Tuesday, September 4, 2007

WP: accessory to NYT, the instrument of the crime!

Well New York Times and Washington Post seem to be in cahoots! No big surprise!

In the previous post, I have provided the REAL text of the IAEA agreements with Iran regarding the nuclear issue. So that door is slammed in their face! But they are now accusing Iranians of killing Americans!

Says who?
On August 21st, Washington Post comes up with this jolly editorial: Tougher on Iran: The Revolutionary Guard is at war with the United States. Why not fight back? Where is this line coming from? The Israel Lobby!

And what are these facts based on?
As Garth Porter of The American Prospect reveals: The New York Times military reporter Michael Gordon!

Who is Michael Gordon?
Gordon played a key role, along with Judith Miller, in legitimizing a major theme of the Bush administration's Iraq propaganda -- the infamous aluminum tubes argument -- as the White House Iraq Group kicked off its campaign to prepare public opinion for war in September 2002.
Now whom does Gordon claim to derive his facts from?

"supposedly" from Brig. Gen. Bergner!

But what did Brig. Gen. Bergner actually say?
  • Brig. Gen. Bergner offered no real evidence of Iranian involvement in planning the January attack in his press briefing on July 2.
  • Bergner never even explicitly claimed such direct Iranian involvement in the planning.
  • When in the press release Bergner failed to claim a direct Iranian involvement -- or even through a Hezbollah operative in Iraq -- in the planning of the January raid in Karbala, Gordon pushed him to state clearly that the Iranians not only helped plan but actually "directed" the attack on Americans.
  • He responded: "Michael, I can't substantiate that proposition."
  • What Bergner said in his prepared statement was that both Hezbollah operative Ali Musa Daqduq, who was in liaison with the militia group which carried out the attack, and Kais Khazali, the Iraqi said to have been in charge of the group.
  • Bergner provided a number of details in the briefing about Hezbollah training of Shiite militia groups in Iran, including the number of sites, their location, and the number of militiamen trained at any given time, he did not claim that the specific group in question had been trained by Hezbollah, either in Iran or anywhere else.
  • In that briefing, Gordon pushed Bergner to say that the purpose of Iranians was to try to "capture these American soldiers in the hope of trading them for the detained IraqiBergner refrained from addressing Gordon's restatement of the story as Iranian help and guidance of the January attack." officials."
What had Gen Petraeus said about the Iranian involvement in American killings?
In an April 26 press briefing, Petraeus had referred to a 22-page memorandum captured with the Shiite prisoners that he said "detailed the planning, preparation, approval process and conduct of the operation that resulted in five of our soldiers being killed in Karbala." But he did not claim that either the document or the interrogation of Khazali had suggested any Iranian or Hezbollah participation in, much less direction of the planning of the Karbala assault.
Petreaus even insisted that they had no evidence of Iranian involvement: "No. No. No. That -- first of all, that was the operation that you mentioned, and we do not have a direct link to Iranian involvement in that particular case."

At the time Petraeus made this statement, Khazali, the chief of the militia group that had carried out the attack, had been in U.S. custody for more than a month. Despite nearly five weeks of intensive interrogation of Khazali, Petraeus's comments would indicate that U.S. officials had not learned anything that implicated Iran or Hezbollah in the planning or execution of the Karbala attack.

As I intend to disappear for the next little while:

Here's some food for thought and topics for discussion:

James Joiner talking about why Bush is controlling us.

I also had a good find this afternoon, picking up a DVD on sale: This Film is Not Rated by Dick Kirby. It is a hilarious documentary uncovering the secrecy of Hollywood's MPA, but more importantly about Hollywood's sinister ties to Washington, Military, and Church (and I won't rule out the mob!! Excellent film! Please let me know if you have seen this film, and what you think about it. I'd appreciate yoru thoughts VERY MUCH!


Anonymous said...

Excellent summary. Americans need to realize that the Chimpromised MSM has no intention of doing anything but wht they've done since 2000-act as Chimpy's propaganda arm.

Keep spreading the goos word. And know that I appreciate it.

Anon-Paranoid said...

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Hope this helps, you may need to try it a few times before you get use to it.

Let me know if your able to get it or don't understand.

God Bless.

Naj said...

Hi Anon, Thanks a lot ... but which link doesn't work? Where?

I am familiar with html coding; but I cannot open Jim's links; they are truncated :) sorry confused about your message :))

Anon-Paranoid said...

Now I understand. I noticed that his links, on some of them, didn't look right.

I'll go back and take another look at them and get back too you and also see what jim says on them.

God Bless.

Anon-Paranoid said...

I'm sorry, the link you left on my site for a rueters news article.

God Bless.

Larry said...

Good summary and good job you are doing getting the word out today Naj.

I sometimes have trouble with Jim's links as well.

I just post them in the broswer to get them open.

Anon-Paranoid said...

Here you go.

Link 1

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Here are three links from his post. If you need any more please let me know and I'll try to get them for you tomorrow night.

I need to hit the hay as I work tomorrow.

God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Reconstitution blogroll.

Coffee Messiah said...

Amazing that the Propaganda machine still spins, with all we know and that there are people who still accept it as gospel! ; (

Anonymous said...

This Film Is Not Yet Rated- on google vid

jmsjoin said...

I was just going to see if you had anything new you were discussing and let you know I was going to link to you so I can keep abreast.
I noticed there was a problem with my links and thank Anon for setting things straight. I must admit my expertise if you will is news and Political analysis and know zero about computers.
Anon just educated me on links and I will practice them myself. I use to put them on kos first and that truncated them but I have got to learn how to do it the right way. Thanks!

QUASAR9 said...

Hi naj, following up on the previous post - nothing new but
Harnessing the Stars: EU to Attempt Laser-based Fusion getting a step closer every day.

Now that's more like my cup of tea

HopeSpringsATurtle said...

Fucking nonsense. If this Iran-bashing-lead-up-to-bombing continues, this country will have stepped into the breach creating WWIII. I pray cooler heads will prevail.

David said...

Hello Naj,

I came across this piece talking about planning and preparation for a massive attack on Iran. I have no way to know if this is factual or fabrication, but it is very disturbing:



Anon-Paranoid said...

Ran into this article and thought you might be interested in it.

We Are Going To Hit Iran. Bigtime.

It looks serious and today we found out that 5 Nukes were flown across America to New Orleans.

They claim it was a mistake, however from what I've been reading over at No Quarter which is linked on my site, they don't think so.

This is getting more scarier by the minute.

Take care and ...

God Bless.

Naj said...

Hi David, Anon,

Yes I read this "are going to hit Iran" and it appears to me as the usual "gossip" planted to test the sentiments. It's a form of unofficial survey!

It's important to be LOUD against the war. The media silence about Iran is slightly worrisome. I like it better when they are showing fists at eachother :)

But I am sure American army is not corrupt! There will/should be an uprising!

There BETTER be!

Larry said...

We need to pressure those in Congress to stop the enabling of Bush and his dreams for war.

As election season draws near, the voices and protests of the masses will be crucial.

Anon-Paranoid said...

Over eighty percent of the American People want our troops out of Iraq.

At least 70 percent of the American People maybe more do not want a war with Iran.

Our representatives are not listening to what we are telling them.

The Decider Der Fuhrer Bush don't give a damn what anyone says and tells the Congress to go get ***ked, so what are we to do.

I'm afraid that even if millions marched in Washington it would not matter and he would use the Military against the American People and shot them in the streets.

And if the Military wouldn't obey orders he would use his paid mercenary's to handle the riots that will surly happen.

naj, I'm really afraid there is nothing we the people can do short of a Revolution.

I'm sorry, I truly am.

God Bless.

Naj said...

Then "DO" a Revolution!