Saturday, July 21, 2012

Screw Democracy! Iranians want PEACE and PROSPERITY!

That's all I have to say.

Democracy is just an "idea". In implementation, it is mediocre and full of fallacy!

What it produces is numbed and dumbed populace; who shy away from responsibility by casting a "free" ballot ... and then shying away from the havoc the elected politician is wreaking in the history of humanity. Mr Obama and his Drone war, case in point ...

Democracy CANNOT come to be implemented even in its most pathetic form, when a country is under THREAT. So shed the hypocritical lamb skin--it doesn't fool anyone in Iran!

If you hear ANY Iranian condoning the sanctions, if you hear anyone rallying behind a neo-con, make sure you take a mental note of a Neo-Resistance stamp on them:
A S S H O L E !

And, to all the Americans (journalists, activists, congressdudes, spouses of some disgruntled Iranian, or career activists) who are so concerned about the violation of HUMAN RIGHTS and FREEDOM in Iran, I suggest you utilize your zeal to prevent massacres at your country, executed in the form of shooting rampage by constitutionally free men who kill in churches, cinemas, schools, and etc. Ok?

We have a persian saying چراغی که به خانه رواست، به مسجد حرام است that translates to:
"The candle that is needed at home, should not burn in the mosque!"


Anonymous said...

Hi Naj! Good to see you back! I am always glad to read your perspective on Iranian and international affairs; a fresh breath of sanity in my world, I should say.

Could I get permission to quote your post on my blog? I would greatly appreciate it.


Naj said...

Quote away Matt, quote away!

Here's an interesting accounting in the same line of thought!

goatman said...

Unfortunately,we have little control over what out military industrial complex does.
After all, we could be targets . . .

busana muslimah layali said...

Great post,I really like your article

nunya said...

Hey Naj,

Just popped in to see what you were up to.

The mass shootings here are depressing and I'm starting to think that unless we can restrain the gun lobby and control our foreign policy this country is doomed.

Restrain the lobbyists?

Good luck--

Wall Street’s #1 “Investment” = 100 Senators, 435 Congressmen & 261,000 Lobbyists, Then CEOs Get Huge 100:1 Payoffs, Taxpayers Stuck With The Tab!

As for the Iranians wanting peace and prosperity and to hell with democracy, I don't have a problem with that. I wish WE had peace and prosperity. *sigh*

I just wish the rest of the world (and lots of Americans) didn't think that the USA was a democracy because it's NOT. In practice it is supposed to be a REPUBLIC, with democratically elected representatives of the public.

In actuality the poiticians are whores that dance wid whut brung 'em.

Anonymous said...

Americans just want to use Iran . Now they are promoting ethnic tension inside iran, and arming terrorist inside iran. I dont trust America in trying to help Iranians at all. I don't think a revolution will help at all either.. democracy needs to come in slow progress.