Sunday, August 30, 2009

To PULSE media: You wanted to know about torture in the Islamic Republic of Iran?


PULSE media didn't ask me about this. PULSE media has just kept awfully silent about this; and has only published a half hearted (by no means the fault of the writer, who has no access to direct news from Iran--but doesn't also cite any of information that are available by English-speaking Iranians, or translations that are increasingly emerging) commentary.

Well, PULSE, I like to bring a few details about tortures of the Islamic Republic of Iran to your attention.

You cannot bash Israel for violation of the human rights and then let the champion of Israel-bashing, Mr Ahmadinejad and his bearded father (Khamenei) do the following to those who have been the true anti-imperialists, anti-dictators. Indulge me, will ya?

Yesterday, Akbar Ganji drew attention to the silent killer of the Islamic Republic of Iran: SHAME!

Have you, as an alternative and successful source of independent news, expressed any indignation on the so called public trials, where ministers of the reform government, members of press, reporters, intellectuals and social scientists are put in line next to petty crooks, and forced to confess on television that they have been trying to deceive the country in the entire course of the career, that they do not believe in any of things they have ever talked about like freedom, law, dignity; that all that is against the principle of Velayat-e Faghih (the supremacy of the jurisprudence); that they think talking about a republic is nonsense because the rule must be that of the supreme leader who is the god's replacement on earth; that their friends who are NOT imprisoned yet are traitors too and need to be put on trial and sentenced to highest punishment! The most elaborate publication of your site was some nauseating article by professor Hosseinzadeh who may be some useful economist but considering that he has been in the US since 1974; that he has not even one Persian article that will show he has ANY grasp of what is happening in Iran; you would be wiser to look for citations from other Iranians who wax theoretical about what is happening in Iran based on SOME real tangible connections to the country. It is this bias of yours that I find disturbing.

Now, let's get back to torture!

Ganji, who used to be one of the revolutionary guards until he turned journalist and exposed some of the inner crimes of the Islamic Republic, a man who has spent many years in these prisons and has gone on several hunger strikes to draw your PROGRESSIVE attention to the crimes that are happening in Iran--where Ahmadinejad allocated 20 million dollars to "exposing incidences of America's violation of human rights" (even before the parliament gives his cabinet a vote of confidence; even before consulting the parliament, as he must; even when the very legitimacy of his government is under question by the mere fact of how it has handled civil protests to his presidency) --writes:

"Ramadan's offering to me this year is the broken faces of my comrades [...] The pictures of the detainees in Stalinist courts shatter one's soul and body. The unfolding crimes are not limited to bodily torture, they are assassinating their characters. Don't even think of the extent of the grief of the families when they see their broken loved ones, imagine them when they go back to their solitary confinements and are left alone with the guilt of why they succumbed to these tyrants. This is what we do not see. This is the big crime that no one thinks about. This is what gives the interrogators and the "king" utmost pleasure!

I knew a great one, who melted away bit by bit and passed away. They used to put diarrhetic drugs in his food and did not take him to toilet. When he dirtied his clothes in the cell, the interrogators gathered and laughed at him that "such a great man cannot hold himself". I was in prison when he passed away and thousands participated in his funeral. The murderers carried his casket, and the man who had ordered his arrest appropriated his dead body by sending condolence messages! It was night and I was crying in my solitude. The guy in charge of security walked in and asked "what is the matter?" I said "You killed him; and now are holding a funeral for him." [I just saw this report that preventing detainees from using bathroom has been a common torture in Kahrizak (which was run by Hossein Fadayee, a member of the parliament!!!!!)]
Of course, the littler guys, the unknown ones, are tortured with usual gruesome techniques. Yesterday, I met a woman who through tears was telling me how her father, who had an acquaintance in the local neighborhood Basij office, had been successful to trace their neighbor's missing 23 years old son--who was kidnapped on return from university. The Basiji official had told him that he was too bruised up to be released and that they were waiting for his wounds to heal before letting him out? How bruised was he? Broken jaw; pulled finger nails, slashed feet. Slashed with razors; to prevent from running. This is what his family saw after begging and pleading and signing papers to give guarantee that they will NOT show any of it to the media, or the investigative committees.

I left a comment on your blog yesterday, in reaction to the "prudent" leftist exclamation that “one cannot simply overlook the fact that similar events had inspired little or no coverage in the past.

This is the why I explained:
  1. Many of the victims of torture are in Iran on “conditional” release from prison. They do not want to further jeopardize themselves by talking about torture. Yes even if you were released from prison 20 years ago, you are still not “free”.
  2. Many have been continuously protesting the human rights abuse in Iran (e.g. the cases of Zahra Kazemi, or the torture videos of the wife of Saeed Emami, or the stoning videos and ect) but a lot of us Iranian bloggers have kept silent about these things BECAUSE we have been under threat of military attack by Bush. When he called Iran an axis of evil, he forced us all into siding with evil. We kept silent; and kept focusing on the full half of the IRI glass. We have also not sided with the “human rights lobby” in the US because of their links to neoconservatives. But we have had human right activists like mohammad-e baghi who has decried to America to STOP funding these human-right advocacy lobbies BECAUSE of the pressure they put on activists INSIDE Iran. This is why we have stayed silent to not have our friends in IRan accused of foreign conspiracy.
  3. The tales of 1988 mass executions and tortures have been part of the common Iranian knowledge. They are out in the open on the web site of Ayatollah Montazeri. He was dismissed from his appointment (it was HE who was supposed to be the supreme leader, but because he protested about those torture and executoins he was dismissed as a “lunatic” as they are trying to do now to Karoubi–and this is why Khamenei became the supreme leader, without even having any of the religious credentials that are necessary according to Iran’s constitution.) That you are hearing about them now has to do with globalization of media (viva blogger and wordpress!), and also with the fact that Mr Khamenei doesn’t have the same legitimacy and charisma that Imam Khomeini had, when he put a cap on that fire in 88.
  4. Many of the victims of the 88 torture and murders were from Mojahedin-e Khalgh. This group fell out of grace with Iranians when they set up camp in Iraq and participated in attack against Iran with Saddam’s forces. Therefore, people lost sympathy for them. Those who “repented” were stripped of their passports, stripped of right to education, and forced to ‘normal life’ (a condition of release of someone I knew was to get married ASA getting out and to never participate in university entrance exam–she WAS a genius and they didn’t want to have to kick out someone with rank one in the exam out of university.)
  5. Now, they have put a Rank-One and gold olympiad medalist university student (who happened to belong to a family who has sacrificed at least two sons to defending IRan during the Iran-Iraq war), Jalayee pour, in prison, and then have started these sham courts, which are televised, bringing out old ministers, stern intellectuals and journalists, to come out and make a 180 degree turn from ALL they have believed before! It is THEY who have made obvious the evidence of their own brutality. No one else could expose their ass better than themselves! Some may be VERY right that Israel has an investment in this or is taking advantage of this. I really think it does. But Israel’s wishes seem to be carried by Ahmadinejad … more and more people have started to talk about links between the ideological movement that supports Ahmadinejad (hojjatiyeh) and Mossad.
  6. Considering the TOTAL chaos that Ahmadinejad’s created, and his blatant aim to install fascist regime in Iran, considering that his chief of staff, Mashayee (the man that supreme leader had to force out of proposed position of deputy president!) says:”in fact from the 24 million vote for Ahmadinejad, only 4 million were his. The other 20 million were people who were not happy with the system and wanted it changed!” is an indication that the REVOLUTION is indeed intended and designed by Ahmadinejad’s minority. This minority cannot keep the cap on anymore; the tides are against them.

Your writer Jasmin Ramsey writes: "That the IRI continues the horrors of the Iranian monarchy is ironic, tragic and necessary to condemn." According to many of those who have experienced BOTH of these prisons (for example, see Mohammad Maleki's post), what Shah's SAVAK did pales in comparison to IRI's actions ...

The saving grace of your treatment of Iran, Mr and Miss PULSE media is one sentence in your article: "That being said [after she implies that this all may be a Western propaganda--which prompet my response], anyone who believes in human rights must stand in solidarity with those who have been forced to endure the horrors of torture and political persecution regardless of the charges that have been brought against them."

Let me also inform you, tortures are not limited to Tehran! Yesterday, an Isfahani boy who was just released after two months of torture committed suicide; jumping in broad daylight, off of a bridge, because "they had come to take him again" ...


Parviz, Tehran said...

WordPress showed its true face in just about every article it published post-June 12th.

It is a propaganda outlet for the most vicious, fanatical and ruthless regime on this planet.

Naj said...


Wordpress doesn't DECIDE which articles it publishes.

You may assume that certain group of bloggers use wordpress (because it is a sophisticated blog site) but that doesn't make wordpress a propaganda outlet for Iran's regime!!!

Naj said...

«سعیده پورآقایی» قربانی جنایت لباس شخصی‌ها

اطلاعات جدیدی درباره‌ی یک شهید جنبش گمنام سبز از دو روز قبل به «موج سبز آزادی» رسید که در این دو روز جزئیات آن را مورد بررسی قرار دادیم و از صحت آن مطمئن شدیم. این خبر دردناک حاکی از آن است که یک دختر دیگر، همچون «ترانه موسوی»، قربانی جنایت‌پیشگی برخی بسیجیان شده و پس از آن هم جنازه‌ی وی با اسید سوزانده شده و در نهایت بدون حضور خانواده‌اش به صورت مخفیانه در قطعه 302 بهشت زهرا دفن شده است. جالب است؛ تقدیر این بوده که خبر این جنایت، درست در روزی منتشر شود که دولت کودتا نمایش تشکیل کابینه را در دستور کار دارد؛ دولتی که بی‌اغراق با خون‌ریزی و جنایت بر سرکار آمده است.

به گزارش موج سبز آزادی، سعیده پورآقایی (آمایی) دختر جوانی است که اکنون پیکر او در یکی از قبور گمنام قطعه 302 بهشت زهرا دفن شده است. سعیده پورآقایی تنها فرزند جانباز شهید عباس پورآقایی (آمایی) است که در یکی از شب‌های پس از کودتا در حالی که به الله اکبر گفتن شبانه بر پشت بام خانه‌شان در خیابان دولت تهران مشغول بود، از سوی نیروهای لباس شخصی وابسته به بسیج دستگیر شد و پس از 20 روز جنازه او در یکی از سردخانه‌های جنوب تهران از سوی مادرش شناسایی شد. اما مسئولان ذی‌ربط از تحویل جنازه به مادرش خودداری کردند و حالا پس از هفته‌ها بی‌خبری خانواده‌اش مطلع شده‌اند او به صورت مخفیانه در قطعه 302 بهشت زهرا به خاک سپرده شده است. بر اساس این گزارش، خانواده این شهید جنبش سبز طی هفته‌های اخیر به شدت تحت فشار بودند تا از افشای ماجرا خودداری کنند. اما بالاخره سکوت درباره این ماجرا شکسته شد و ماجرای تاسف‌برانگیز ظلمی که بر این فرزند شهید رفته، از سوی برخی افراد مطلع، شرح داده شده است که «موج سبز آزادی» برای رعایت مسائل امنیتی از ذکر نامشان معذور است.
به گفته‌ی مطلعان، سعیده پورآقایی پس از بازداشت مورد تجاوز وحشیانه قرار گرفته و سپس به قتل رسیده است. متجاوزان جنازه‌ی وی از زانو به بالا در اسید سوزانده‌اند تا آثار این جنایت شنیع به صورت کامل از بین برود. سپس خانواده‌ی وی تحت فشار قرار می‌گیرند تا علت مرگ دخترشان را بیماری شدید کلیوی اعلام کنند.
این موضوع در حالی اتفاق می‌افتد که جنازه‌ی سعیده اساسا به خانواده تحویل نشده است و شنیدن خبر بیماری سعیده موجب تعجب اقوام وی شده است که اطمینان دارند سعیده سابقه‌ی هیچ نوع بیماری نداشته است؛ و همین دروغ بود که در نهایت به افشای ماجرا منجر شد.
گفتنی است مراسم ختم شهید سعیده پورآقایی (آمایی) روز شنبه هفتم شهریور به صورت محدود در مسجد جامع قلهک (محل زندگی وی) برگزار شد و نمایندگانی از جنبش سبز برای همدردی با خانواده داغدار این شهید مظلوم در این مراسم حضور یافتند.
لازم به ذکر است که برخی اطلاعات تازه که به محض تکمیل منتشر خواهد شد، نشان می‌دهد اکثر کسانی که به صورت مخفیانه و بی‌نام و نشان در بهشت زهرا دفن شدند، دخترانی هستند که مورد تجاوز وحشیانه‌ی نیروهای امنیتی و شبه نظامی قرار گرفته‌اند و دفن شبانه و غیرقانونی آن‌ها نیز برای جلوگیری از افشای ابعاد جنایات رخ داده صورت گرفته است.
«موج سبز آزادی» همچنین جدا از این قبرهای بی‌نام و نشان، از وجود یک گور دسته‌جمعی در نزدیکی بهشت زهرا مطلع شده که به محض تایید و دریافت جزئیات بیشتر، این گزارش نیز به اطلاع خوانندگان خواهد رسید.

The web site that first reported this is now downed!

This is a new evidence of RAPE and killing of "one of their own"!

German said...

Dear Naj,

One argument is, that a country with a hostile attitude to another state might possibly follow the doctrine "the more repulsive and incompetent the government of the opposing state , the better for our state to be able to achieve its aims." This seems at first sight nonsensical and insane to insinuate.

The historian Anton BEEVOR - - writes - each quotation painstakingly verifying - in “The Battle for Normandy” (London, 2009, pages 330-332):

" Attempts on Hitler’s life had been made before, but they had failed through bad luck. […]. Yet the plotters faced a more fundamental problem of which they seemed to be unaware: what would be the attitude of the Allies?

The British were far from convinced that removing Hitler would be an advantage. His direction of military affairs since just before the Battle of Stalingrad had been disastrous for the Wehrmacht. Six weeks before D-Day. 21st [allied] Army Group summed up the position: ‘The longer Hitler remains in power now, the better are Allied chances.’ […]

In 1943, Stalin had cancelled his own plans to assassinate Hitler […]. After Stalingrad, […] he had suddenly begun to fear that if Hitler were removed, the western allies might be tempted to come to a separate peace with Germany. […] In fact, Churchill and Roosevelt were totally committed to the principle of forcing unconditional surrender on Germany.

[The participants 20 July plot of 1944 to kill Hitler and remove the Nazis from power] Stauffenberg, Tresckow and most of their comrades might be considered naïve for expecting the western Allies to enter into negotiations on the death of Hitler. […] Their overriding motive, however, had become a moral compulsion. […] The chances of success were slim. But, as Stauffenberg put it,, ‘ Since the generals have up to now managed nothing, the colonels have now to step in.’ "

Of course nobody can seriously compare Nazi-Germany with today’s Iran ! !

But the recourse to modern history is perhaps helpful TO ANALYSE some MECHANISMs
• of FOREIGN POLICIES between nations/states, and
• of INDIVIDUAL common sense, courage, REASON, an approach to life taking account of at least one or two basic tenets of ethics even under the most horrendous and dire circumstances.

Things of course are completely different in Iran
a) a courageous major part, probably the majority are on politically and ethically high moral grounds – as to be seen in the election-process;
b) a government not intent on not practicing the extermination of whole populations and nations
c) there is no open war going on between Iran and ???
d) Iran is, as to foreign policy, a peaceful country.
No past or present state/nation/government has ever undertaken and will ever undertake the ghoulish-gruesome mass-produced slaughter-house enslavement and extermination of considerable parts of its own population and the population of an entire continent [Europe].
A fact, history will never ever forget - as it has’nt forgotten and will (never ) forget in a positive way:
• Hammurabi’s Code,
• the achievements of the Achaemenid Empire [“It was Cyrus the Great and Darius the Great who, by sound and farsighted administrative planning, brilliant military maneuvering, and a humanistic world view, established the greatness of the Achaemenids and, in less than thirty years, raised them from an obscure tribe to a world power.” –],
• the fundamental questions asked by Greek philosophers,
• the invincibility of the hellenistic Parthian Empire [calling themselves ‘philhellenes’ = ‘friends of Greeks’ -] towards Roman attempts of conquest,
• Roman law,
• stoicists like the Ibero-Roman Seneca and the Greco-Roman Epictetus with tenets like "virtue is sufficient for happiness".

Thanking you very much for your titanic work of Enlightenment for the global non-Iranian public



Naj said...

German, thanks for your Germanic Romanticism :)

German said...

Dear Naj,

Thank you very much for your patience for putting up with my farfetched European comparisons.

On the other hand obviously and increasingly the role of power blocs like the United States, the European Union etc. are analysed by ‘subcutaneous’ references to historical antecedent power blocs and conflicts. Thus one intriguing question of course - in view of the collapse of the soviet Empire and newly emerging competitors like China etc. - is how and why the Roman Empire could stay in power over that long period of at least 400 years, due possibly to its domestic and foreign policies. A guide for modern societies. This is what the US-American professor of law at Yale, Amy Chua, is doing in her “Day of Empire”, NY, 2007. In his book “The Dream Of Rome” (HarperCollins, 2006) the Lord Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, discusses how the Roman Empire achieved political and cultural unity in Europe. The U.S. News & World Report discusses in an interview under the heading “Lessons From the Fall” [of the Roman Empire] in August 2007 which lessons are to be learned to avoid Rome's decline. These debates can be traced back to - of course - Greek and Roman times.

The building of the United States Capitol, the meeting place of the United States Congress, the legislature of the Federal government of the United States, is nothing else than an imitation of the Roman Pantheon, a temple to all the gods of Ancient Rome: in other words the USA sees itself as the successor of the Roman Empire. The discussion of the American Constitution was led mainly by the Federalist Papers, nothing less than an analysis of the different forms of governments and constitutional details of Greco-Roman times to choose the best features of those. The President of the American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, invoked in a two-minute speech the principles of human equality as listed in the Declaration of Independence and redefined the Civil War as a struggle for "a new birth of freedom" and for true equality to all of its citizens. The elbows, forearms and hands of his statue in the Lincoln Memorial are resting on the Roman “fasces lictoriae”, bundles consisting of cudgels and an axe carried by the lictors" symbolising the power of the ruling consuls and praetors to administer corporal punishment and death penalty if necessaey to the people living within the Roman Empire. One of the ways the USA and Europe discuss and try to come to terms with the confusion resulting from the recent political and economic changes. Isn’t there in Iran a continuous discussion and an attempt to understand or to criticize the role of the USA or the European countries, as far as I can conclude at least? A discussion of their respective roles takes also place in the USA and in particular in Europe. In the latter case there are debates on e.g. which countries have a realistic chance of accession to the European Union? What is the spiritual-philosophical basis of Europe [civil and human rights?] beyond a free-market economy? Do states with a mainly Islamic population fit in? And so on, and so forth?
So there seems to be a rather large bit of confusion and uncertainty after the cold war everywhere as to the new course to be found or determined.

• Perhaps some of that repercussion is even underlying the difficult inner situation in Iran?
• If there is anyone to understand what is happening in Iran – the riddle of the world at the time being – it’s people like you being – as I experience it - on their honest, reliable, severe, trustworthy and unbiased search for reality and a clear view of it.

I finally do apologize again for my lengthy, rather boring and perhaps even romantic statement here.

Thank you and your Co-bloggers so much for your inestimable work !