Sunday, August 2, 2009

Look how they are treating professors of Islam in Iran ...

This cleric is Dr Abdul Rahim Soleimani Ardestani, member of Quom's society of teachers and researchers and a professor of Mofid University. His crime was to join people to commemorate The victims of Coup D'etat! (source)

By the way, the confessions of yesterday have backfired and turned the regime into a total farce! However, since they are not ashamed of being fools (as proven by Ahmadinejad's bellicose character on display) we fear that their coup d'etat "project" is moving towards eliminating Khatami, Mousavi and Hashemi. The mouthpiece of fundamentalists is openly asking for their head in today's headlines.

Additionally, you may find it amusing that today, the official state TV is expressing concern for Israel detaining 500 palestinians, and not allowing the palestinians to burry their martyrs according to their own traditions!!

Uhm! Iran is detaining 1700 Iranians, and is not allowing Iranians access the bodies of their missing children! Not to forget instructing them to not hold public burial ceremonies!


Anonymous said...

why u have covered their faces? scared may be targeted and be shahid?

Naj said...

I didn't cover their faces.
These pictures were published in a conservative blog and the guy was bragging about this act! :)