Sunday, December 27, 2009

Aand, the official Iranian news agencies give us CONFIRMED report that people had conquered the city!

Well, now the FalseNews and the IRNA are confirming that the people (to whom they refer as the "unlawful cult of Mousavi") had captured Tehran's main streets; that the police were unleashed on the people to recapture the city! They even have posted some pictures! Of course, Farcenews soon moves to the topic of soccer-coaching!

These reports are historical; especially since Ahmadinejad keeps denying that anyone is opposed to the regime in Iran: (pictures on the left are from here)

اراذل و اوباش با سوء استفاده از حضور مردم در مراسم عزاداري اباعبدالله الحسين دست به آشوب و خسارت به اموال مردم (موتور سيكلت، خانه، سطل هاي زباله،خودروي شخصي مردم) زدند. افراد فريب خورده شعار مرگ بر جمهوري اسلامي سر مي دادند، ولي با حضور مردم در صحنه پا به فرار گذاشته و متواري شدند.

The thugs (FarceNews means the Greens) attempted chaos and damaging people's property (motor bikes, house, garbage bins, and personal cars were set on fire). The deceived individuals were chanting "death to Islamic Republic" slogans; but they were dispersed and ran away with the appearance of the people [by people they mean basiji thugs].

According to IRNA:
يروهاي انتظامي که از صبح امروز با آگاهي از تحرکات بقاياي فرقه موسوي در خيابان انقلاب تهران مستقر شده بودند، اقدام به متفرق کردن سوءاستفاده کنندگان کردند و ساعتي پس از ظهر عاشورا اغلب مسيرهاي اصلي را تحت کنترل درآورده و اوضاع در خيابان هاي تهران به حالت عادي بازگشت.

The security forces, who were aware of the movements of the remainders of the Mousavi cult, were instaled in Enghelab Street, and dispersed the abusers [mean Greens] and in an hour after Ashura noon regained control of most of main road [that means there are some non-main roads still out of control; and that they had lost control of main roads to start with] and that Tehran is back to Normal now!

If Khamenei is air-lifted to a military base (as Mehdi SaharKhiz reports), then ... I am nervous ... I feel these riotous burnings and beatings are DESIGNED by IRGC to call for martial law ...


Mark Pyruz said...

The FARS news pic is actually a file photo from June.

I don't doubt Khamenei has been airlifted to an AFB.

Naj, there are reports that detachments of the IRIPF are refusing orders to shoot at the rioters/protesters.

Nightfall is going to be utter bedlam.

Naj said...

MArk, I make MANY typos and spellos, but FARCE is not one of them!

I am not surprised the police force refuses to fire ...

Debashish Bose said...

Let the people's will be done

Bill said...


I laugh everytime I hear "Farcenews!" I even have my two Iranian friends calling it Farcenews. Keep up the great work!


German said...

Hi Naj,
please make a post on this:

They say "Iranian police forces fired shots into the air" and Tehran's police chief Commander Azizollah Rajabzadeh then said "Police has not fired any shots in Tehran and security forces were not in possession of fire arms"...WTF!
Keep up your work, I still follow your blog everyday and hope that there will be changes in your country soon, that I can see its beauty myself in the not so distant future...
all best, the german

German said...

text starting with "German ... Hi Naj,
please make a post on this"

I definitely do wonder, what someone is (intent on) (ab)using my "pen-name" for !

[I am not amused, because I do attach particular importance to writing high-quality, demanding texts as to both contents and style - a category not applicable to the text in question, it seems. No answer is and can be expected from anyone, of course, as there is no copy-right covering that my "pseudonym" !]

Apologies for referring to such an irrelevant detail


Naj said...

press TV together with the rest of IRI media are just bulshitters!

nice to see you! I don't think anyone has misused your pen name. I missed you :)

wolf, another german said...

C'mon "German", as if this really matters when we all bear witness to and are concerned over what happens in Iran... (head-shaking)
And, honestly, I myself use the pen name "german" in blog comments like these with short, on the point comments, not necessarily "high-quality, demanding texts as to both contents and style" - so as long as you are not more creative than other germans that CARE FOR THE REAL MATTER ITSELF please keep your sorrow for yourself...
without understanding, wolf

Naj, sorry for this german-Kindergarten...

Naj said...

:)) how I love it when my german visitors coincide in visiting!

Wolf, you are not my friend Liz by any chance, are you?

German, I appreciate your high quality texts, although sometimes they fall beyond my facile mind; I need to work on refining my mind. Anyways, I missed you; where have you been? I find you educational.