Friday, August 7, 2009

Reigning (in) Ahmadinejad

I will translate this later (I hope), but Ahmadinejad's not really given a free pass:

1) In his inauguration ceremony, Khamenei warned him that he will enjoy his support as long as he tried to solve problems
2) In his oath ceremony, the speaker of the parliament, Ali Larijani, prayed for him to be able to avoid atubborn self-centrism!
3) A right-wing party has written him a letter that he better stick to the party line!

On other notes, the prison where (unknown) individuals were tortured has closed down and there is a serious discussion amongst all sorts of religious and legal leaders to wash IRI's hand off torture!

However, the theater of "confessions" continues, and so do Fatwas and condemnation of this show!

Also, Alireza Beheshti has stated again that he regrets to have been silent, and to have let the Islamic Revolution fall in the hands of a small group of messianic sects who, since the onset, were not in line with the revolution, and who are after this coup d'etat, intent on ruining whatever was left of the 1979's ideological foundations.

In fact, I think this s a great time to put the screws on IRI as a whole and have them clean up some of the mess they have been sweeping under the rug for the past 30 years.


Albert Lewis said...

Um, that should be "Reining in Ahmadinejad" ... as in the reins you use on a horse, rather than "reign," which is what a king does.

Naj said...

Thanks Albert, Yes I am a bad speller in general; BUT I indeed intended my title to be reign.

I cannot express my mental image now, but imagine you MAKE a king out of rigged votes; and then try to rule him with some fundamentalist authority ... It's a bizarre country, that country of mine!