Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Butcher of Press is Promoted!

He was SACKED yesterday from being Tehran's general prosecutor. Yesterday there was no news of his new appointment and Iran was celebrating and calling for his arrest and prosecution.

Today, the head of the judiciary has "promoted" (** See update below) him to deputy of the General prosecutor (of country)!!! From being the butcher of Tehran, he is now promoted to Butcher of Iran!!! He is now going to be the deputy of Gholamhossein Mohseni Ejehi, the Minister of Intelligence who was sacked one week prior to Ahmadinejad's inauguration (because he protested to Ahmadinejad appointing his other peach, Mashayee, as deputy president--a position that does not need parliamentary vetting!!

This happened JUST now!

Is Larijani trying to put the SAME criminals in one camp agian, or is he trying to make them keep an eye on one another if they are not from the same mafia camp? Or, what does this man HAVE on Larijani or Khamenei to coerce them into such corners??!! He is known for using blackmail to prevent being prosecuted for his sexual indiscretions and unprofessional behaviors as a judge ...



The report on IRNA is short; and not flowery either. I think EVERYONE is shocked!! Something really ominous is brewing ...

(**)Whether this is indeed a promotion is being disputed. The new position is higher in rank and may come with more money. However, law experts do not think it is a high profile job; as they point out the boundless power of Tehran prosecutor (having judiciary power over all political, cultural and financial powerhouses of Iran, which are clustered in Tehran).

Moreover, as a friend of mine points out in comments, this may have been a "smart" appointment: keep friends close, keep enemies closer. Mortazavi is now placed under Mohseni-Ejehi, who is no longer in good terms with Ahmadinejad. This is likely to help rein in this rouge "judge" (Mortazavi) and keep him in check, preventing "Ahmadinejad" from appointing him to an unsupervised position.


Anonymous said...


Like I wrote when you first reported, his sacking was just window dressing. These people don't want to change anything because they are the beneficiaries of the system.

Naj said...

Of course they don't want to change anything; but they are not even window dressing!!!

(although, accoding to Mr Ne'mat Ahmadi, this new position doesn't carry as much political weight as his previous position--given the concentration of all power and intelligensia in Tehran

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the new position does not carry much weight in Tehran, but he can still terrorize people in smaller cities all over Iran, and there wont be anyone to keep a close eye on him.

These people are making a mockery of proper governance. I thought the a lot of people supported Khomeini because they wanted to put an end to cronyism and back room dealings of the Shah. These people have taken sleaze to a whole new level.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ne'mat Ahmadi is right. Not only that but also, Mortazevi has been given a position, where a shark who is nowadays in bad terms with AN (ie, Mohseni Ejeei) is keeping a close eye on him.

This is much better than to let him loose or let him to assume a position in the AN cabinet of coup d'etat.


Naj said...

cronyinsm ... i think they are unparalleled!

The head of the judiciary, Mr Larijani himself is occupying this position ILLEGALLY, because he is an Iraqi citizen!

They must now be overthrown!

Listening to Ahmadinejad's performance in the parliament is sickening ... I hope UN hosts will give Ahmadinejad a very nice treatment!!

Naj said...

What can i say, you are the machiavellian! ;)

Do you know this Ahmadi?

Anonymous said...

I will be taking part again in Ahmadinejad protest when he comes to the UN. In fact, I consider UN to be useless and ineffective, if they adhere to their principles Ahmadinejad should not be invited to speak.

Naj said...


Good! This time around, I hope thousands turn up.

RickB said...


Pedestrian said...

Naj, this is amazing. Shahroudi was from Iraq, his mother is from Khorasan and his dad is Iranian/Iraqi. Larijani was born in Iraq, what's up with that?!!!

I am very hesitant about the kind of treatment I'd like Ahmadinejad to receive (LOL! It's not like I have any say or control in the matter, I'm just talking about my personal preference.) I'd like him to be crushed hard, but not too hard, at least not harder than Bush was, who stole an election AND bombed a million people in celebration (I'm not saying that to overlook what Ahmadinejad has done to his own people "in celebration"). I'm just saying, I have this feeling that he will be treated worse than the "white" fascists, I could totally be wrong, but if so, that kind of make me uncomfortable.

And this is irrelevant, but did you see his second campaign movie? WOW. The first minute was mind-boggling to me. It was a work of genius. They were a brilliant flashback to all the protests and all the condemnations he'd received internationally, made for his benefit. If I didn't know any better what he was doing, it would have convinced me.