Friday, October 12, 2012

Kiarostami: Announces next film in Israel

From Kiarostami's Persian facebook, in a conversation with Cafe Cinema کافه سینما (on the occasion of the NYFF screening of his second feature film made in Japan: Like Someone in Love (2012), which premiered at the Cannes film festival)

Kiarostami has spoken about his experience, as a director, operating outside Iran:

"I feel differently, during the screening of my films. When I see them among Iranians I am very stressed. I feel responsible for every detail, every person, every character, the plot, even the street that I show. But when watching my latest films, I feel removed, like a guest artist and director with a temporary responsibility. Characters, have a life and reality that is not part of my responsibility,  I am just a part of them. I even think the audience is closer to the film than I am." [translation by Naj]

He has added that he loves to return to make films in Iran, that he has several ready projects, while working on one that is to be shot in Israel.

At the end, while denouncing and rejecting any kind violence, he also stated that he does not condone and accept cultural disrespect and assault on any people's beliefs. However he expressed content that the reactions in Iran were more civilized than the rest of the Muslim world, that the calm and non violent objection by Iranians offers hope that people can react and protest in calm and peacefully.

Here, you can find a full recent interview by Daniel Kasman.