Saturday, November 3, 2007

Stop the Second Holocaust Campaign

The common line of Zionist vendetta against Iran is: "Stop the Second Holocaust." I suspect there are sufficient facile and inherently paranoid Jewish minds who may buy this line of propaganda.

I wish to invite all those who consider Iran to pose a threat of 2nd Holocaust and 3rd WW to provide a comparative analysis between Hitler, Ahmadinejad and George W Bush to compare and contrast who is the most likely agent of the WW3!

Imagine, if in 1933, Hitler was trying to unite the world by saying:"The Jews are going to be the cause of WW2, and we need to annihilate them in order to prevent the perils of WW2."

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Anonymous said...

Hi Naj
are you suggesting that there was a first Holocaust against the Jews of Europe? Because the Iranian president does not believe it, and I wonder why you think it is so.

Naj said...


I am not "suggesting", I am sure there was a first Holocaust in Europe.

The president of Iran is not questioning the existence of holocaust, he is asking questions about the "whys" of Holocaust, and post-holocaust political instrumentation of the event to suppress a group of people who had nothing to do with Holocaust: i.e. Palestinains!

Larry said...

In modern day comparisons, Bush will prove to be worse than Hitler ever imagined.

Bush is just getting started with his evil.

Anonymous said...

Hi Naj
No, the President's conference DID challenge whether the Holocaust occurred. There are many Holocaust deniers and they spoke at the Iranian conference.

Bush is in his final year in office, so how can he just be "getting started" with his evil? That sounds like crazy hype.

Sorry, I think Saddam Hussein killed more people than Bush, and it looks like Saddam was more hated by his own people and other Arab nations too.

bijan said...

Rice to hold new Jerusalem talks

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has arrived in Jerusalem - her eighth visit to the city this year - for talks with Israeli and Palestinian leaders.

bijan said...

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Aardvark EF-111B said...

Hahaha :)

neither Najad nor Bush have the ability to affect the course of events as Hitler did at [1933-1941]

i don't understand what are you trying to jump into Naj?

Larry said...

Check out this blog for further comparisons and the reality ahead:

Three World Wars

HopeSpringsATurtle said...

randyfx: you are wrong about Bush's murder record. Check the latest stats on Iraqi and Afghani civilian deaths. They are in the millions.

Naj...this attack against Iran will not go forward. I have had the insight that bush has finally gone too far and the American people will step up and stop him. I pray I'm right.

Anonymous said...

How pathetic you and others who use a tragedy of millions of civilians killed in a cold blood just because of their religion in their country by their people although they are not part of regime or state power.

Is it time to keep the respect to those who lost their lives in most horrific way, is it enough people using this massacre to justify their regimes, government, militia and terrorists of their action of not respecting other or mangling in the regions states with dishonesty and barbaric ways on claims of their believes?

You should be ashamed and shut up of linking that massacre to what the regime in Iran doing and did in the past.

If you clever enough look to the maps and see how many HOT areas that Iranians regime had created in the past 25 years.

But let’s not forgot this regime in Teheran admitted by his tope terrorist’s Commander Ali Khaminie that Iran helped US in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Lets not forgot this regime when Khomeini calling to “Wipe Israel From The Map” he was hidden get his weapons and parts from the SATAN and Israel.

Finally look to this pathetic Iranians Foreign ministry spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini telling his plan for Iraq, its so ironic he mangling in the Iraqi internal affairs as if Iraq is part of Iran!

The plan also proposes the integration of some militia groups into the security forces. However there was no mention of any names such as the Mehdi Army of militant Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr.
"All the militias who have not cooperated with any organised terrorist groups should be forgiven and give up their arms. The government of Iraq should make use of some of them in the military and the police," Hosseini said.

Other proposals include a two-year suspension of efforts to find solutions to thorny problems such as oil sharing, the status of provinces and the multi-ethnic city of Kirkuk.

An amnesty for prisoners detained for "acting against the government" and the opening of embassies by all neighboring countries should also take place.

Naj said...


Glad to see you!
This attack on Iran may or may not happen, but in the greater scheme of things, Bush has lit up a fire in the world, in the name of "war on terror" that has legitimized religious-named atrocity to an uncanny extent.

Just look at what is happening in Pakistan! The "great alliance" between Bush and anti-terrorist Musharaf ...

Truth of the matter is, wherever the American administration/army sets foot it turns into a pond of infectious slime.

To stop a war on Iran is no longer enough.

We also are learning that there is little difference between Democrats and Republicans when it comes to messing up other people's lives.

If America is awakening to the monster it has been housing in its belly, it has to reflect in their votes.

We shall see.

I suspect you are one of those Arabs who think Iran has wrecked Iraq. You should remember that Saddam is the one who holds that responsibility!

You can't blame the Iranian government for being self- protective.

Now on the topic of "millions of people being murdered in their own state because of religious belief".
That indeed remains a great atrocity in the history of modern man. The fact that Holocaust happened in the 40s remains the most horrendous fact of the century. It is however being topped by REPETITION of the SAME set of practices and ideological preconditionings.

Jews were not the only people Nazis massacred. They killed slaves, communists, gypsies, old, mentally ill and handicapped Germans as well. However, when the Jews were being specifically targeted, before bringing in the "race" card, they (their artists, intellectuals, industrialists) were being demonized as a "threat to German values and morales." The Jews were not killed because of their "religion" but because of the strong cultural identity ascribed to them.

Did you know why Nazis killed their "lesser" victims on gas chambers? Because "to have to shoot them was demoralizing to the 'fine and sensitive morale of the good German soldier'!!!!!!" Thus the death was made invisible to th executioner. Speak of smoke screen!!

How is that practice any different than: "we are going to launch a massive aerial attack and bomb x-y-z country to stone age, because we don't want to jeopardize the lives of well trained/equipped American soldiers (but we don't suffer guilt if innocent lives are lost in our massive aerial strikes)"

How is hiding the victims from the executioners different from training the American soldiers with virtual warfare, making a running Iraqi more than a mere "target" on the x-box?

How is this so called "war on terror (that happens to be Islamic only because they have decided muslims are ruining the German err sorry American morale) different from the war on Jews?

Yes theocracy and ideological statemanship IS the cause of many a peril around the world. Just look at Israel, a "jewish" state. Had it not been "faith", I doubt the Jews would have endured as much suffering as they have, and would have caused as much horror as they have to settle in a desert, in the heart of foes!

The ideology, however, is more than a dress on the naked reality of human's wish to survive, and human's greed to expand. The former is in nature, the latter is a disease.

Iran's buying weapons from Israel and US was justified because Iranians had to "survive".

Iraq's attacking Iran was an "ill" practice. And Saddam died of his own malaise.

So did Hitler!

So will Bushits!

These people (neocons) are still early in their game, and they are disillusioned! History will straighten them up! until another lunatic takes the command of the sheepish masses!

HopeSpringsATurtle said...

Keep the faith Naj. I know it's hard but if we lose our faith we are lost. We shall prevail over these criminals. And whether you have a US rep or not your voice is a valuable addition to the call for justice.

Watch Olbermann's Special Comment. It will give you hope. The American People WILL STAND UP.

Naj said...


I have been saying for a long time that the ONLY people who can change this are the American people. I just hope they are faster, and wiser.

Maybe the Americans should learn "resistance" from their African Americans.

I don't know. People don't have time to be smart! That's what it is.

Anok said...

I wasn't sure where this was going, but I like your second to last comment a great deal. I've been doing a bit of comparative research and I agree that this administration has begun (did i say begun? its been going on for a while now) to demonize, not just Iranians, but anyone of Middle Eastern descent it seems. The whole "Islamo-fascism" BS thats being passed around, etc...

I don't know - but the prejudice isn't all that new to be honest. Even before Sept. 11th. After, wow - lets just say that local businesses owned by anyone who even looked the "part" were destroyed, robbed, people were being brutalized in racist fits of mass hysteria.

People haven't forgotten that, least of all our government.

Fear is a huge motivator. It is a weapon unto itself.