Thursday, August 6, 2009

BBC documenatry: Iran & the West (Part 1)

The first half of this documentary is reminiscent of what Iran is experiencing today. Except that, Khamenei has well learned lessons of Shah! Where as the shah refused to disobey constitution, Khamenei trampled on it triumphantly!

Thank you the Anonymous who pointed this out. I had not seen Sadegh Tabatabayee in this age! When I was little, I found him so handsome! And in this video, I realized he looks like Khomeini's grand daughter Zahra Eshraghi.

It's also good to somehow realize how the mass resignation of Mohandes Bazargan national-religious cabinet (composed of well educated, Mosaddeghist individuals) opened way to Khomeini's absolute dictatorship.

Enjoy watching! (By the way, I don't know what this group who has provided the video online is; I suspect they have created a front frame to advertise themselves. HENCE, I won't look them up; because this is a BBC4 production, not an one!)


nunya said...


I don't understand why Carter didn't yank all the Americans out and close down the embassy?

I found Pepe Escobar's 3 part report on interesting.
Iran/Russia - a deadly embrace
August 6, 2009:


nunya said...

You do realize that Khomeini's sanctioning the hostage situation helped elect Ronald Reagan?

I still hate both of those idiots.

And you do realize that Reagan and his Milton Friedmanite accolytes started the whole de-regulation and hyeprcapitalism that is negatively affecting the whole world now?

nunya said...

Part II. Rafsanjani reminds me of a cunning used car salesman. I'm also wondering why I'm halfway through part 2 and no mention of the arms for hostages has come up. It should have been covered during the hostage crisis.

Anonymous said...

Naj, You are welcome.

I feel that the hardliners in Iran and US did not give Khatami the chance to normalize relations between the two countries. No wonder Khatami has been so defiant, he came to power with so much promise, but he failed to deliver (I don't put the entire blame with him however, but I feel that he should have spoken out more on the student uprising in 99). Perhaps, this crisis have given him the chance to finally live up to the hope and change he promised.

Naj said...

Nunya; thanks will watch the link you sent me. (dead busy :( )

The arm for hostage is discussed in Part1.

Yes, I have previously (a few years ago!) posted on how Neocons are helped by Khomeini.

Search AmirEntezam

Noblese said...

Thanks for the video, I always wanted to know what happened.

Guthman said...

Naj, Naj, Naj...
what on earth has happened to you and your brain? A week before the election you wrote you were considering a vote for Ahmedinejad and here we are in early August and Khamenei is now supposedly worse than the Shah, evil Arabs shipped to Tehran from Lebanon are his enforcers. Your blog has degenerated from being nuanced and informative to being an illustration of your shrill and compeletely polarized mind-set. That's really unfortunate. What remains from the good old days is your Reshde recipe, which I cooked again early this year, and it was of course as delicious as ever.

Naj said...


Have I had the honor of meeting you before?!

Yes, unfortunately Khamenei FAILED big time!
there was a SIMPLE solution to this problem; but they have been making it WORSE with every chance they have gotten!

And if you have been reading and paying attention to my blog, they you know that I am not just biased because I hate IRI!

No sir, A.N. and KHA.R have made GRAVE mistakes! Unforgiveable mistakes; and have insisted on them. They have divided the country! This is unforgivable!

nunya said...


I know you are busy, the video clips are only about 5 minutes each (last 3 minutes are a push for donations, no corporate advertising). Pepe Escobar is Brazilian and one of his special interests is Pipelineistan.

He is actually very engaging to watch and/or read, and I would be very interested in your response to clips now that oil is back up above $70 a barrel.

German said...

Dear Naj,

Thank you very much for being so friendly to having published three major contributions of mine on your website which I had sent to you:

text 1 - “The Cheshire Cat and its Grin” on the real power, the Sepah, behind the (mask of) Supreme Leader Khamenei - a translation of the main part of a German newspaper article with the heading “Wie bei Alice im Wunderland” / “It’s like in ‘Alice in Wonderland’ “

text 2 – “Who is damaging Iran’s reputation?” - a text on some of the many Persian roots of (European?) culture and civilization

text 3 – “Ten and one questions” – some questions asked on some weird, outlandish and mostly outrageous details of post-election events

Of course these texts are entirely at your disposal, you may dispose of them to your will, whenever, wheresoever, howsoever you intend to.

Wishing you the best of everything good



Naj said...

Hi Nun;
what is your specific question re china/Iran/pipeline??

Iran's alliance with China and Russia is a GOOD strategy. In fact, Iran playing china and Russia versus Europe and America is a good strategy! In fact, IRan should have "clever" economic/political ties with whoever serves the interest of the nation.

I have always liked that game; and this new "Down with China, down with Russia" is just "vent-off" nonsense; just as "down with America" was went off nonsense!

I give a broad answer to your question:

NO, Iran's problems are not oil-related or Energy-related! And No, IRan's problems are not IMPOSED by foreign conspiracy!

Iran's problems are CULTURAL; and we need to take a DEEP look at our own faults and at our national psych if we are EVER going to break out of this stupid cycle!

As I have said before, the problem with Mr Ahmadinejad& Khamenei; and with Mr Pahlavi before them was that none of them trusted people; thus fell in the lap of China or America, respectively!

I don't blame China and America for taking care of their national interests. I blame Iran, with SO MUCH talent, so much assets, so much potential, being the den of lunatic kings!!!

Nu'man said...


This documentary is pure British propaganda. The essence of British propaganda is to absolve themselves of responsibility and then find the words to match.

So in the 2nd and 3rd minute it informs us that the Shah,"ignored calls for democracy" when in fact it was the British who thought of the overplan to overthrow the democratically elected Mossedeq.

Before that it informs that the Shah had been ruling for almost 40 years without informing us how the British helped to reinstated him in 1953.

I couldn't stomach anymore of this white middle class 'Documentary' after the 4th minute.

Naj, Do you work for the BBC?

Naj said...


You fulfill such a wonderful stereotype :)

I hope you enjoy stewing in your beliefs!

Nu'man said...


I don't have many beliefs. As such there aren't that many to make up a stew. However, I think I have more beliefs than the BBC and anyone that takes it seriously.