Thursday, August 13, 2009

Poem 2

On the stairs of the temple,
more than acsension of faith,
fall sacrificed corps, martyrs of divine
hanging from the ladders of fear
-with ropes of prayer.

On the disused gravel of the temple,
lay no footsteps of love,
just the traces of prostrating knees,
in a theatrical exposition of creed,
habitual gratification of god(s).

In the gloomy precincts of altar,
a molded god is worshiped
and blasphemy and deity
differ in none but words.

(c) Naj; Febreuary 1992.
(I will find the Persian version of these when I go home next month)


thepoetryman said...

Lovely, my friend.

Renegade Eye said...

Very good.

I'm real involved with the local (Minneapolis) Iranian community, supporting the protesters.

Your position is correct, no intervention and the nuke issue is a red herring. I oppose an embargo, because it hurts protesters and workers most.