Friday, October 8, 2010

The Iranian Women Movement

I LOVE this cartoon.

And, I personally think the Iranian women movement will have been better off without that group of feminists who are still stuck in the mud of "patriarchic power balance", "sexualization and objectification" and a whole lot of other nonsense! To defend women's ACTUAL civil rights is one thing, to gender-theorize a cause and become sexophobic is another. Yes, most feminists still annoy me--especially those who act like mormons offering you feminist bibles and texts and memberships and etc ... pfff oh how I HATE the word objectification ...


David G. said...

I agree, Naj, some of the 'feminists' have forgotten they are females. To deny one's gender and what that means seems rather counterproductive to me. And to define yourself in terms of another gender is even worse.

Take care!

Naj said...

Good to see you David.

" to define yourself in terms of another gender"

Sam said...

You are creating an ugly image of feminists and hating them. It's just like how some prejudiced Americans imagine unreal images of all Iranians and hating them. But I guess, whatever makes you sleep at night!

vali kollan shaer mige: Stop Hatin' Start Participatin'

(this is a joke, please don't generalize and say all feminists are "jelf" or that they want to convert you by getting you to 'participate' in their cause. It's ok, you can just benefit from all the work of feminists without dirtying your hands, or risking popularity with your friends.)

take it easy,
- "a feminist", just like her:

(like shirin ebadi, jafar panahi, simin behbahani,...)

Naj said...

Sam, I advise you to take your time and read the previous post to this one too. Jumping to conclusions is easy; and you know what hatred and conflicts begin when people like you worship a "word".