Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Begging a cartoon!


Anonymous said...

Bashar wears a tailored, expensive European suit. He looks sharp, like a head of state should.

Then there's Mahmoud. Why he insists on wearing those ill fitting, domestic suits is beyond me. Look at the fit around the waist, and those trousers! I know, he wears the cheap suits to reinforce his plebeian image.

A couple of years back, the leaders of central Europe took a group photo. Mahmoud and his cheap suit stuck out like sore thumb. It was humiliating.

I do like the no-necktie look, but you absolutely must have a fine shirt to pull it off. (I have to say that in the latter trials of Saddam Hussein, the doomed dictator really shined with the no-necktie look.)

Naj said...

Bashar looks idiotic too! His shape is just as disproportionate! And wearing European suit is no badge of honor on anyone other than Europeans :)

Iranians can produce very well tailored suits; Mamooti doesn't need to buy his from Europe! He can wear a decent domestic suit; and he can wear Iran's standard "official" shirt; instead of looking like the monkey that he is!

Pedestrian said...

Oh I agree Naj. You know what really annoys me? The wester media's adoration for, for instance, Rania of Jordan's "style". Wow! She wears expensive European brands! they say.

In a country where 60% of the population lives below poverty lines, it is no virtue to wear a $6000 handbag and $10000 shoes.

We have lots of good domestic clothing retailers. Someone should give him the # for Hacoupian or Maaxim.

Anonymous said...

Two tyrants making life difficult for their people. these shows that tyrants come in all sizes!

Naj said...

anonymous: LOL!! good one, re size!

I agree. 100%!
I would have been very ticked off if he or ANY Iranian official were to ever wear non-Iranian products.