Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mousavi's 10th statement: in reaction to the "confession theater"

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

They say that the children of revolution have confessed to have been in cahoot with foreigners to topple the regime. I paid close attention to their statements and didn't find anything; but a deep sigh with which they told us of their painful 50 days. Crushed humans who could have confessed to a lot of other things when forced, said nothing but the tale of their pains. They told us that Mohsen Rouholamini was right to be martyred. They told us that if they had not resisted for 50 days, this theater would have been held weeks ago. They said all that they were ordered, to say that these are not our words.

The torturer's and inquisitor's teeth have hit people's bone so much so that that they pick their victims from those who have rendered great service to the country and the establishment; and threaten others who have had the most prominent role in the foundation and growth of this regime [referring to Hashemi?]. Are you intimidating people whose highest dream was once to become martyrs on the bright path of the Islamic Revolution?? Or, after killing the republicanism of the establishment on the altar, you are now aiming to disgrace the Islamicness of it as well? The only certain public verdict after watching such a ceremonial court is the moral decadence and lack of credibility of those who run it.

The scenes that we saw and you saw, are nothing but hasty preparations for the beginning of the 10th government. In a court that is fully fraudulent, they seek to prove that the election was not fraudulent! If you are not cheaters, then put on display the similitude of a legal procedure! What is it that you are trying to convince people of, with a lowly indictment, stating irrelevant issues, and reference to books that are shred en mass [because no one reads them], and based on reports of unknown journalists, or based on confessions that wear the taint of medieval tortures? Have you not read that the Prophet (pbuh) said: No blame is laid on a man who confesses under torture? Or "no confession for an imprisoned man who is threatened."?

Our people sympathized with their children whose faces they saw after 50 days of. Brothers! Don't be sad! Know that people understand and know that keeping you alive is more important than anything else. Soon, this people will witness the trial of those behind these crimes, and will know the faces of the interrogators and torturers who play with life and dignity of people.

وَلَوْ یُؤَاخِذُ اللّهُ النَّاسَ بِظُلْمِهِم مَّا تَرَکَ عَلَیْهَا مِن دَآبَّةٍ وَلَکِن یُؤَخِّرُهُمْ إلَى أَجَلٍ مُّسَمًّى فَإِذَا جَاء أَجَلُهُمْ لاَ یَسْتَأْخِرُونَ سَاعَةً وَلاَ یَسْتَقْدِمُونَ

"If god avenged man for his wrongdoings, no creature would be left on earth, but the punishment is delayed till a certain time; and when death arrives they can no longer delay it"

Mir Hossein Mousavi

Naj's postscript: I have used the words "establishment" and "regime" for "Nezaam". It is the toppling of the Nezam that is a crime in Iran! And I frankly don't know what the Nezam means by "Nezam"!


Pedestrian said...

Naj, I started to translate this, I was done with the first paragraph when I decided to check your blog to make sure I wasn't redoing it.

Well, good thing I checked!

I copied the rest in my blog with reference to yours. If it's not o.k. let me know!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey naj,

Thank you for being so fast and so meticulous in translating and relaying the news of Iran to all of us. Also your own articles are really thoughtful and fascinating.

Your blog and a few others like yours have opened a new and unique window to the real Iranian society.

We're all worried and anxious about Iran but the struggle of Iranians (especially young generation) for real democracy is fast becoming a model for everybody around the globe.

Please, keep up the good work. Go naj go.

With respect,

Anonymous said...

Those are really strong words. I totally agree with Mousavi, after thy have tried to kill the republican part of Iran, the Islamic part is now left in shambles. No good practicing will condone this sham. Their punishment is waiting for them.

Mohammad said...

Thank you for the translation! Was this from a writing or video or audio?

Naj said...

Anonymous: Thanks!
Mohammad: the original link is provided on top.

Alan Peters said...

Came across your blog by accident today and enjoy your presentation and details.

AntiMullah has thousands of visitors a day from 70 countries and would probably enjoy cross posting or original BILINGUAL articles from you. We get lots of Farsi information which gets relegated if we can find time evaluate them to our Multilingual section but could be more prominent if in both English and Farsi.

We have eight sections to sort and spread them out instead of a long scroll on one page.

Be well, be happy

Naj said...

Alan Peters,

You are welcome to link to my blog.

The only thing I am anti- to is war and injustice. The only thing I am pro- to is beauty, compassion, and humanity.

I am not Anti-mullah, or anti-religion. I do not blame mullahs for the perils of my country; nor do I blame foreign players. I do blame our ignorance and collective historical amnesia though. Also, I blame narrow interpretations of history, decontextualized from nature and culture.

I am not anti IRI; and I am not going to throw the baby out with the bath water. I am not blind to the progress that Iran has made under these mullahs, who, despite a war and economic sanctions and political and cultural isolation have managed to implement many of the Modernization blue-prints of the Pahlavis. The steady resistance of the green movement is owed to a generation who has grown up in mullahcracy. It is mullahs who have educated Iran's rural, not any of its urbanites!

I am not anti-Basiji or anti-Guards because THEY did save us, empty handed almost, from Saddam and his western cheer leaders.

I also liked the way Iran's foreign policy was conducted over the past few years; standing up to bullies, defending our right to nuclear technology.

What is appalling me these days is this incredible U-turn RI has made, as if intent on self-destruction. And what I am neo-resisting to is the prospect of losing some of these very Mullahs to Keyhan's gallows.

I am not practitioner of any faith, and as much as I find foot prints of religion (be it Islam or Capitalism) in world atrocities, I recognize its power in countering the corruption of power as well.

This is why I don't want the content of neo-resistance be decontextualized either.


Demeur said...

Having read several blogs from the middle east I find that there are fundamental laws that transend religion or capitalism or what ever ism a country may follow. Mousavi touches on these laws quite nicely here with this post. No one should have to endure torture. No confession gained by torture should be considered fact. If he hasn't succeeded in humiliating the oposition by using their own religious beliefs then they are nothing more than hypocrits just using their religion to hold power.

Keep the posts comming Naj

Naj said...


Hypocrite doesn't even begin to describe them! They are breaking every law in the constitution!

And on top of it, yesterday, in a gathering of "Basiji University professors" Ahmadinejad has said:

"Will squash their heads to the ceiling, once the inauguration is over; and I need your help!"

Actually I should make a post about this!