Monday, August 31, 2009

Anxiety: Iran's map after Ahmadinejad's 5th term

This picture reflects the core of Iran's anxiety about Ahmadinejad. This was on the Iranian news network; and it was clicked very frequently.


an average patriot said...

Wow, I am going to google this and see if I can find the story. That is something!

Naj said...

Jim, "google" what "story"? There is no story related to this map! It's a satire, if you will.

Anonymous said...

I can see that the intent of this satire is to discredit Ahmadinejad. But why take it out on the Azerbaijanis, Armenians, Georgians, Uzbeks, Turkmen, Tajiks and Pakistanis? Why are they wiped from the face of the map?

Naj said...

Anonymous; I don't know; Russia's KGB chief's wiped them back into the Union, I'd guess :)

And Pakistani's have become Talibanized!

Farrokh said...

This is not satire!

Anyone that have understanding of British and American Imperialism will know that this is there intensions whoever is in control in Iran.

When I used to date with white women in England, I believed in democracy and human rights but I realised after a while that white people have no convictions. They do not have belief in democracy or human right, they just want to rob people.


Naj said...

"white people have no convictions"

I usually do not publish these kinds of overarching "crap"! I publish your comment to inform you that I categorically object to everything you say!


German said...

In 20th century Europe [just to be boring again with some mechanisms/results of European history] some drastic reductions as to the geographical dimensions of some countries took place.
The respective countries today are called Germany, Austria and Turkey. The terms used for these countries are the post-Great-War-terms. Before World War I these three countries were huge European middle powers, called Germany (with geographically much larger spatial dimensions than after the War), the Austro-Hungarian Empire or Danubian Monarchy, and the Ottoman-Empire. These huge countries or, better, empires were reduced - within four years - to dwarfish dimensions, after they had undertaken to impudently attack the neighbouring countries, to cut a long story short, if we focus on only one main aspect to simplify a more complex process. World War I, the Great War, was obviously started by Austria and Germany taking Turkey into their boat as well. The results are telling! -

Iran not being a state with an aggressive foreign policy - at least in the traditional sense of the word, history as just told will not repeat itself for Iran.

[My] Personal experience, however, has proved [to me] that it's not a good idea to overstretch one's own or other people's capacities of empathy, understanding, good will etc.

Farrokh said...

Naj. You are a simple person and again this is not satire.

I recommend that you go to Tehran, marry a good Irani from a good family. These people that you work for now only want us Iranis to put Iranian money in London banks.

I will pray for you in Ramadan.

Naj said...

Farrokh You so remind me of an arab dude by the name of Nu'man who was visiting here a couple of weeks back!

Why don't you explain to me what it is that you think is NOT satire, instead of praying! It may help me out of my simplicity sooner!

Naj said...

By the way Farrokh, if you are not Arab, please write in good old Persian; and if you don't understand my english, I will respond to you in Finglish! deal?

Naj said...

your comment to Farrokh was irrelevant; i could not publish it.

I hope you set up a weblog at some point to publish all your thoughts.


Naj said...


you may say whatever you want here. I will reject any racial comments and name calling. Be courteous.

an average patriot said...

I was just looking to see if their was a story associated with it, thought it would be interesting.

Farrokh said...

Naj - you made me angry. sorry about comments but you know what I mean. Stupidity is not solely limited to one race.

I will say my prayes for you in Ramadan still.

German said...


thank you very much for your precious work.

Bye, bye !

All the best to you for your (foreseesable) future

Ludger Gesigora