Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New wave of arrests after Ahmadinejad's presidency is stamped by Khamenei

(I will update this as names appear)
  • Haleh Sahabi, Daughter of Ezatollah Sahabi
  • The Editor of a weekly called Farhikhtegan [The Elite; I think it was already banned last year]
  • Mir Hamid Hassan-Zadeh, the previous CEO if ISNA and editor of Mousavi's, Ghalam News
For list and pictures of prominent journalists and politicians in detention click here. A little white tag means "released".

IMPORTANT (Persian): Documents of misconduct of Ghazi Mortazavi (the criminal prosecutor of the Revolutionary Court) revealed by Hamid Darakhshan-Nia.

Because nowadays things manage to "disappear" from web sites mysteriosly, I have taken a snapshot of PressTV (State sponsored): Rumors of Mousavi & Khatami on Trial! Clin on the picture to read.
here's the rest of it:
in separate remarks on Tuesday, Javad Karimi-Qoddousi, a member of the Iranian Parliament's National Security Commission, said that Mohammad Khatami, who has expressed his disbelief and opposition at the election result as well as the trial, should be banned from leaving the country until further notice. Commenting on recent reports, Qoddousi claimed that it was likely that Khatami would take asylum in a foreign country to avoid 'prosecution.' However, a member of the minority bloc in Parliament, Ali-Akbar Oliya, was quoted by the Iranian Labor News Agency (ILNA) as saying that such reports are of pure propagandist nature. Oliya went on to say that the prospects of any trial of influential figures and opposition leaders were "rumors" floated by "hardliners". "Instead of spreading such rumors, we need to work to restore law and security to the nation,” the parliamentarian added. On Tuesday, Iranian Judiciary chief Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi-Shahroudi called for "solidarity" and "unity" among officials ahead of President Ahmadinejad's swearing-in ceremony. Ahmadinejad is to take the oath of presidency before Iran's Parliament on Wednesday at 4:30am GMT. MD/CS


Ali said...

They seem to be willing to arrest everyone to stop the unrest.
Thanks Naj.
I just have a point out of context. just my opinion but would be much easier to read your blog (at least for me) if you would have lighter background with black text (or something like that). My eyes really get tired reading the other way round.

Naj said...

Hi Ali, I tried to play with colors a bit. This poor blog used to be about art and culture and that's why I designed it with these colors. Do you think you can set your browser to see fonts and backgrounds as you set it up? Let me know if my changes made any difference. It's very subtle, I admit :)