Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Khamenei Calls the Green Wave a "Caricature" of the 1979 revolution!

I have taken one picture from this website, that's presenting a very nice collection of "Then and Now" pictures.

With apparent nervousness, after calling people's movement a caricature, he claims that "this regime is too stable to be affected" by this caricature!

I am wondering if Khamenei
himself doesn't qualify as a leader for this new revolution! Every time he opens his mouth, he inspires people to dig deeper into the history of a revolution that they didn't experience--because they were not even born. Khamenei is indeed helping people learn WHAT that revolution aimed for; and how/why it was stolen.

Other notes: the "purge" project continues. The parliament news reports that the state-radio has just fired one of the reporters of a popular (and I liked that program too) live radio program"Radio-e Javan" (Youth Radio) for live broadcasting a rude encounter with a high ranking security officer; which gave its audience a little taste of the abuse members of media
(EVEN if state sponsored) suffer in the "oh so gloriously free"--as Mr Ahmadinejad keeps bragging--Ironic Republic of Iran, IRI!

Again, condemnation of the confession theater continues; and almost all news agencies have paid attention that "many influential members of the IRI elite were absent in the inauguration ceremony".

Yesterday, masked thugs like the one in this picture "kept the city calm and safe!!". Tomorrow, Ahmadinejad's presidency order will
be stamped in the parliament. People are trying to mobilize yet another protest in front of Baharestan Square. Already, calls are being made to the members of parliament, at least to the minority fraction and the many in the majority fraction who have been critical of Ahmadinejad's termand these recent criminal actions of the government, to not participate. One hundred years ago, on 4th of July 1908, imperial troops of the Quajar's Mohammadali Shah, surrounded the Bahārestān garden and shelled the Parliament building. On 24th of June, 2009, the Islamic Republic security forces opened fire on Iranians who demanded nothing but a fair count of their votes. What will tomorrow bring? Will the parliament stand with people or be present when Ahmadinejad takes his oath? Of course, the parliamentary election itself was subject of fraud speculations, so, we shall see!


Rupert Neil Bumfrey said...

As one of those luxuriating beyond the Iranian borders, so relatively free to express an opinion and pose questions, may I ask a few questions of Iranian readers in Iran?

1.Are you aware of the interest being taken of Iranian situation, outside Iran?

2.Do you regard situation as a crisis?

3.What would you have as a replacement for current regime, indeed do you believe it needs to be changed?

4.Twitter has been very active about the situation in Iran, are you aware of Twitter and does it have an impact within Iran?

My apologies for intruding, but I do wonder if we outsiders are doing more harm than good!

In the early days of Twitter coverage I was labelled an MI5 agent, now I am being tarred as a Communist, so you can imagine there are many diverse points of view within Twitter. I am lucky to have the luxury of being able to follow all points of view and I look forward to reading some here from Iran.

Naj said...

Hi Rupert:

1. Yes, to some extent, but I have been too busy to pay attention how the Western Media is spinning the situation.

2. YES!

3. This regime will not fall; the conservatives are closing all doors to any form of reconciliation. Next best hope is parliament (impeaching Ahmadinejad), or the assembly of experts (impeaching Khamenei). However, there seems to be a very SMALL fraction of militia who are running the show; the constitutional role of teh government is seriously undermined. This IS a militia coup! in fact The regime change has ALREADY happened, by Ahmadinejad's forces. They changed the IRI!

4. twitter is irrelevant; I know a lot of people twitter my posts around for example, but not everyone in Iran tweets!

Rupert, at this stage we the outsiders need to walk a very thin green line: We cannot ally ourselves with ANY of Iran's enemies like McCain, Stephen Harper, or Sarkozy, or Netanyahu!! At the same time, we need to be sure our governments pressure Iran on the right issues and do not make backdoor deals with Iran over its nuclear issue, in exchange for turning a blind eye on the human rights situation. the ONLY goal should be to RESIST fascism and deplore it, regardless of where it happens. This should be a universal imperative.

There is a certain level of outrage in many of us "leftist/socialist" Iranian bloggers, that our fellow anti-Imperialist activists are not opening their eyes to the reality of Ahmadinejad's dangerous agenda, and consider him the champion of socialism, justice and anti-zionism! This is not the case! This is all facade. He has wrecked the economy; he has numerous charges of corruption and unaccountability in his resume; he has no revolutionary or intellectual credentials. He is a puppet of those who seem intent on destabilizing Iran. He is the one who has staged the revolution, it is not the other way around.

Rupert Neil Bumfrey said...

Thanks for that very prompt response, but you, like me, are "luxuriating beyond the Iranian borders", as I read in your response.

You wrote "our fellow anti-Imperialist activists are not opening their eyes to the reality", does anti-Imperialist cover remnants of Pahlavi or all fascists, which for me encompasses Islamists+Monarchists?

The neo-cons seem to be in the ascendant, externally, as they promote violent protest/involvement. How should they be excluded as their audience grows, whilst the "bleeding heart" liberals seem to be diminishing as no results of their activity can be seen?

Sorry for extending this dialogue, but as an Englishman who lives across the Gulf from Iran, I am intrigued by the situation.

I am very keen to hear from citizens based in Iran. If they want, for obvious reasons, to email or twitter me then go @rupertbu in Twitter, home page has link to my blog with all contact information.

Naj said...

Rupert, I am trying to translate as much as my time permits what is being said in Iran.

I also have friends and family who are in Iran, and keep me posted as much as they "can".

I don't consider either Islamists to Monarchists to be fascists. Please go through my blog to see what a fascist represents for me.

What has happened in Iran's history is Fascists using the umbrella of Islam and Monarchy to their advantage!

As for violence-promoting necon-beloved monarchists that buzz every now and again out of Los Angeles: they are irrelevant! Everytime someone proposes violence or radicalism, it is the young members of this green movement who stop them, or shrug them off.

The only one who is engaging in violence is Ahmadinejad's gang of thugs and hooligans.

I hope my translations will she some light on some of your questions. I choose my material based on what I judge intriguing to a non-Iranian! You may also visit a blog called Sidewalk Lyrics; kept by Pedestrain. She is younger than me and is of this very generation who is out on the streets today.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, Naj!

BTW, perhaps your commenter RNB would also like to follow this discussion going on here.

Rupert Neil Bumfrey said...

Thanks folks.

Pedestrian brought me through to this site!

I will check the other link, thank you.