Sunday, August 30, 2009

Iranian state television has lost 60% of its viewers!

This hunk is called Ezat-Ollah Zarghami! He is in charge of our state media (Seda o Seema [sound and picture]). He has no media credentials, he is a building engineer!!!

He has been heavily criticized for his bias towards Ahmadinejad; falsification of the news, and spreading propaganda against the reformists. Because of all this, Iranians have been decidedly boycotting the IRIB.
He has now admitted that since election the IRIB has lost over 60% of its viewership! It must be that +60% who have voted for Ahmadinejad!

But what is significant is that he is admitting (not withstanding that he seem to be one of those who shifts with the winds!)

"The IRIB's biased and one way coverage of the news in Iran has upset many Iranians".

Yesterday, Mortazavi was sacked (shake in prisons); today Media's trying to mend breaks with the public. Also, some conservative member of the parliament has admitted yesterday that the secret burials of unknown bodies had in DEED taken place. These are the items on Hashemi's "solution", which he stated no only in the very first Friday prayer sermon he gave after the election, but also last week.

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