task on which depends the destiny of Islam and this suffering people who has given martyrs. History and future generations will judge you and God's great men will witness you and your deeds: والله من ورائهم مُحيط و رقيب. Your slightest negligence, your slightest error or selfish influence and temptations that can stray you from the path will cause a great catastrophe in History".

Indeed, what is the relation of current operation of this Assembly with what Imam stated and with what authority it is given by the constitution which is based on people's vote to this Assembly? Why deny that in this dangerous juncture, this assembly has turned into an ineffective organization. And I, Mahdi Karoubi, am writing this letter today to have warned you and have put my conscience at ease with respect to my devotion to Imam, the revolution, the respected people of Iran; and to have expressed that what is happening in this assembly is nether benefitting the people, nor guarantees the republicanism s the system to which over 98% of Iranians voted in March 1979.


As hopes for Rafsanjani's meddling & talking sense to Khamenei fade: Karoubi and Mousavi strike out again.


Ahmadinejad, who was supposed to appear in Tehran University has chickened out. (see video below and more here)
Mousavi, who is accused of Mujahedin-like treason, has issued another statement (#13) that he is not backing off!
And Karoubi has written another public letter to Hashemi Rafsanjani, scolding him for his poor (and cowardly) performance as the head of Assembly of experts.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Change in Assembly of Experts: Super fanatic Mohammad Yazdi Resigns.

Mohammad Yazdi is a hard-line cleric who "ruined" the judiciary system between 1989 and 1999! His son states his resgnation due to health reasons! Hashemi, the head of the Assembly, has not yet accepted his resignation. But this is a good news-since it's not nice to wish people death, resignation serves just as well!

If you are caught in the hype of Iran's Nuclear Site and Today's war game (which is not unusual but related to Anniversary of Iraq's invasion and part of the week of sacred defense) take a look at my earlier posts:
Somethings's happening behind the scenes

Iran's Sale of History: Revolutionary guard buys Iran's communcation organization.

Iran's communication organization was up for privatization: price tag, ~8 billion dollars.

The most likely consortium to afford the price, and had announced intention to buy was Pishgaman-e Kavir-e Yazd.

Suddenly, a new bidder was introduced: Consortium of Etemaad-e Mobin; consisting of three companies two of which are "public" and belong to Iran's Revolutionary Guard--now owning 92% of shares! The other contester was "Moasseseh Mehr Eghtesade Iranian", and investment group that belongs to Basij.

Today, the sale took place. Pishgaman was "suddenly" excluded from bidding--as they did not meet the "security" criterion. With IRGC and Basij bidding against eachother, the auction lasted 30 minutes and Etemad-e Mobin (IRGC) won. This has raised worries that the whole "privatization" hype was just an excuse to take the Communication Organization from Public domain, and put it under Military domain.

It is these kind of "sudden" irregularities that the new Nuclear Hype is hiding for Mr Ahmadinejad's Cronies. According to ILNA, Pishgaman is caught by surprise, and has promised legal action.

(I will add more as news and analyses emerge. This is fresh news.)


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Behind the scenes; news lost in the sensationalism of Green New York, Holocaust Denial & Nuclear "secrecy" of Ahmadinejad

I insist, that this "new nuclear site", a fact of which IAEA was made aware last week, but the flag was waved only AFTER Ahmadinejad's UN speech is a smoke screen.

What is happening behind the scenes?

Last week, The Assembly of Experts had its first meeting, and issued a statement in ABSOLUTE support of and subordination to the supreme leader--raising eyebrows, since this body is responsible for overlooking the conduct of the supreme leader and equipped with a vote to impeach him, should he stray from the path of justice and faith that are, constitutionally, the strict requirements of Vali-e Fagih.

The other sensational "controversy" was that this statement was read in the absence of Hashemi Rafsanjani, the HEAD of the Assembly of Experts; raising speculations that he was further sidelined, and that he disagreed with the blanketing support the Assembly was giving to the Leader, Khamenei. This is of course not true. Because Hashemi's web site has published pictures of an amicable meeting between the Assembly members and Khamenei; with Hashemi sitting at the right hand of Khamenei; and also speaking to the assembly. He later issued a statement that it is not the Assembly of Expert, but the expediency council that will be looking into an exit strategy from the current crisis.

There was a little "rumor" yesterday, on Deutsche Welle that a "special committee of expert is examining the option of getting rid of Ahmadinejad and replacing him with a Right wing conservative, Ghalibaf". Ghalibaf was a contender of presidential election in 2005, is an ardent supporter of Khamenei, hates Ahmadinejad's guts--as tape recorded in a private meeting--and is a relatively liked mayor of Tehran, thus likely to calm down the inflamed capitol. Someone (I cannot now recall who) speculated three possibilities that will get rid of Ahmadinejad, while saving the regime's face:

His voluntary resignation
His death or illness
His parliamentary impeachment

In fact, there may be some truth to this rumor, and Mohsen Rezayee, the secretary of the Expediency Council--headed by Hashemi Rafsanjani--seems to be spearheading this commission-or is at least buzzing about it publicly. I believe the last option, impeachment, is the most realistic; and the most likely one. I have a feeling the clergy has come to the conclusion that to save their own skin, they have to scape goat this man--who has been but a pain in their neck; undermining them at all cost and at any chance. The anti-clerical project of Ahmadinejad has become more clear to the establishment.

As I mentioned earlier in the week, after the ban on media to publish anything (good) about Khatami, Mousavi, Karoubi; or any criticism about the election results (a rule that excludes the slander machinery of the government including Keyhan News Paper and False News and IRIB--who have been continuously spreading lies) the media's criticism of the government has shifted to numbers. Different reports are exposing Ahmadinejad's unconstitutional economic policies (, or over 25 billion dollars discrepancy between oil-revenue figures reported by Ahmadinejad's Central bank and Ahmadinejad's Ministry of Oil (, falsification of economic statistics caught by the parliament's audit unit (abrar news), reducing unemployment rates by statistical manipulation (, or government's role in rice crisis--the government crushing local rice production while facilitating importation of cheap and toxic rice.

But what is strengthening the theory of impeachment is a report that "The City of Tehran will audit the accounts of Tehran Mayor between years 2003-2005". These are the years that Ahmadinejad was Tehran mayor. The controversial case of over 300 million dollars (300 billion toman, in IR currency) missing from Ahmadinejad's account books is now reopened for investigation.(

Others seem to smell a pact between Hahsemi and Khamenei as well.

With all economic and political troubles that await him at home, he needs the limelight of Holocaust Denial circus; or the macabre of the new nuclear site.

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Nuclear Red Herring: Iran's black energy versus the Greens

Frankly, I wish it were true! I strongly think it is not!
Why? Because even IAEA admits no material is introduced to this site (i.e. it is not even tested or operational yet!) Nuclear Energy has always been Ahmadinejadist's mask for conducting other masked economic/political activities.

Yes they have a building maybe--which is what Ahmadinejad and Iran's nuclear official Salehi is admiting. But even Ahmadinejad has emphasized that the IAEA can come visit anytime they want!

What may be going on?

Is it Ahmadinejad, who didn't get enough media attention with the Holocaust; and is now using the nuclear issue to derail attention from his internal problems?

Or is it Mujahedin-e Khalagh who betrayed Iran again; playing both of Iran's enemy's hands; and forcing Ahmadinejad's hand by tipping off this "secret" site? I consider Mujahedin-e-Khalgh to be another side of the same ideological coin on which Ahmadinejad exists.

The treason of Mujahedin-e Khalgh, in my view is:

1) derailing their compatriots struggle for democracy; stealing attention from Iran's green movement and pushing them into "silence".

2) putting Ahmadinejad in spotlight--of which he was shunned away in a shameful way, as indicated by empty seats as he delivered his speech at the UN

3) helping the war-sanction seekers' drums become even louder

Is it after Mujahedin's report that Ahmadinejad's tried to turn the table in his favor: coming forth and making official announcement about the site; getting press coverage; and keeping a poker face assuming Obama's not going to press him with sanctions ... (the letter to IAEA was sent on Sept 21; The Mujahedin's whistle blowing took place on Sept 24, the same day that Ahmadinejad spoke at the UN, and the media conference of Salehi happened on Sept 25, after Mujahedin announcement and Ahmadinejad's speech.)

Or is it after Ahmadinejad was humiliated by speaking to empty UN seats that he decided to squeeze himself into political tabloids? Let's not forget he is facing a HUMILIATING return to Iran--especially since Russia had already promised to support sanctions. So, didn't he need to ratchet up the drama a bit to make himself look like the "strong but victimized hero" after meeting with 5+1??

This situation is depressive ... simply depressive ... every side we look, we find MAD MEN who are using us, ordinary Iranians, smart Iranians, brilliant Iranians, peaceful Iranians, humane Iranians, as the gambling chip on the power table ...

  • Sanctions will only hurt ordinary people of weakest socioeconomic opportunities
  • War ... with these assymetric war gurus who have already the victory of fighting the Iran-Iraq war empty handed and kicking out Saddam?? These people (Ahmadinejad's IRCG) LOVE war, seek war!
  • Sanctions and war will only strengthen the underground economy--which is the main battle field of Ahmadinejad and his IRCG cronies; the real reason for "reformist/Hashemi" bashing of the past 8 years
  • Sanctions and war will only blanch our Green movement
  • George Bush handed our reformist movement to Ahmadinejad once with putting us in the axis of evil. Obama, Sarkozy and Brown delivered a new blow ... (Thank you "freedom loving a$$h@les" ...)

Or is this another chess move? Putting the west in a corner to sell them fuel, or else ...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stupid Katie Couric! Doesn't the world have SMARTER media persons throwing at this liar?

Watch CBS Videos Online

Ahmadinejad has now a new picture to lure his gullible Arab audience: Picture of Marwa AlShirbini, the woman who was savagely murdered in Germany.

What Ahmadinejad cleverly does is "CAPILTALIZING on the ignorance" of the mainstream US and world media!

In this interview, he catches Couric in the same ice cold that Couric had caught Palin almost a year ago! Holding up a picture of Marwa: do you know this woman? "Couric: "No". And then he rightly asks: how come the western media knows about Neda and not about Marwa? Of course if I were there I would answer:
Because the world has not seen million-large protests defying a military curfew by Germany trying to hide the crime, or flooding Berlin streets in green, and running global new-media campaigns by Muslims and Arab lobbyists in America, to symbolize Marwa; as Iranians have! Or Because Marwa was killed because of religious hatred and xenophobia; not because of presidential orders for fear mongering. Or because world has heard about Neda being killed in HER OWN MUSLIM COUNTRY and not in the world of "already dismissed" infidels who already have Al-Quaeda and like of you on "revenge" track!!

But then this farce got worse! At the end of this video Couric holds up Holocaust pictures at Ahmadinejad; shaking her dumb head in dismay trying to make him confess that Holocaust happened or didn't happen to PROVE that based on Holocaust denial he has legitimacy or not!

I am bewildered by this level of STUPIDITY! CBS has definitely smarter better prepared and more educated people than this lady!

Here are some of the questions I would have asked Mr Ahmadinejad:
  1. What kind of security, you as a president, are capable of guaranteeing your citizens when a peaceful rally in questioning election result can turn into a blood bath?
  2. How can you chant the peace and justice for the world mantra when you have been incapable to deliver peace and justice in your own country after 100 days of "in your words tragic loss of life of > 30 Iranians"?
  3. You claim the independence of the judiciary system; however many of the arrests and the killings were not carried out by judiciary process. How do you account for that?
  4. How do you explain the paramilitary presence in Judiciary, Universities, Armed forces, and Medicine--as recently revealed?
  5. Why did you not agree to a re-count of the vote?
  6. When you dismiss Holocaust as a myth and claim that western powers do NOT ALLOW RESEARCH on this topic; and claim that you are not interested in layman's approach to history but are interested in scientific approach:
  • What is scientific in setting up a country's agenda on the aim of "return of Imam Mahdi"?
  • What PROOF do you have that research about Holocaust is not "allowed"?
  • If you are interested in Academic freedom, then why are you jailing intellectuals and professors on charges of focusing on "western" humanity sciences?
  • If you are interested in scientific integrity, why have you chosen a "scientifically proven plagiarist" as minister of science?
  • Speaking of academic approach, why have so many of your ministers been caught red-handed faking PhD degrees from universities they never attended?
  • Speaking of history manipulations, why have you ordered a removal of "History of Persian Kingdoms" from the elementary and secondary curricula?
  • Speaking of scientific accountability, why have you never explained the discrepancy in numbers reported (again) by Iran's central bank and Oil ministry: what have you done with the 25 billion dollars oil-revenue?
    7. Speaking of "myth", how do you explain "your myth" that Iranians have freedom (of press and dress) when you jail journalists who criticize you but leave free those who spread slander against your opponents? Or when you issue "dress code" warnings to cloths stores to not carry certain items?
These are only a few of questions that CAN be asked of this liar! He is building his bases on the IGNORANCE of the masses who hate him or love him over Holocaust ...

Can't wait for this Couric to start running a Home & Garden or Gossip show, and rid CBS of her disgrace!

By the way, his UN speech was so hollow that deserves no mention--and with an injured shoulder I could only muster passion to write about the topic I have long started this blog for: countering the media ignorance re Iran! Juan Cole, however, has provided a great rebuttal to many of his empty words.

P.S. a good comment of my best-blog-friend, Pedestrian reminded me I forgot something:
Couric was "reading" her questions--a testimony to her unpreparedness? Or sign that Ahmadinejad specifies what questions he CAN be asked (because recent interviews all seem VERY SIMILAR). If that is the case, the integrity of the media and these kind of reporters like Couric still come to question: why would a network AGREE to be limited to such narrow questioning line? Because Ahmadinejad hikes up their ratings?!!! Or because they have narrowed interests themselves (since they has prepared Holocaust pictures after all) If so, then tyrants can always win the media game!

P.S. Well I am sure those who read this post have also seen his interview with Larry King. But did you know Ahmadinejad declined to be interviewed by Fareed Zakaria and by Christian Amanpour??

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Would the world walk into Ahmadinejad's Holocaust-denial trap to forget about his atrocities at home?

Iranian-Americans warn that the UN walk-out on Ahmadinejad should be on his human rights abuse; as he has previously used the holocaust-denial smoke screen to distract attention from his unpopularity in Iran, buy himself sympathy from Anti-Zionists and shame his Iranian opposition into joining the Jewish lines of protest?!--thus by getting himself more proof that his opposition is also zionist!!!!!

The Daily Beast (Reza Aslan)

I will soon provide an update on new economic "revelations" about Ahmadinejad's economic "opacity", and under-the-table deal makings especially with Venezuela, to strengthen his support outside while faced with popular AND parliamentary opposition inside!

Also, the Assembly of Experts seems intent to clip Ahmadinejad's wings, while sparing the supreme leader. More will come when the dust settles. Right now, I am tuned to NY!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Angry Arab say: A survey done by world opinion shows 81% of Iranians consider Ahmadinejad President!

Angry Arab thinks he knows better!

WELL to all those idiots who think "Anonymous; Maryland-funded Telephone polls" in Iran mean anything:


Whatever gives you idiots the illusion that in a country, where arrested individuals are presented with a record of all their previous personal and private phone conversation (to a lover, a friend, a brother, a radio station) to be pressured into a corner, they will DARE to speak truthfully on the phone to "automated" phone surveys??!!!!

This study is flawed! And the journalism that sucks is that of the like of Angry Arabs; who are not very happy with the fact that Iranians are bringing to surface the UGLY reality of their Anti-Israeli clown!

You are afraid of Iranian funds stopping to flow into your Hamas and Hizbollah vaults, right?!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Parviz Meshkatian, 54, dies ...

Persian Musician; Santour Maestro; dies at 54 of cardiac arrest.
This deserves a national day of mourning!

New York awaits the "thing": Ahmadinejad

Tue. 22 September 6:30pm – “Iran Alive”
47th St. & 2nd Ave.

Art installation and performance dedicated to the people of Iran. A short film projected on a 300-person human screen with audio featuring recorded messages from Iranians inside Iran.

Wed. 23 September

12:30pm – Rally outside the Iran mission to the United Nations
40th St. & 3rd Ave.

The Iran mission serves as Ahmadinejad’s NYC headquarters when he visits the United Nations. Ahmadinejad will be meeting with allies throughout the week, so this is a chance to make our strong presence felt.

3:00pm – Procession to the United Nations Plaza
Walk north on 3rd Ave. to 47th St., and east into the main rally area.

4:00pm – Rally outside the United Nations Building
Enter from 2nd Ave. & 47th St.

Ahmadinejad is to speak before the UN General Assembly around 5:00pm; our rally will last the duration of his speech.

Thu. 24 September 10:30am – March with the Green Scroll across the Brooklyn Bridge
Gather at Cadman Plaza Park in Brooklyn.

For a downloadable flier for this event, click here (pdf)

Thu. 24 September – Music for Iran, social event fundraiser
Location and time TBA

Participants include Denis Halliday, Arash from Kiosk, Fatemeh Haghighatjou, Masih Ali Nejad, Hamid Dabashi, Chris Hedges, Reese Erlich, Halee, Meetra A. Sofia, and more.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

What does the internet think?

Time for some fun: try
Yup; Ahmadinejad is the most hated creature on the planet! Ahuh! Even worse than Bush!
And Khatami is as positive as Love!
The winner of internet's positive thoughts is SEX ;)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Children of Hashemi Rafsanjani ask the Judiciary to audit their wealth to put an end to Ahmadinejad's insinuations about their corruption.

(Their letter needs major persian editing! It's full of run ons and etc; and a lot of times it is had to make sense of it for English speakers; but I translate it in full, unless specified, and color code the important parts of it.)

Honorabple head of the judiciary of the Islamic republic of Iran, ... [Greetings]
Respectfully, the start of your appointment at the helm of Iran's justice system and [your] emphasis on execution of the law has doubled our hope in progressing "judiciary system according to Islamic justice"; "safe guarding people's rights", and establishing "a just legal security for all" as stated in the Constitution--the blood price of thousands of martyrs of this revolution--and has encouraged us to bring our complaints to your attention via this letter, may our individual and social rights be reclaimed according to the judiciary duty stated in the 156th principle of the National Charter.

As you are aware, character assassination and defamation of the leaders of the revolution have been one of the weapons of Islamic Revolution's enemies in the past 30 years. Aiming to destroy the genuine models of the main goals of the revolution [they have] cast doubt on justness, diligence and dedicated service of executives who expect nothing in return, in order to discredit this unique movement and bring about the conditions of return to an era when powers can continue their exploitations without worrying about people's demand for justice.

Unfortunately, next to a few naive individuals, groups and parties with a certain internal political agenda have joined the enemy's chorus; and on a platform of rumors and insinuations that endanger the legal and moral bases of the revolution and the country, by taking advantage of public sentiments, have gained their intended power and positions.

Our honorable father, the selfless serving child of this movement and this people, Hashemi Rafsanjani, is someone who, because of his unique and unforgettable role in all levels of tis revolution in over half a century, has had the largest share of these immoral, illegal and unethical attacks. The key to enemy's failure and his survival, despite their animosity has to be sought in his eternal service during struggle [against Pahlavi], sacred defense [against Saddam] and reconstruction [post-war 2-term presidency]; and in Imam [Khomeini]'s words, who linked the life of this movement to Hashemi's life--a statement that was not made about anyone else with such assertion and such expression.

The purpose of this letter, however, is not to defend this pillar of revolution and the country, as God is his supporter [للبیت رب بحمیه?]. Enemy's last device, after they failed to tarnish the image of this man of service, and after they became aware of the ineffectiveness of their previous tactics, has been to spread rumors and lies about the children of Hashemi Rafsanjani since a while ago but increasingly in recent years.

We "Hashemi's", like the rest of the people of this country, can claim our rights. Although we declare that father's position has never provided us any facilities; and that no one deserves any advantage over another unless in purity of hard work for Islam, Revolution, country and the nation; but, since these rumors and accusations are used as a leverage to eliminate Hashemi from the scene; and since knowingly or unknowingly this water turn's enemy's mills, we insist on claiming our rights [from the judiciary system] and if [you can] not [help], we leave the matter to God's just and fierce might on the judgement day.

Ayatoolah Amoli Larijani,
It is clear that continuation of previous trend that a few individuals with a sense of immunity to legal challenge spread such rumors is neither in correpondance with shari'a, law and morals; nor is it in the interest of the country and our society; and it causes serious damage to the revolution and our country, because: [below I have shortened some paragraphs of their reasoning]

  • Defamations violate individual rights that are guaranteed under 2nd article of the Constitution; and deny individuals the right to defense as specified in the 34th article of the Constitution
  • Ignore the 37th article of the constitution according to which innocence is assumed unless guilt is proven [then remind the supreme judge of illegal behavior of certain ahmadinejadist factions]
  • With respect to opposition to order, morales, public rights and credibility of managerial and legal executives: breaking ethics by spreading rumors, lies, accusations, insult and public deception and ..., breaking the public trust by what they claim is whistle blowing, and mixing this with falsifications of the world media, which has no end, create hopelessness and indifference in people and make the country vulnerable to plots and increasing pressures from outsde, while giving the foreigners opportunity to claim proof of their 30-years old allegations; breaking the managerial structure of the country because then any one at any position will utilize any tool, be it lies or accusations, to climb the power ladder; implying that the country's high executives have been unable to rein in the rich and the corrupt, thus suggesting illegitimacy and ineffectiveness of the system; alluding to incapability of the justice system in addressing the crimes of such groups and thus implying absence of legal safetty; ignoring public rights and breaking the rules of Islamic shari'a; will be some of the outcomes of such trend
  • More importantly, damaging the ideological bases of the revolution and the system, by alluding to the ineffectiveness of the Islamic government; which based on Prophet and Saint's teachings, and under the responsibilities of the absolute "Vali-e Faghih", aims to establish an Islamic Utopia according to Islamic ideology, principles and rules; and hold the government accountable to "generate suitable environment for growth of moral deeds" [I really have difficulty editing their Persian!]

Ayatollah Amoli Larijani,

So far, several organizations such as the Ministry of Intelligence, The Organization of General Audit, and in one instance a special commission formed by consensus from high officials of the country, have examined these matters, but their results are unfortunately not announced to the public.

Despite having access to all documentations in the executive offices of the country in the past four years, the respectable[!] government has not provided any evidence in proof of any of their rumors.

In our view, this is why despite repeated and persistent requests from the victims of such defamations, expectations from the public and obligations from the legal system to refer these accusations to courts, these accusations have been just used to manipulate the public opinion.

Perhaps this is why recently, by publicizing the confessions of those accused in recent events--which even if were legal were pertinent only to those individuals--they are trying to fabricate evidence against one of the signatories of this letter.

On the other hand, unfortnately, the judiciary system has failed to address several complaints about violation of guaranteed individual rights under articles 34, 36, 61 and 156 of the Constitution.

We, Fatemeh, Mohsen, Fa'ezeh, Mehdi and Yasser Hashemi, with trust in God, first to claim our personal rights; next to have acted within principles of sharia to revived the public rights, guard the principle of law and moral values; and at last to request the judiciary officials to obey Ayatollah Khamenei's order, who on the Friday prayer of 29 Khordad 1388, exonerated the character of Mr Hashemi [their father] and emphasized that "people have to pay attention to the facts", and forbid allegations "before establishing proof in the judiciary system" which in his view "misguides the society and the youth's minds", and who ordered prosecution of the actors of such defamations.

We ask your honor, who are well educated in science and religion, who avoid to play in the hands of power at the expense of law and morales, who claim independence of the judiciary, who will "rot in hell if you choose power and earth over the law" [sorry this is what they mean in 4 lines of unpleasantries], to appoint a competent and independent referee with full authority, and immune to political games, to undertake investigation of these accusations and rumors and announce the results to the brave and intelligent people of Islamic Iran and to the respectable officials of the country; and to put an end to this illegal trend by applying justice. Although in execution of his legal duties, the head of the judiciary in 1376 clearly testified that the belongings of the President [Hashemi's presidency ended in 1376] and his family had diminished; and testified to the falsity of accusations, but the hands of conspiracy are still at work to in addition to ignoring that ruling, blame us for all of the corruptions of the past years that we have had no access to any power or public funds. They are repeating these accusations from public tribunes and media to smokescreen the investigation of the potential illegal activities of the [current] rulers. Worse, is that they unjustly claim that the "powerhouses" prevent them from investigation of these accusations!

We trust that your honor, who in the first hours of your appointment stated no tolerance for deviation from the law, will order your honest and just judges to fully examine all allegations and rumors, and to make announcing the results to us a priority.

At the end, we emphasize that with this request, we have made it clear that if today, those who have access to legal power do not seek justice for us, we will seek justice in God's just presence! [duuh!]

gratitude and etc ...

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Morning After! (press covers)

Major difference between the reformist versus deformist papers?
The reformist ones show actual massive crowds and the reformist leaders; but the conservative ones show people through illusionist lens (with lots of colors) and NO leaders in the crowd (e.g. no Ahmadinejad!)

Hayat-e Noe

Where are the aerial photos of the "official news" agencies?

I am laughing my heart out looking at lens manipulation of Fars News' famous photo agency!! I think they are busy photoshopping green flags out of giant crowds:

here are some photos published by fars news until 7:39 Eastern time (Iran time ~ 4 Pm)

In protest to Western powers Ahmadinejad has said: "Western governments issue a UN Human Rights Resolution, even when a city-car goes over a cat's foot"!!!! (We used to be dust; now we are cats!)

And here are some pictures published by the "Greens" unofficial sites: (You can find a number of accumulating videos here)

Also, the "official" news agencies are saying that Khatami was confronted by angry protesters who didn't want his "hypocritical presence in this holy event!!!" Look at the smile on the Riot Police's face when he is greeting Khatami!

From a video of people greeting Karoubi when he arrives: people chant Karoubi Karoubi Hemayatat mikonim:

And a picture-proof of Mousavi, calm and certain, in the crowds! The man who is holding the baby seems to be protesting at something; but would someone be able to protest to Ahmadinejad like that, you think?

Compare the green crowds of this video to this pro-govenment ladies holding the palestinian flag (photo from AFP):

History Made! (will be updated during the day)

In a live Radio interview with Ahmadinejad; chants of Ahmadi; Ahmadi Este'faa Este'fa (resign resign) are heard!.

The state media's spin: "People became angry with Khatami and Karoubi's presence and forced them away from the rally!!!

By the way, did you catch Ahmadinejad's interview with NBC when he said we have no problem with freedom of speech?!!

Karoubi-Karoubi-Hemayat-at Mikonim (Karoubi, we support you)

LOOK AT THIS: Cannon, Tank, Basiji; Are no longer effective!

They DID it!

Here (note this picture was old; I keep it to piss off some British spy who keeps chastising me about it ;) The new picture of attack was on NYT's front page), President Khatami was attacked by Ahmadinejadist thugs-but saved by greens and the riot police dispersed the thugs (also called Lebas-shakhsi; or (unfortunately) Basiji) [someone is claiming the above picture of khatami under attack is old; but the one below published by the parliament's news agency is new and fresh out of the oven!)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Natarseed! Natarseed! Ma Hameh Ba Ham Hasteem!

UPDATE: They did it; flooded the streets; overwhelmed the Arabic sounds played from governmental loud speakers with chants of: "Na Ghazeh; na Lobnaan ; Janam fadaye Iran" (Ni Gaza, Ni Liban; Ma vie, just pour Iran). Responded to "Down with Israel" with "Down with Russia". Saved President Khatami from Keyhanist thugs who attacked him and injured him. And followed Karoubi, from 7 Tir, through Karimkhan, to Vali-Asr square in waves of green--while Ahmadinejad made history by being the first president to NOT RALLY in Quds day! The so called champion of palestinian cause had to be transported to Tehran U--which is sealed off by black tents to mainstream the media coverage--in heavily armored car; wearing his over sized coat hiding his bullet vest; and circled with hordes of body guards ...

Ahmadinejad had said: "Liars are cowards; is this government a coward?"

I think he has answered his question himself!

Coward! Especially after Russia has made a little detour on him--hinting that well maybe sanctions can be useful! Some speculate that Russia's little detour has scared the government into backing off from "threatening" protesters today! In fact, it was the riot police who helped deterr the Basijis who had attacked Khatami! Today, is full of events!

Don't fear!
Don't fear!
We are all,

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hashemi kicked out of Friday Prayer!

The assholes are too scared! They kicked Hashemi out of his traditional Quds-day Friday Prayer agenda! Instead Ahmadinejad and a clown called Ahmad-Khatami will be conducting the Quds-day ceremonies!

As my brilliant friend says: " They directly tell everyone 'we know who you hate the most, so we'll use them on Quds Day to keep you away!!!"


President Khatami has made a public call to reformists to participate in Quds Day rally--which marks resistance to tyranny exercised against Palestinians!

so has Khomeini's grandson

So has Mir Hossein Mousavi

So has Ayatoolah Sane'i

So has Mahdi Karoubi
We will not let them take away our country!

Fascism has no place in Iran!

And by signing up to give a speech, Ahmadinejad the fascist has given Iran a GREAT gift:
people can now flood the streets!


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The much anticipated sale of century in Iran: privatization of 50% of Iran's communication organization: CANCELLED!!!

This is bizarre! Everyone was bracing for IRGC to purchase that!!

No reason was offered!!!

Notable: on Sunday, Tehran's stock marked was closed; unprecedentedly!!

Please see my older post for economic "oddities" of these past few days!!

Why are Montazeri's grandchildren arrested?

Caption: In November 1986 [10 Aban, 1365?], when Khamenei (now the supreme leader) was the Imam of Friday Prayer, he said: "continuation and strength of Juriprudence is summarized in the soul of the Grand Ayatollah Montazeri". (Picture source)

[For your information, Ayatollah Montazeri is a key theoretician of Islamic governance under Velayat-e Faghih--as practiced in Iran since 1979 revolution.]

His three grandchildren were arrested! (Actually, it seems more of the children of the reformist Quom clergy are arrested!)

This is an excerpt of why Ahmadinejad's truning the heat on the Quom [Iran's Vatican!] Establishment. Montazeri's making an unmistakable call to "Jihad" against the Coup d'etat forces:

The honorable religious leaders are well aware that throughout history, they have been the shelter and the refuge of the people from the tyranny and the injustice of the rulers; and have been privileged to stand next to the people and defend their rights against the ruthless despots; and have suffered and paid a price for this stance--may God reward them the best of Islam [? it's Arabic.]

Of course, unfortunately this brilliant reputation was damaged after the Islamic Revolution, when in the face of several inappropriate actions, the religious leaders failed in their duty of "amr-e be ma'roof & Nahy-e Az monkar" [ordering to goodness and forbidding illegitimacy; is one of the principles of Islamic practice]. Although perhaps the clergy was not responsible, but a shift in morals and actions, with the theory of "the end justifies the means" put the religious establishment on a slippery slope that distanced it from initial goals of the revolution and endangered its position so much so that today, the spiritual position of clergy and the traditional bases of Islam and religion are compromised--perhaps even irreparably! The close ties between the clerical establishment and religion has made Islam vulnerable to people's approval of the clergy's stances. In this situation, the responsibility of religious leaders becomes more prominent because not only are they responsible for performing their religious duties, but they are also responsible for saving the reputation of religion and cleansing its image from the atrocities that take place in the name of religion. [some short technical religious resoning for mullahs, then:] The criminal events that took place in front of the religious leader's eyes, after the presidential election, is a warning bell for clergy. In these events, much atrocity and injustice was done in the name of religion and with the backing of a small minority of the dependent [read financially] clerical community. After that, with the right to peaceful protest, guaranteed under the 27th clause of the Constitution, people took to streets to express their discontent to the government. Instead of addressing people's concerns in a logical and constructive way, the government called them foreigner vandals and thugs; and assaulted the men and the women with utmost violence; threw them in jails and martyred several of them on streets or in infamous prisons.

Interestingly, it was the government who raised arms on the defenseless and innocent people, jailed and killed them, but called them
the enemy! They [the government] created the crisis but called people the instigators of chaos!

Simultaneously, they began arresting some of the political elite of the country who had a resume of valuable service to Iran and the revolution, putting them on illegitimate and illegal trials and forcing them to fake confessions, making these sham trials the laughing stock of the world, discrediting the Islamic justice; and instead of prosecuting the commanders and perpetrators of crimes--and sufficing to promise their prosecution; just like they promised prosecution of the chain murders-- they arrested people's servants and put pressure on dear Mr Mousavi and Karoubi--may God keep them safe and successful--, closed teir offices and their newspapers and arrested their co-thinkers and associates, accusing well intending servants in state-dependent media, even spreading lies and rumors from the holy tribune of Friday prayer, further alienating people and tarnishing their belief in clergy in religious leadership and in dear Islam.
The respectable religious leaders are well aware of their influence on the rulers; and know that at least in appearance and for now, the government needs them to justify its legitimacy. They also know that he government takes advantage of their silence to its own interest. Then, is it justified to adopt silence on important matters on which the credit and value of religion depends, such as claiming the rights of the people and safeguarding the faith of large numbers of youth that the government; and to give an impression that in the silence they are complicit in wrongdoings to a sample of which I pointed