Sunday, March 13, 2011

How is the Nukie Ahmadinejad's media covering Japan?

I have been browsing the nuclear-energy seeking media of IRI to see if/how they are covering Japan's earlthquake-Tsunami-Nuclear leak axis of catastrophy. It seems that they are fully covering the Tsunami and Earthquake news, even exaggerate the number of fatalities, but are COMPLETELY omitting any news about the nuclear leak and the likely melt-down that is unnerving the world. Ironically, the top news on many sites is that Iran is ready to export nuclear fuels!

Here's a summary:

Has a special report, on the left side; and rounds up the Richter scale from 8.8 to "9.0"!! (such is the accuracy of all state-reported numbers in that god forsaken country) and reports 3000 are killed (the more killed the better they can downplay the significance of tens of thousands of people who have died in Iranian earth quakes in the past few years.) THERE IS NO MENTION OF THE NUCLEAR LEAK. Interestingly, the top news is that "Iran is now ready to export nuclear fuel"!!

2000 killed in earthquake and tsunami, no mention of nuclear leak.

No mention of the nuclear leak in Tabnak either, although they take the chance to remind Tehran is a ticking earth quake bomb.

The most disgusting one, as expected is FalseNews:

Their headline reads: "The Japan Earthquake, in the long run, is economically advantageous"!!!!!!! And no, this is not their idea, they are citing Bloomberg whose parent Foundation would be called a zionist and imperialist organ by these hypocrites in other occasions.

ISNA (the student reporting agency) is the only one that is very timidly mentions the nuclear leak.
"آخرين اخبار از ژاپن حاكي از ميزان 10 هزار نفري آمار گمشده‌ها در مينامي‌سانريكو، افزايش ميزان تلفات تا 574 تن، انفجار در نزديكي هسته مركزي نيروگاه انرژي اتمي، برآورد آلوده‌شدگان به مواد راديواكتيوي تا 160 تن،‌ آغاز سخت عمليات نجات بدليل از بين رفتن راه‌هاي ارتباطي و سيل، و جابجايي 2.4 متري جزيره ژاپن در اثر زلزله است." [latest news indicate, up to 10 thousand are missing, death toll up to 574 and an explosion near the core of the nuclear energy plant, and an estimate of up to 160 people contaminated, difficulties of rescue operation due to road destruction ...]


Anonymous said...

dear Ms. Naj,
In a totalitarian state,folks learn to read the govenment's mind by seeing what's left out of "The News": personalities become non-persons ;historic dates pass,unremarked.Listen for the dog that doesn't bark.
I think there's strong support in Iran for nuclear power, AND weapons...nothing that has happened as yet in Japan will change that.

goatman said...

The nuclear situation is getting worse, as I type. I worked on nuclear plant construction for 20 years and 6 plants.
There is a diesel generator for each plant which is to provide power to operate the plant in case of loss of outside power. Apparently their generators were flooded by the tsunami and are unworkable. Very poor planning.

I assume that most in Iran can get news on line from many sources? GM

Naj said...

Goatman, Iran is HEAVILY filtering news from abroad; And internet does not exist in almost 50% of Iranian households.

goatman said...

Sad to hear this; but the blogs are apparently getting through -- a source of news.

We can visit the libraries if internet is not available at home. How are your libraries?


Naj said...

Goatman, blogs do not get through; I am not blogging from Iran!!

And no one in Iran can see my blog, unless they use filter.

Libraries are under the same censorship regime as are homes.

(Have you ever followed the recent news about Iran?!)