Thursday, August 20, 2009

A little FANTASTIC treat

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Players: نوازندگان:سیامک آقایی،علی بهرامی فرد،بهمن بهرام،بشیر فرامرزی، روزبه رحیمی
Siyamak Aghayee; Ali Bahrami-Fard; Bahman Bahram; Bashir Faramarzi; Rouzbeh Rahimi

The instrument is Santur: The Santur was invented in Mesopotamia, in ancient Babylon/Assyria over 3500 years ago. Ancient Assyrian and Babylonian illustrations depict santurs.

These players are taking the instrument far beyond its traditional capacities. As far as I know, Ardavan Kamkar pioneered modernization of the instrument, with an album he distributed in the year that I left Iran, but released it internationally just recently.

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Anonymous said...

That was truly fantastic!

It sounds like a modern, electronic composition. But by being acoustic with a human touch, it is so much superior and Persian.

It looked like it was being performed in Iran, which suggests that contemporary music themes are in fact present in the Islamic Republic, albeit performed on classical Persian instruments.

Thanks so much for sharing. I'm going to watch it again...