Saturday, August 29, 2009

Azam Taleghani Scolds the Iranian Parliament for Straying Far From People (and Islam)

This is Azam Taleghani. She is a true model for Muslim women, hence one who will NEVER be picked or concede to be part of an Ahmadinejad Cabinet.

She is a true revolutionary! Like Ayatollah Montazeri, she has stayed true to the principles for which she followed her father's leadership in the 1979 revolution.

Her father, Ayatollah Taleghani, the second man to Khomeini, but the first in respect and reason started the tradition of Friday Prayers in Tehran. It is thus more dismaying to her to see that her father's tribune has turned into an opportunity for Ahmadinejad's fascist propagandist clerical mercenaries who DENY truth in the light of the day.

I translate excerpts of her yesterday's open letter to the parliament. She is raising serious alarm that Ahmadinejad's camp roots in deep animosity with the principles of the Islamic Republic; and for the first time lays direct charge that the religious minority who supports Ahmadinejad may be a foreign installment, seeded in the heart of Iran's government to infest it into death.

Here, or there, you can find the entire letter in Persian.

She starts her letter with:

Beware of god's heavy wrath!

She then reminds the parliament that they are drops in the ocean of people, who will dry fast if fall apart from the sea, that people expect them to defend their right and reflect their opinions and complaints and then she goes on to report on some of the sufferance of her constituents (she used to be a member of parliament and is a nationalist-religious activist for women's rights.)

'According to what is said, the common question on people's mind is that the past two months during which much peril has befallen this nation, heavy prices are paid, innocent bloods are shed on streets, unofficial detention centers like Kahrizak are identified, well-liked political, social, cultural and student activist have been jailed and have not seen the light of anything but their interrogators, and more than 4000 innocent civilians are arrested, have marked a dark page on our history. People expect from religious leaders, from the political and intellectual elite, and especially from the parliament to apply all their power and courage and stand behind the people; and be steadfast in this goal and know that even if they are jailed (too), whatever they confess will not tarnish their image but will eternalize them in history and in future.

When Mr Ahmadinejad's chief of staff (Mashayee) states: "I believe for return of Emam Zaman (Shiite's messiah) not all world should be muslim. We have reached the conclusion that to prepare for [armegedon (he says conditions of return of Imam, but according to Shiite belief this return is a bloody one and follows a showdown between good and evil. And the apocalypse will happen not too long after this "return of the Imam"! I don't know what the proper term in English would be, if you know let me know please.)] we have to focus on common human terms such as justice, fighting tyranny, love and faith in one god.", he continued his analysis by: "considering the signs of the "return" time, such as frequent mentioning of Imam Zaman's name in streets and gatherings, we believe we are in the times of 'return'." Mashayee then talked about what role he was supposed to play as the first deputy [a position that Mashayee was assigned to but after much protest was stripped from by a terse order from Khamenei] in facilitating the "conditions of return". Then Mashayee said:" of the 24 million votes cast for Ahmadinejad, 20 million are critical of the system, and in this criticism they are even more serious than the 13 million [who voted for Mousavi], because those 13 million only questioned Ahmadinejad's government, but those 20 million [who voted for Ahmadinejad] questioned the entire system and said no to the whole of the regime before Ahmadinejad. In fact, Ahmadinejad only won 4 million votes."

[this is why] The sham courts are staged to drive home the objectives that Mr Mashayee has already planned for, putting all their efforts to prove that anything that the previous administrations have done have been wrong. This project will have consequences because [i don't know what she means, but I think she says something tongue in cheek that Ahmadinejadists are considering themselves as replacements of god on earth.]

He [Mashayee] says: "Mr Ahmadinejad only had 4 million votes and the other 2o million belongs to those critical of the regime". Does this mean that the entire system in the past 30 years, including Mr Ahmadinejad himself-who has been the head of the executive branch, have been on the wrong? How come no one protested to this questioning of the regime, but the intellectual and well-meaning critics or protesters to the election results are harassed by thugs and crooks, and that in conditions where the families of individuals such as Taj Zadeh, Zeid abadi, Behzad nabavi, Ghoochani and others are kept in total dark?

People wonder why you representatives do not support the plight of Mousavi, Karoubi and Khatami, which reflects the current suffering of the social conscience; and do not follow up on their complaints with concrete action to improve this wonderful system! Are you selected representatives? The public opinions doesn't seem to find you in line with itself.

People are united in wanting to keep an Islamic Republic, but if the Islamic republic doesn't evolve and does not give priority to the will of the people, what remains of [the republic] to be kept? What is "keeping the system?" The closest person to this system [the president] who has questioned the system, all the blood that is shed for this revolution, all the sacrifices that are made, has security! But, those who have tried their best in various ways in the past 30 years do to something for this "system" are jailed in frightening and unknown dungeons. These critics only asked: "What did you do to our vote? We didn't vote for someone whose withdrawals from the public vault and country's income is opaque; someone who has not answered for billions of lost dollars, and will not answer either. Why is the head of the system [Khamenei] still defending this government with its obscure financial record? What's the meaning of these behaviors?" People ask "are you given a share of those missing billions?"

Our history is full of sects who gained power and operated as tyranny until it fall open to the public that they were installed by foreign plot. Publication of books like "the decade of return [of Imam Zaman]" and similar books that are published in Arabic in Lebanon, and are freely sold, despite their bizarre and dangerous content; and no government-related organization has objected to them. In these books Mr Ahmadinejad is likened to the "commander in chief of Imame Zaman", Mohammad Khatami is to be assassinated; and Mr Ahmadinejad's mission is to rescue Quds (Jerusalem) and then there will be a peace treaty with NATO Similar to "Hadibiye peace" [??] and the killing of the Sunnis will begin! [!!!!!] Those who have seen and read these books are worried about a sect that is taking advantage of national assets and ruin the country, because this sect [Hojattiyeh; which was outlawed by Khomeini but has followers such as Mesbah Yazdi (Haghani Circle) and Jannati who are backing Ahmadinejad] is based on principles dangerous to clergy and to Iran.

In any case, honorable representatives, people's anxiety and worry is serious and if you do not act with courage and honesty, and do not support Mrs Mousavi and Karoubi, if you do not arrest and prosecute the torturers and those who have committed heinous crimes, sexual rape, and martyring the young protesters, this nation will strip you of all trust. They say that those prisoners who were interviewed by the parliament's investigative committee have disappeared, and their fate is unknown. You have to ask the judiciary system to provide safety and security who have been the victims of these crimes so they can appear before the house and show the evidence of these infectious sores that have been growing in these years, so we can open those wounds

To be Continued (i must rush out now--please help my edit this, if you wish)


Anonymous said...

I am in awe of all the people who live in Iran and are speaking truth to power, especially, the women activists who want nothing more than the discriminatory laws against women to be abolish, the student movement who want nothing but to be able to think freely and not to be punished for their thought.

The "good" that has come out of this post election revolt is the opportunity for those of us living in places that hear very few good news about Iran to witness the vibrancy of the Iranian populace. For the first time it dawned on a lot of us that Ahmadinejad represents a minority of his people, and most of the people actually do not like him.

Khamenei and his thugs have discredited themselves; no self respecting muslim, much more someone who claims to be a marja, would condone such injustice.

David said...

Bravely spoken words by Ms. Taleghani! I didn't realize that Ahmadinejad and his circle of powerful supporters were so fanatical about the return of a messianic figure. I wonder, is Ahmadinejad crazy enough to proclaim himself the returned Emam Zaman?

Naj said...

David; yes he IS!

Incredible ... but he says these things on actual government platforms!