Friday, August 28, 2009

What's New in Iran?

After evidence of rape were confirmed; after evidence of hidden burials were revealed; after Hashemi gave Khamenei a middle finger and laid out the name of the game, Khamenei comes out and blabbers more nonsense and between his nonsensical blabbers he also squeezed that he cannot accuse the leaders of recent events (i.e. the green leaders) of collusion with foreigners!

After Khamenei's blurbs; and after more accusations were thrown at Hashemi's children, and after Ajmadinejad asked for more violence and elimination of all opposition parties, the Reformists push back; by president Khatami shouting back: No way Jose would we let you thugs take over the legacy of our revolution and Islamic republic! He stressed that more than before is is resolved to restore the rule of law in Iran.

Ahmadinejad claims that recent rapes in HIS prisons were plotted and executed by the enemies who have also not accepted their defeat in election!!! (He is now calling Mousavi a rapist!!!) He wants Mousavi and Hashemi prosecuted!!!!

The conservative faction in the parliament (majority) has reached consensus to not give vote of confidence to female ministers; excuses lack of experience for one; financial corruption for the other; and allegation of being a Mousavi-supporter for the last one!!

Ahmadinejad's proposed minister of education (Kamran Daneshjoo) turns out to have faked his PhD degree; claiing to have obtained it from University college London, Imperial College of London, Manchester University, and no trace of any schooling anywhere! Kamran Daneshjoo has been one of the instrumental figures of Coup D'Etat!

After Iran's Communication Organization has gone public, the revolutionary guard is posed to buy almost all of its shares; putting the militia in TOTAL control of all of Iran's communication: i.e. wiretapping standardized!

The New minister of Intelligence is talking of 70-million staff for his ministry! Iranians have shown the middle finger to that before; they will do again!

For my Persian friends: a research article by Dariush Sadjadi; linking Ahmadinejad's group to Israeli hawks ... ;Note, this article was written 7 years ago; and it is tracing Mossad footprints in Iran's post-revolution tracks ...


Pedestrian said...

I don't know what to think of Khatami! I'm FURIOUS with him for having kept silent all those years as president. But he's staying his ground now ..........

I guess that could be said for many of them though!

Naj said...

Well, considering that he is a chickenish kind of a yazdi (actually all the ones i know are; nothing personal just character of the desert) I suspect his coming out so forcefully is mirroring the weakness of the opposite camp:
Both Khamenei and Ahmadinejad are on the defensive now! I want to believe my better half that they are losing ground and that they are royally F@#%ed! AMEN!

Anonymous said...

Ahmadinejad is just delusional. Why would the reformist attack the dorms? It just does not make sense at all. I don't this the reformist are capable of that kind of barbarity.

I read from another source that Ayatollah Yazdi did not take part in the revolution. He and Ahmadinejad are just delusional.

I have been impressed with Khatami (and all the reformists, especially tje people that flock to the street), I did not think he had it in him!

Naj said...


we are all impressed; but the danger is REAL. Ahmadinejad is the "enemy" that he keeps talking about himself. He projects!

Anonymous said...

Israel is the eternal boogie-man to the Islamic Republic, and now I see it cuts both ways.

The conspiracy theories all have their roots in Israel's ties to the Shah's security apparatus. Heck, the Shah even consulted Moshe Dayan, in Tehran, on how to deal with the popular unrest that became the revolution.

So someone has now accused Ahmadi of it. I suppose Ahmadi's support for Hezbollah during the 2006 war makes up an element of this elaborate linkage? Or the Hamas connection? No, it just doesn't add up.

It's one thing to construct a legitimate political case in opposition to Ahmadinejad. It's another to produce outlandish conspiratorial schemes, deliberately aimed at provoking a knee-jerk response.

Sorry, I just don't buy it.