Sunday, August 30, 2009


I was going to update the below post that I recognized a NUMBER of gross typos (even more numerous than my usual ones). I wish to apologize for this. I hope you forgive this to the fact that English is my second language, that I am a bit dyslexic, and that while typing these news translations, I am also typing away on totally unrelated and unpolitical technocratic matters, from which I earn my living.
Regards, Naj


Anonymous said...

You are sentenced to 72 lashes. :)

I appreciate all the translations, in a larger scheme of things few typos pale in comparison to work you do.At times I am horrified by all my typos when I reread my posts! So you are not alone.

I hope you get the chance to translate the rest of Azam Taleghani letter.

Thanks for all the work.

Naj said...

Thank you; not for the lashes though :)

Yes I will finish it; I decided to wait till i get a request. Now i have no more excuse to postpone.


Tony in London said...

Dearest Naj

You do such a superb job - and mostly it's hard to imagine English is your second language - you shoul;d never feel you have to apologise. I am just so grateful for all the information you supply. It's brilliant - keep going PLEASE!!!

German said...

It's you of all people who has no right whatsoever to apologize for any typing errors. Your apology is rather embarrassing for someone like e.g. me, an avid reader, i.e. a consumer, of your extremely hard work (blog).
Seneca expresses your guiding principle with the words "VERITAS ODIT MORAS" - "TRUTH HATES DELAY" (from line 850 of his tragedy 'Oedipus') - an aphorism the website "Arts & Letters Daily ( has adopted as its slogan.

rather embarrassed

Ludger Gesigora