Saturday, August 29, 2009

Good news!


The Iranian blogsphere is ecstatic!


RickB said...


David said...

I am glad that Mortazavi has been sacked! He has tortured and murdered. I hope he will someday be forced to stand trial for his crimes.

I see the Wiki article mentions Hossein Derakhshan. I used to read Hoder's blog and I know several Iranians who know him well. In recent years, Hoder has been a staunch defender of the IRI, angering some of his former friends, so his arrest is something of a mystery, it seems to me. The arrest may be based on his visit to Israel, but he went there seeking to promote peace between Iran and Israel, not to defame Iran in any way. I hope he will either be freed or given a fair trial and a chance to prove his innocence!

Anonymous said...

But aren't they going to replace him with someone who will behave exactly like him? Is he going to be held accountable for numerous human rights violations under his supervision? As much as I am happy to see the "butcher of Tehran" go, his sacking is just a window dressing. These people are still going to suppress the reformist.

Pedestrian said...

Naj, do you know anything about his replacement Dowlatabadi?