Thursday, February 23, 2012

The guy who wants to throw me in the ocean!

Below, a facebook comment from someone who objects to my never-changing position on Iranian sanctions, which is: "if you don't want a cold-war in the middle east, then stop threatening nations like Iran, while empowering states like Israel, with a track record of breaking the international law."

My comment was in response to Alan Ayre, the persian speaking spokesperson for the White House, who was surveying opinions whether Iranians blame the economic hardship they are suffering on the sanctions or on the regime.

So the gentleman brings up a lot of good ideas, of what Iran could have done and been, if it was not mismanaged by a bunch of idiots, as it is now. But I don't like the part that he wants to throw guys like me in the ocean; it sounds fascistic!

Here's his comment:

Dear Alan, do you see this guy Naj? He is the type that keeps the brutal Islamic State in power, supports the raping of the male and female political prisoners, advocates the narcotic trafficking and the vast prostitution, the rampant economical and the social corruptions and more across Iran. He is the true enemy of the Iranian people. He lines up with the Islamic State against Israel and the West and deeply supports Russians who had betrayed Iran throughout our history. This nimrod has never asked himself what Israel ever done to Iran, other than defending its nation against Hamas and Hezbollah who proxy for Iran? He repugnantly defies the world against Tehran’s nuclear ambition but he doesn’t take a moment to ask, why Islamic State should spend so endlessly on its nuclear project where vast majority of Iranian live below poverty line, 4 year old children are begging for food or money at every major intersections of Tehran till wee hours of the night? He is so incapable of figuring out that if someday (god knows when) the Bushehr nuclear power plant begins to operate, it will ONLY deliver 1500 MW of the overall 75000 MW demand, not mentioning that his favorite country Russia has robbed Iranians of fortune for this power plant over the past 25 years and haven’t delivered a thing. With the money his favorite regime has spent on the nuclear project, we could have built several oil refinery so we wouldn’t have to import oil from foreign countries, we could have created so many jobs where our educated young people could go to work, we could have build sufficient metro rail system that would solve our public transportation problem in the major cities, and to eliminate the horrific air pollution that has captured our lounges, killing several thousand people annually. We could have built enough highways with proper standards to respond to our ever growing needs, so during the major holidays our travelers don’t have to spend 15 hours to get to Caspian Sea shores from Tehran which is only 140 km away. If we could throw guys like Naj in the ocean perhaps our transition to freedom will be much smoother.