Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ahmadinejad breaks the law AGAIN: enters the parliament floor with his bodyguards!!

What is this 63% popular president afraid of?!!

This is just in; and happened about half an hour ago! Some of the members of the parliament have angrily protested to this move!

Here a translation of Ahmad Tavakoli's (Conservative representative of Tehran) criticism of Ahmadinejad's unlawful manners (Today, he is on the floor of Majlis to defend his cabinet!)

"Although we don't have a good experience about Mr Ahmadinejad's willingness to consult the parliament, but what is the message Mr Ahmadinejad is trying to convey by releasing the cabinet candidates to media before introducing them to the parliament? Isn't this regressive?" He also criticized sending different proposed ministers to give a speech before the Friday Prayer sermon this week. Tavakoli said: "wasn't it better if Mr president had spent his time with different parliament committees instead of spending it in Ramadan feasts to lobby the representatives? {Ahmadinejad's been throwing lavish Eftar parties for teh parliament. He just buys his vote by food].

The representative of Tehran then pointed out the history of unlawful behavior of the president and said: "The government has broken the law in relation to presenting the budget in years 2008 and 2009; fuel imports, reduction of work hours during the month of Ramadan" [by not seeking parliamentary approval before implementing them].

In another part of his statement, Tavakoli pointed that the proposed Minister of Science has been Ahmadinejad's campaign manager, and that at least in academic circles his credentials are controversial. He also mentioned that the Minister of Guidance and Islamic culture is biased to a certain group and is incapable to address the criticism of the artist community. [Ahmadinejad shouts back: instead of appointing someone who has conducted one of the cleanest and best regulated of our elections as minister of science, you expect me to appoint people who have created chaos with the password of "election fraud" ... What the FFFF!!]

Tavkoli said, when the world is accusing the government of violation of freedom, why is a military man appointed to the interior ministry?

Regarding proposed women ministers, he mentioned that they lack experience and efficiency and parliament's vote, whichever way it goes will create division.

Tavakoli also questioned the elimination of the rest of the ministers, pointing out that in the four years of Ahmadinejad's presidency there was only ONE minister who has sustained 4-years of working in a ministry.

Tavakoli warned that this time around they will not overlook Ahmadinejad's unlawful practices.
(Source Khabaronline, 12:18 AM tehran time)

Reading more on what's happened today: hilarious ... what a bunch of losers are running Iran ... yuck!

Apparently, Larijani has ordered the bodyguards to leave the floor and they have.


grannie4peace said...

will it do any good?

Naj said...

Of course grannie. This is the house of the people (although majority of its members are ALSO elected by fraud ... but the IRI needs to self repair, and yes it will!)

Anonymous said...


When the dust settles, Ahmadinejad will need more than a bodyguard. Even the S.L after some introspection (I think) has began to tone it down a bit. I think he has realized like the reformists are not going to retreat an inch.