Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Western Hypocrisy On Display: AGAIN!

I heard from someone commenting on my blog that the European countries has sent their senior diplomats to the certification ceremony yesterday. But I didn't believe it, because IRNA or FarsNews kept totally silent about it.

Given that they usually make a big deal of any tiny little diplomat on planet who doesn't shun them. I expected there would be some bragging about: "look how the world loves us and we are going to restore international respect!" But, not even a beep about that!

So much for championing Human Rights and Democracy ...

Now I hope this is at least "disambiguating" those fools who think this is a 'Western-backed revolution against the "socialist" "anti-imperialist" Ahmadinejad!'

Here, the Western-backed coup has taken place against the Nationalist people of Iran, AGAIN, and the West is backing the DESPOT, as it did in 1953, 1979 and 2009 ...



Anonymous said...

I am truly disappointed. At the end of the day these people care about oil, Khamenei can murder all the people and they wouldn't bat an eye. They can scream all they want about human rights; it sounds really hollow if you don't follow up with some action.

Truly pathetic on Britain's part.

Utah Savage said...

I often feel ill equipped to comment on anything that's happening in Iran since I know so little about what is actually going on. So just know that I read what you write but can't actually weigh in since I know nothing other than what I see on the news here, which is damn little, since the only time we report on the goings on in Iran is when there are massive demonstrations and people are able to get information out via twitter or other social networks.

I am a native of my country and though I have an uneasy relationship with the congress and it's bullshittery, I desperately want to see us pass something resembling a public option for those of us who are completely without healthcare coverage.

I admire your writing and your passion. Don't assume that because I'm not commenting that I don't care. I do. Iran is a big mystery to me. I'm not a fan of theocracy, and I see no way for Iran to ever be anything but a theocracy, even if it is a less brutal theocracy than, say, Afghanistan.

Naj said...

Utah, Iran is a big mystery to me too :)

Anyone who claims to know Iran is as if they claim to know Utah Savage :) It evades recognition.

Yes Iran is a theocracy; but it's nothing new. It has been a theocracy for thousands of years! In fact, I dare say Iran is where theocracy was "invented" ... we are the oldest monotheists of earth; Abraham learned from us and hallleeelllluja came Moses and Jesus and Mohammad ...

Because Iranians are so deeply "monotheist" they keep replacing the God with God-figurines called Kings and Imams ... other muslims don't have the kind of split personality we do! We are modern and progressive; and yet very stoic and stuck up ... anyways we are a fun bunch! Come over and hang out with us ;)

German said...

Who is damaging Iran’s reputation?

“The West” is generally considered to be responsible for each and everything negative in Iran and is said to propagate a wrong picture and image of Iran and to be intent on the destruction of Islam. That “the West” has committed grave mistakes and errors with regard to Iran has long since been stated, proven and complained about by Western Historians. In the meantime, however, these accusations are used and needed as justification and elixir of life for ruling figures in Iran. But the time will come when meticulous, painstaking research will prove how the self-appointed “Islamic revolutionaries”, the clerics as far as they are the pillars of this kind of governance have harmed and damaged Iran’s reputation in the world by their politics, their brusque words and their cruel deeds.

For traditionally the West has had a much more favourable and positive picture of Iran than is the case now. Iran had been considered a country of high culture the West had much to thank for. For some considerable time studies in history, archaeology, philosophy and religion have been emphasizing the considerable influence of Persia on ancient Greek, Roman and Christian culture, philosophy and religion. Plato incorporated much of Zoroastrianism into his own philosophy. Zoroastrianism had much influence on the formation of Christianity. Manichaeism influenced subtly Western Christian thought via Saint Augustine of Hippo, who converted to Christianity from Manichaaeism. Ibn Sina, aka Avicenna, successfully reconciliated Aristotelianism and Neoplatonism. Avicennism was highly influential in medieval Europe, particularly in Paris. His psychology and theory of knowledge influenced Albertus Magnus, and his metaphysics had an impact on the thought of Thomas Aquinas.

If in the meantime Iran has created the impression today that intellectual and spiritual life in Iran is characterized by dogmatism, by groups of thugs and by prisons, then the fault lies definitely with those who have been ruling the country in a non-democratic, despotic way. In so far Ajatollah Montazeri was quite right, when he stated as early as 1989 that a devastating impression of Iran was conveyed to foreign countries due to the excessive executions taking place at that time. As a result for this well-founded and far-sighted insight he was sidelined politically and of course still is.

Iranian culture, however, stands for and incarnates values in utter contrast to all that. Zoroaster has developed the principles of good and evil, truth and lie. The physician, philosopher and sage Abu Ali Ibn Sina, aka Avicenna, has written works highly influential as to European medicine and Eurpean philosophy. Aristotelian ad neoplatonic ideas and concepts reached European Christian culture via his translations. During the centuries after that Iran presented itself as a civilized nation of the Islamic world, whose poetry, whose miniature painting, whose music was highly relevant for European culture. From Persia chess reached Southern Europe and was soon incorporated into the knightly style of life all over medieval Europe. The work of the poet Hafez would leave a mark on Western writers like the American poet Ralph Waldo Emerson and the German poet Goethe. The lute was developed in Persia;. Avicenna’s canon of medicinal knowledge was on the obligatory syllabus at European universities far into the 17th century.

A moral-terror as practiced at irregular intervals by moral guardians of the religious committees or by the Basiji seems to be a historically new type of governmental and societal attitude and policy, opposed to the traditional values of Iranian society.

Obviously a nation with a past as rich in culture, art and music, in thinking, literature and philosophy, in reasoning medicine and science as Iran will not put up with violent hatred, cruel thuggery and subjugation in the long run.

nunya said...

Come on Naj, what choice does the evil, meddling West have?

Naj said...

the sooner the west f@&%'s off of our face, the better! Indeed they did us a service by showing the world who they are supporting: the bigots and the despots!

Frankly, I am happy about this.

Two birds killed with one stone:

1) the Green movement is cleaned from the charges of being a "western" mediated revolution

2) the Western hypocrisy is highlighted again

So, this is all good. I can't complain really. I should thank Obama for racing to kiss Khamenei's ass! His hero, president carter also raced to kiss Khomeini's ass 3 years ago! Of course, I am sure Republicans are happy about this too.

Naj said...

the fault lies definitely with those who have been ruling the country in a non-democratic, despotic way.


If anyone thinks I am "blaming" the west for our situation, she/he is wrong.

My issue wit Western hypocrisy is a global one, it is not particular to Iran!

They go bomb Iraq to rid it of a secular despot in the name of "democracy"; and they rush to kiss Khamenei and Khomeini's ass in the name of what?

Well as far as they don't congratulate themselves for being democratic, as long as they acknowledge that heir national interest comes before human rights, I will have no issue wit them!

Naj said...

But frankly, how can Mr Obama not turn a blind eye on Iran's human right record, when he is turning a blind eye on Israel's treatment of Palestinians!

It's time for a new global religion ;)

Nu'man said...

I think there is no such thing as the 'West'. It is America under Obama, which has exorted others to unclinch it's fist not the 'West' Ideally for the UK, it would like to invade and bomb Iran as it has it's modern colonialism to safeguard on the Arabian side of the Gulf.

Naj, those people who support Ahmedinjad do so not because that they think he is a 'socialist' and 'anti-imperialist' etc...it's because:

1) (i know u will not ike this) It is an independent country. It's resources are not used for the betterment of the UK and USA - and that's why they support the regime.

2)it (no doubt for it's own reasons) supports the resistence in Palesine and Lebanon. I doubt that Hizbolah woud have humbled the Israei military without Iran's support.

BTW, I've picked up some reports that Iranians are annoyed that Hizbollah is supported by Iran. Is that true?

The other thing, is that what you call 'socialist' and 'anti-imperialist', are assuming that because Iran's (unike the Arab gulf states) financial priorities is not bankrolling the UK (and to a lesser extent the US) then the regime must be prioritising it's own nation/people? The assumption is that because it's not this then it must be the other.

It seems to me that this assumption may not be correct.

Naj said...


It's called

Naj said...


I hope you will correct your notion of "Persian Gulf" and begin to use the term "correctly".

As for youe assessment of why Iranians support Ahmadinejad; I am afraid you do not have any proof that he is actually supported by people! Because, hey, they didn't even recount the votes! And ... oh, some of the most important leaders of Iran are shunning him, including conservatives! Your argument is entirely flawed because it assumes Iranians support Ahmadinejad!

Iranians' fortune doesn't end in UK and US?! Nah, it ends in China, Dubai, South America, Palestine, Lebanon, Russia, France, Germany, and sorry to disappoint you, even UK, else, why did they block theIranians assets alleged to have been under an account by Khamenei's son? Did you consider that the presence of the British diplomat in the cerification, and their withdrawal from Iraq after a fatal blow on them had something to do with that kind of a back dealing?

The problem is that, if Arab despots contribute to sustaining the West's lavish lifestyle, they also feed their own people. Ahmadinejad is giving the country's money away in exchange for NOTHING, and at the price of starving Iranians!

As for people disliking Hizbollah; yes they hate Hizbollah! And yes majority of Iranians don't give a damn about Palestine!

I also suggest you learn about Iran from Iranians and not from Aljazeera, Guardian, or etc!

Nu'man said...


you've misread me but I'm a bit tied up at the moment to respond. will do so later.

Nu'man said...


I wasn't saying that Ahmedinjad is supported by the Iranian people.

What I was trying to say is that because 'socialist' and 'anti-imperialist' in the UK are assuming that because Iranian wealth is not prioritised to the British and American economies, then Iran must be an 'anti-imperialist' state. That's their line of thinking, not mine.

Naj, the Iranians simpy don't look starving to me. Actually, many of them look quite cool and smart.

It's a shame to read that stuff about Hizbolah and Palestine. Are you saying that like other parts of the 'Musim' world it is ony the religiously inclined that have any sympathy with Palestinians?

BTW, have you Robert Dreyfuss's book on Islamic Fundamentalism? If you haven't then you should.

Naj said...


People who care about Palestine are people who care about human dignity, about human rights; and that has nothing to do with religion.

Palestine is not on the agenda of average IRanians.

And as far as Iran's leaders, the incident in uighur illustrated that Iranian leaders care for Palestine is less about palestinian people, and morea bout Israel; and west-backed Arab despots.

I am sure the IRanians you meet are all well fed and well educated; but that is because Iranians put MORE emphasis on education than on anything else. And no in Iran no one is really starved because the society, irrespective of its government, has standards of morality in place that encourage people helping eachother out. YET, Iranians are also very good at acting dignified and not wearing their poverty on their sleeves.

This is why Iranian revolutions are rarely about material comfort/hardship but mostly about intellectual and spiritual issues.