Thursday, July 30, 2009

18.5 Billion dollars transfered from an unknown Iranian "businessman" to Turkey!! HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN WITHOUT THE GOVERNMENT'S KNOWLEDGE?

Video in turkish.

This news was first reported on "Tabnak":

This is what appeared on Iran's PressTV web site:

A Turkish lawyer has claimed that his Iranian client has transferred an $18.5-billion treasure from Iran to Turkey through courier services.

Senol Ozel told Turkey's independent “Kanal D” channel that his client, “Esmael Safarian-Nasab,” is a respected Iranian businessman and has transferred the money to Turkey through legal means.

The container-load of US dollars and gold bullion was delivered to Ankara Customs Office on October 7, 2008, Ozel said.

He noted that the container contained $7.5 billion and 20 metric tons of gold.

In a recent speech, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan had boasted of the huge fund transfer as an indictor of his government's success in attracting foreign investment despite the economic downturn in the world.

Erdogan had not revealed anything about the origin of the wealth.

Ozel says Turkish government's move to adopt new regulations to facilitate foreign investment in the country had encouraged his client to take his wealth to Turkey.

According to Kanal D, the Turkish government had adopted a new regulation dubbed as the “Suitcase Law” to alleviate the harsh effects of the economic crisis on the country.

The new law allowed anybody to take any amount of foreign currencies into the country from anywhere without being scrutinized.

Now the problem is that Safarian-Nasab wants his money back from Turkey, which could create a big hole in the Turkish Central Bank's balance-sheet.

Ozel said his client will arrive in Turkey in the near future to discuss the issue with the Turkish Central Bank.

There is no word yet from Iranian authorities as to the source of the funds and the circumstances surrounding their export to Turkey.



nunya said...

Hon, do you know who Sibel Edmonds is? (FBI whistle blower)

Adnan Kashoggi? (very powerful International arms dealer)

Anonymous said...

words in the streets: This is Hashemi's money & Rezaee had taked about it with Turky:

Naj said...


I believe everything these days! :) But what I speculated was that this is another one of Ahmadinejad Russian-mafia-Learned schemes to create such a suspicion that Hashemi's trying to take money out ...

ddmmyyyy said...

Naj, there far more critical stories in the last day I understand, but this story remains with me as being so bizarre. Maybe more so because it's being ignored by big media, especially when the classic, "financing terrorism" story can be dragged up again.

Is it common for that much paper money from the "Great Satan" to be shifted around with so little comment? And just imagine the amount of room both the cash and gold would take up, not to mention weight; this would require quite an operation to transport. All of this must have gone on with a lot of cooperation from the authorities.

I get a dog leaping up at me in LHR to sniff for excess volumes of cash (more than 10k GBP) I might be taking to Iran and these dogs seem to oblivious; barely a sniff.

Very strange.

Anonymous said...

20 TONS OF GOLD IS ONLY 600,000,000 + 7,500,000,000= 8,1 BILLION