Tuesday, August 25, 2009

SHAME on Islamic Republic of Iran: these trials will not bring them legitimacy

After his miraculous return from death after being shot in neck by Saeed Asgar, Hajarian, now disabled and incapable to talk or move, is on trial. He is being helped by fellow prisoner; who are is not given the dignity of wearing clothes and are put on trial in pajamas. 
Hajjarian confessed to big treacherous crimes: 
being influenced by philosophers like John Keane,  Jurgen Habermas and Max Weber! 
Today, a friend of Hajarian wrote how Hajjarian had predicted that even at the expense of turning Iran to Lebanon, Ahmadinejad's camp would not concede to his loss in election.
His assassin, Saeed Asgar, with a record of "organized" terrorism, is FREE.
In a country that underaged individual are put on death row for killing someone in self-defense, Saeed Asgar was given a 15-years sentence; but released shortly.


Anonymous said...

This just pathetic. I wonder which part of these trials is Islamic? Aren't they supposed to be operating a "perfect" Islamic system? The sad part is these people (who have appointed themselves as the guardians of all things Shia) are doing these things during Ramadan.

These people should be ashamed of themselves; they are doing more to damage Islam than their so called enemies.

God are you out there?

Naj said...

I doubt any God out there is gonna hear you!

We have to get rid of these thugs ourselves :)

But then again, We've had Manour to learn: "Ana'l Hagh"

an average patriot said...

That is sick that like everything else will backfire but will it matter?

Carol said...

Shame. Shame. Shame.

Thank you for your blog it is invaluable to us non-Persian speakers.