Monday, August 3, 2009

The Inauguration of the fascist is under way ...

Update: The ceremony took place! Unusually, it was not live-televised! And the photos of the attendance are rather ridiculous! It seems no self-respecting politician or religious figure attended (compare this year and 4 years ago!) (Please read below!)

1) The American hiker arrested in Kurdistan is a smoke screen to distract attention from the inauguration! I don't know what kind of an American hiker is THAT stupid to cross through Kurdistan border in such a time of turmoil; but this is also to distract attention from the inauguration that will be taking place in two ceremonies starting today. Might these people have indeed had a visa to come to Iran? Did someone put a bait in front of a bunch of university student anarchists to do something action-oriented? People are already organizing massive protests; however the security forces are already out; cell phones are 'promised' to be malfunctioning. Also, a few important figures have already made it clear they will not be present in the ceremonies: Hassan Khomeini (the grand son of Imam Khomeini), Hashemi Rafsanjani, Mohammad Khatami and Mir Hossein Mousavi. Together, Hashemi, Khatami and Mousavi represent 24 years running the IRI before Ahmadinejad took over! Today is indeed a frightening day, and people will be holding symbolic mourning vigils. It is Ahmadinejad who has toppled the "Nezaam", while prosecuting those who have been fighting to keep it.

2) Yesterday, Ahmadinejad has made a speech to "Basiji University Professors" [as far as I know some, they are idiots with no scientific qualifications but wonderful Ahmadiasskissing talent] and has stated that once the inauguration is over he will squish the head of his opposition to the ceiling! This, together with explicit calls by fascists' newspaper Keyhan for the heads of Mousavi, Khatami AND Hashemi, has appalled even the conservatives.

It is becoming clear that the slander card Ahmadinejad pulled out of his hat during the debate was part of the Coup D'etat plan. In deed, Ahmadinejad is seeking more and more confrontation. And he won't relent until he has gotten rid of those who have FOUNDED the IRI!

3) The fiasco of the macabre confessions continues. That too was done in a hasty manner to distract from the inauguration. Yesterday, the state TV has interviewed Abtahi and Atrianfar and has asked them: "Is it true that you confessed under torture and due to being drugged?!" Yes in a democracy, with free media, this is not a funny question. But to ask such a question from people who have been so obviously forced to read a fabricated statement as their confession such a question is outrageous stupidity. But these outrageous acts are designed to anger the activists and divert their attention from the disgrace that is about to befall our nation today ...

Pressure your governments and representatives to put aside the "Nuclear Issue" nonsense and CONDEMN violation of human rights; and NOT RECOGNIZE Ahmadinejad's government!

You are witnessing fascism emerging in a country that is by no means insignificant, nor irrelevant to your well being!



wolf from germany said...

Thank you so much, naj, for keeping us all up to date!
I'm a constant reader (and never left a comment), horrified by the things that happen in your country, and just want to encourage you to keep on writing because the world needs people like you to tell us about all of this...! I do hope so deeply that there will be change like we experienced here in my part of the strong!
My thoughts are with you, wolf

Naj said...

Thank you Wolf!

Your encouragements mean a lot to me and I am happy if my blog helps.

I strongly believe what is happening in Iran these days is of global importance! This is not a little despot in a little island; this is a little despot in a powerful country at cross sections of the East and the West.

I want a mighty Iran; but not a mighty Iran run by a Hitler incarnate!

We need to get rid of him before he irreparably shame us in history ... if you are from Germany, I am sure you well understand my angst. Thanks again.

데이빛 / Mithridates said...

Agreed 100% on putting aside the nuclear issue for a second and talking about what really matters.

*looks below*

Also agreed on the Persian, not Farsi bit. That's another pet peeve of mine. I'm learning Persian right now BTW.

Here's a small comic I made the other day on the election: